Capcom 3S Online Art Comp (Win a Trip to PAX)

Check it out -

US only :sad: I’m still going to enter though

Ninja Edit: 3Soe high res logo - Image Request - SFIII 3rd Strike logo HI-RES

I am as well. I just need to find a hi-res copy of the 3rd Strike logo large enough. The largest I can find is 600 x 296 and that is too small.

edit Never mind, Scogz found one for me.

Nice wasn’t going to enter. But what the hell imma give it a shot :slight_smile:

Provided bosslogic isn’t allowed to enter everyone is in for a chance :rofl:

would’ve loved to seen bosslogic aswell in the competition.

Has anyone sent in a submission, haven’t had time to work on my creation (I’m planning to make a movie style poster).

I submited two pieces in already

Cool :tup: Anyone gonna post their work here?

well here’s mine its nothing special just a collage of all the third strike chars. with some effects and what not.
Hope to see other peeps work!! :smiley: