Capcom admits Brawl is a fighting game

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Too Bad Brawl is shit compared to its hacked versions.

Despite this, its still not worth taking seriously.

Yep its a real fighting game. Like pretty fighter.

Games a joke, play Melee.


Thats what people say when they play brawl right after playing Melee.

Followed by “Why the fuck are we playing this? Lets go play Melee!”

and I like brawl and play it almost everyday, but melee and 64 are better IMO

You know, us smashers trying harder and harder to validate ourselves to the fighting game community only invalidates us more.

Why do you care?

Exactly what I said when I bought that crap game.

So Capcom admits it’s a real fighting game whilst Nintendo admits it’s a party game? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Also Seth is just giving one man’s opinion. Killian does not represent all of Capcom…

Funny. After playing Brawl, I actually couldn’t play Melee. I couldn’t do anything more complicated than the basics. So I stuck with Brawl and it’s story and learned to, you know, deal with it (And like it).

So I sit on the end of the spectrum that likes Brawl. Its awfully lonely…Melee sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

This caught my eye…

Then why do you guys ban neutral guard?

Thats what you get for playing a slow wonky piece of shit.

Just go packed to fast paced skill involved Melee. Doctors agree that your body will feel 80% better! :tup:

Damn son.

Play whatever you like.

I admit though, when Brawl first came out, I more or less dropped melee for a month or so. Going back to Melee, everything felt hella fast. hell, you get used to it though.

Someone actually thinks Brawl is good.

I know I have a soft spot in me for Smash, but the series only had Melee to give it its scene. 64 was had too much hit-stun, and Brawl takes very little skill to play unless your playing a shitty character.

I don’t see what Melee has on Brawl…The only character that really takes little skill is Metaknight in Brawl. And, compared to Melee, there are more characters that are actually WORTH playing as.

The thing is, Metaknight is considered in a league of his own while the rest of the cast gets stomped by him seeing as he has the highest priority in the game, alot of very reliable attack strings, can gimp easily and is ungimpable. He has no bad stages and his lightweight is offset by his great momentum cancel and redonkulous recovery(so he’s more like a mid-heavy?).

Hell, even Melee Fox had bad traits. While his fast falling speed allowed him to pressure better than most, it also made him susceptible to stupid combos and chaingrabs that only he, Falco and (to a lesser degree) Captain Falcon fell prey to. I also believe that he got more stun from being hit than others. Not to mention he’s easy as crap to gimp/edgeguard.

Character balance in relation to the top characters in Melee is better than the balance in Brawl. Not to mention, the engine in Melee actually makes approaching not as risky as Brawl’s because you actually GET something out of our approach if successful.

So yeah. I also want to know why all the hatred for Brawl. It has to be more than just “Its not Melee.” (Which is all I’m really seeing)

i’m fairly certain that 80 percent of all the hate brawl gets is from people that never even gave the game a chance. they just looked at a bad video and decided the game was terrible. even mew2king said that brawl was fine as a competitive game. it’s just not as good as melee.