CapCade - shouldn't this should be a thing


Why doesn’t Capcom do their own GGPO multi-game sub service?

They have hundreds of fighters, most will never warrant a re-release or have any kind of player base, can’t we get the line up in once easy to use GGPO style package with some good matchmaking/roulette game options already?

Seems like this should be a thing, I know I’d sub doesn’t seem like it be that hard to throw together and it could be a cash cow.


besides revision galor of sf2, alpha series, cyberbots, sf3 series, and dark stalker capcom fighter is abysmal amount compare to SNK. SNK attempted this with neo geo station and collection and most didn’t like it.


Street Fighter 20+ games
Alpha 5+ games
Dark Stalkers
Rival Schools
Power Stone
Vs Series
Red Earth

That’s 30-40 games depending on rights/availability. Dressed up with good match making and some fun random game/match/tournament settings seems like a win, doesn’t seem like anyone else thinks so though.


Playable version of Red Earth alone would warrant a purchase.

Capcom doesnt know what supply and demand means, though.

Powerstone 3 literally could have happened 10 years ago.


Nobody plays anything that isn’t ST or HF for SFII or 3S for SFIII.

No one plays anything that isn’t OG Alpha 2 or Alpha 3.

Most of the other games don’t have large competitive followings outside of VSav, Hunter, and the MvC games.

The latter also have licensing issues plus Marvel 2’s codebase is so shoddy that it cannot run correctly on anything that isn’t a Dreamcast/Naomi.


Capcom should do something like an “Arcade Hits” collection.

Midway/Netherrealm did it with Midway Arcade Treasures for PSP and PS3
Sega did it with Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3
and Capcom aleady did collection-type of releases for Alpha Anthology and Anniversary Collection for PS2


I was hoping for something a little more robust than just a greatest hits comp, those are already available.

NES remix style with a heavy emphasis on community play, player tournaments, roulette game options play a match with someone and It gives you a match of SFT, Alpha and then red earth or something. You could throw some Rainbow editions in there.

When Arcades were a thing I didn’t get go in and hammer out 50 straight rounds at one game, you went in and bounced around. Lose at 3’s, you went and played some Tekken.

I think where my idea fails is it would probably need more than Capcom to be robust enough and that’s not going to happen.


I think the fact that they haven’t shut down FightCade is the best you’re going to get. What sucks is you lose out on the Naomi board titles.


Dude your my savior I didn’t know this was a thing. I knew about the original GGPO but this looks tighter.


It’s dumb as shit to me that they don’t hire them and sell each rom on its own.


Runs on an updated version of GGPO, don’t have to port forward and it’s active for a lot of games. Well maintained by @pof

The problem is that the Roms don’t run perfectly except on the original hardware. The reason why many ports tanked or fell out of favor is that they were poorly done, or of an inferior version. What would really be amazing if they had Capconsoles that matched the original hardware specs; which is what you see people doing with the Undamned or Darsksoft set ups.


I think their money is better spent developing a damn accurate emulator. No way is it worth actually making the hardware for what a small market it is.


That might be damn near impossible for certain things, at the very least for MvC2.


Emulator accuracy does not go hand to hand with playability.


NAOMI emulation isn’t done super well I know that much.

Accuracy is the #1 most important thing in my eyes, if you’re going for hardware replacing having an accurate emulator is top of the list. Because accuracy goes hand in hand with not being all screwed up like almost every port of the old games ever.

To me dev should go (very basic) accuracy - optimization - features