Cap Vs SNK 2: EO

Sorry in advance for asking the strategy board about this… but I’ve been looking to join the Cap Vs SNK community for awhile and I needed to know which is more frequently used: Standard Cap Vs SNK 2 for the ps2/emulator/other, or said “EO” version I’ve seen available for the xbox and gamecube?:wonder:

Read the stickies. EO version is garbage and not played in any arcade or tournament. EO has a lot of noticeable differences including dmg changes and groove changes.

eo can blow me



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My bad for lack of sticky insight.

EO is essentially a fixed version of CVS2 and improved. Everything is the same except for no roll cancel and P-Groove is like Third Strike’s super/parry system.

P-Groove is overpowered in EO and a lot of the top tiers are not top tier. I wouldn’t call it “improved” at all because they toned down Sagat and Cammy while leaving the A groove top tiers untouched. Hence, they killed CBS and left A-Are to reign supreme. (Super cancels in this game is very broken. CvS2 =/= SF3)

Sagat can’t cancel off his fierce’s meaning his ground game is severely hindered. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were priority changes in EO either but I’m too lazy to test.

And in EO, A groove got game changing buffs that it sure as hell didn’t need. Example: You can activate after whiffing a jumping attack.

EO should be ok to practise most of super combos though. I started with GC EO before knowing about rc and all the good stuff. Let me know if there are differences in timing and game speed.

There are no speed changes or timing changes in combos. Some characters lose cancels like Sagat but in terms of practicing non-RC execution, it’s about the same. The only problem is it’s hard as hell to find a stick for gamecube or xbox (more gamecube than xbox) that does not lag or have slow input.

I tried practicing on an x-arcade with a gamecube adapter but it’s all but impossible as the adapter has enough lag so that I can’t land 2 frame links reliably. Also, the x-arcade buttons are very slow on the inputs sometimes :(. Making my own stick so I can kiss this x-arcade goodbye soon tho.

Hum i have one adaptater that has usb/GC (and wii obviously) connections. And stick is standard Namco for playstation.The adaptater works fine, i never noticed any lag. The brand is “Big Ben”, but i’m not sure it’s available in US??? Anyway it’s better to play on an arcade conversion of the game^^

I know for a fact that the GC adapter by X-Arcade lags cause if I mash c.lp’s with Geese, the jabs don’t cancel as quickly as rapid fires should. They come out delayed almost meaning either the button is causing delay or the adapter itself. Either way, avoid X-Arcades like the plague.