Capcom 2014 Fighting Game


Capcom said that they would be working on another fighting game for 2014 (it isn’t Ultra Street Fighter 4)

Could this game be Darkstalkers 4? Rival Schools 3? Capcom vs SNK 3? Street Fighter Alpha 4? Marvel vs Capcom 4? Power Stone 3? Something new? What do you guys think/want it to be?


Ease up on the “open thread” button ok?


How about you ease up on the attitude, if you aren’t gonna stay on topic then why post?




As a matter of fact the link you sent was a general discussion, where is there another topic like this?


The point is that this belongs in the general discussion thread - for discussion that isn’t thread worthy

Because this isn’t thread worthy

So obviously if it isn’t thread worthy there wouldn’t already be a thread for it


I feel that it does, it is talking about what the game could be.

Please guys, if you don’t want to talk about it just go.


8 posts with majority saying it doesn’t need a thread. And a known history of the OP making a ton of previous shit threads.
While one has a delusion grandeur thinking this is acceptable practice.


But we do want to talk about it. That’s why there are multiple threads about the wishful thinking in our minds for the future of fighting games.

Capcom Fighting Evolution 2!


Like there isn’t a thread for General Discussion to stick to till there is more proof a game is actually coming out. other than baseless rumors.

Lets talk about Fighters Megamix 2 that features Kazuya and Mitsurugi going against Candy and Takahashi.


Don’t let Max hype you up like that


Well whatever dude it doesn’t matter, Even if I wanted to I can’t take this thread down or move it to the general discussion which is so called “more suitable” I can’t. I’ll just wait for a mod to do it. So again just leave it be please. It’s quite pointless to argue over something so stupid.

And I have never made a “shit thread”. I rarely even make threads dude.


I think Candy can take them all.


so when’s TxSF?


I agree that this could have been discussed in the FGD lounge thread as well.

More importantly this line…

Points to this being a wishlist thread, and I believe the [rules](Rules of FGD: Read Me First Or You Will Be Banned state that those aren’t allowed for the most part.