Capcom admits Brawl is a fighting game


actually, it is.

Oh, and SSB64 owns shitty brawl hands down, melee is pretty damn good too.


I also recall him saying in one interview that brawl was fine as a competitive game but it just sucks compared to melee.

Hell, how should I know. Jason is fickle as hell

Fuck that, any game that punishes you randomly (tripping) is fucking stupid. There’s a limit to your skill level just because of that retarded factor.

I played both Melee and N64 Smash competitively (Used to play Isai regulalry in late 03-04) but Brawl is NOT a fighting game. Really pissed that I shelled out 250 bucks for that shitty game.

People that suck at melee and 64 always try to find reasons to defend brawl. There’s really no defense for an imbalanced game specifically tuned to be uncompetitive.

If your tripping, short hop more often. From what I’ve seen, its replaced wavedashing (for the most part). Bitching about Brawl because you can’t change how you play doesn’t make it a shitty game, just you a shitty player.

Melee is an awesome game, but complaining about games you don’t like gets no one anywhere…and 250 bucks for any game (unless rare) is far too much…

And that last section makes no sense. The only time anyone needs to defend Brawl is when someone who can’t adjust from Melee bitches about it. And Brawl has turned to be quite competitive (and far more balanced than Melee no doubt).

Wait were still talking about this?

Stop playing brawl.

Dust off your GC and actually play a game with skill. MELEE!

Why would I short hop when all I want to do is turn around and punish someone? Instead, I get punished randomly. And what if I’m playing with a character that has no killing aerials?

What’s the ratio for number of KO attacks for different characters? You’re lying to yourself if you think it’s balanced.

I never said I was bad at brawl. I consider myself fairly good actually. But that isn’t saying much because of the skill curve being almost non existent. It just is NOT a competitive game. That’s all I said. Hell, even Sakurai stated that. It was tuned with the intent to be uncompetitive by the creators. What more proof do you need?

It wasn’t intended to be competitive, but it still is. And dwelling in the world of “what if…” doesn’t really pose a question. It just leaves a situation that can happen to anyone. People short hop even without any killing aerials all the time.

And the number of KO attacks shouldn’t matter, just as long as there is an effective KO attack, which I believe everyone has.

But anyway, just because Sakurai said it wasn’t competitive doesn’t make it any less competitive. I’m fairly positive that they never intended for people to discover wavedashing in Melee…

And everyone, stop living in the past. Put away your GC and stop playing Melee.

Well if you want us to do that then what are we gonna play. I know myself and alot of people arent going anywhere near brawl.

Lol fuck that.

Dust off those GC’s and play the good game.

Hell the 64 version is 20 times better then whatever the fuck brawl was suppose to be.

soooo… blindly follow, right? is that what you’re saying? we should just hop along with each iteration like the sf community does? giggles

It sounds like you’ve never even played the damned game.

People blindly follow all the time anyway. Much like how you form your opinion based on how someone else sees the game rather than your own experiences. But of course, you’ll never admit it giggles

Lol I own the damn game.

The game sucks.

Also why would I hate a game when I havent even played it? That sounds silly.

Eitherway, fuck brawl and play Melee.

Hmm. Well, you’d be surprised how many people hate games they’ve never even played before (Primarily due to mass opinions saying the game sucks…)

But whatever. I’m getting a little bored of this. You all hate Brawl and worship Melee. I’m the only one here that likes Brawl (Hell, I’m a little hard pressed to find someone else here who hasn’t insulted Brawl). So yeah. I still don’t see what makes Brawl so bad. Take Melee out of the equation for a fucking second. Imagine if Brawl was the first and only game. What the hell makes it so awful?

You haven’t been paying attention.

Brawl is terrible because of the developers not giving a shit about the only crowd that kept Smash in the spotlight for 8 years. After that, they wanted to intentionally kill the games competitive scene,which ironically was the only scene keeping the game alive. Now Smash is ruled by nerds and idiots who think they know shit about fighting games when they don’t.

The only reason you play Brawl is because of money. Nothing more. Melee is the only legit game in the series, and Isai only plays SSB64 and rapes anyone who plays him at it.

By the way. Soylent Green’s made it into the water supply, and the Government is tracking your calls as well. Good shit. Paranoia. Nintendo hates you. Yeah guys…

That’s why they gave you your most requested characters and spent millions licensing ridiculous amounts of remixed music for you. Good shit.

Hey guys… it’s 1999. There’s this new game called Third Strike out and it’s trash. It’s not as fast as ST, and it seems really turtle oriented with all the parry’s and such. Plus Fireballs are garbage in this game. There are only three really amazing characters-- Chun, Yun, and Ken, and everybody else is kind of eh. In fact, Chun and Yun win EVERY tournament! I think Yun is a bit too cheap. Let’s ban him guys? No really. I mean, EVERY tournament, everybody just uses Yun and it’s free! What’s the point of even trying to use the ideas we learned from Street Fighter II, He’s Yun, and he’s like Jesus… so there’s no point. This game is so defense oriented I hate it! Somebody can just wait for you to do something and just Parry! It’s Stupid as fuck! You know what? I have an idea.

Yeah. It’s a new day and age. Why don’t we just go and take The STREET FIGHTER III engine, and just tweak the mechanics so it’s exactly like ST! GENIUS! Let’s just do that. Fuck parry’s! I don’t want to learn this new shit. Who want’s to take the trouble of adapting to a new game. It’s so slow and you need to use Normals. WHO NEEDS NORMAL?! I don’t like new things! I’m 18! I want to be the same for the next 4 years playing this game!


On the real though? This is SRK. when it comes to fighting games. You either Adapt or you move on, simple as that. A lot of those complaints I listed were legitimate complaints for 3s when it first came out(even though it was 10x an improvement over 2I). I played Brawl, Played Melee, Played 3s, Played ST, and now I play IV, and my advice? If you like a game, play it… if you don’t, then do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up, because no one wants to hear your stupid opinion on how you hate so called "Game that came out over a year ago, and gives my community a bad name, but really it has nothing to do with that and the reason everybody hates my community is people like me come over and act like Nintendo is communist russia, and they hate their people, and they want them all to suffer and die in cold scruffy bear skin hats with a hammer and sickle. We piss and moan about how brawl destroyed our community and get angry at the game and beat it like a redheaded stepchild for some of it’s sloppy mechanics, failing to realize Melee at first had many sloppy mechanics when it was introduced back in 2001, until many people looked past those mechanics and enjoyed the game for what it was. We also fail to realize that we are just scapegoating, because most of us ignore the main tenants of a fighting game-- the idea behind adapting and mindgaming, and instead blame our losses on a character whose abilities we don’t attempt to circumvent, but instead attempt to complain about, and ban because we can’t get past him. "

It pisses me off so much… because I really enjoy those two games and people just fucking ruined them for me. I expected a lot more from the Smash community and I kept seeing posts like that one. If you don’t like the game, just kindly shut the fuck up and go about your business. We don’t hate you because of it. We hate you because you come here every so often and post childish rants on how it’s the game’s fault for everything, when really, it’s the way you’re acting towards it.

Jesus Christ people, it’s 2009. Grow up, would you?

P.S. Don’t bother responding. Don’t care.

lol @ saying how the SF community reacted the same as the smash scene did, and then saying “we hate you” because we do the same thing.


and really, when’s the last time you cared about what SF character got added over how competitive the character is? When’s the last time you said to yourself “hey, the gameplay really sucks but at least the music is good!”

hahah I know I’ve never said that.

Still think, your one of many…

Street Fighter III was originally trashed when it came to arcades. The first one was eh at best, the second one was decent but broken, and the third was great. Needless to say, 3s had outstanding graphics and sound design-- but people hated it at first. Same reasons.

-It was too slow.
-The mechanics of Street Fighter were still TOTALLY different.
-The roster was criticized for not having enough SFII favorites included.
-People though the game system rewarded turtling as opposed to offensive rushdown.

There were a lot more, but that’s how it was. Look up “History of Street Fighter” articles anywhere and you’ll see what I mean. Why the hell you think it took Capcom so long to create IV?

3s of course, is sick. And we look at it now in those terms. But honestly, nearly every complaint lobbied against Brawl since it’s release by the smash community(Save for maybe tripping, which is pretty stupid.), is an identical, if not similar complained lobbied against SFIII. The “This game isn’t competative” or, “this game will destroy our community” arguments ALL sound really familiar.

EDIT: Oh… and the reason I said that we hate you for that-- is because much of the Smash community attempts to diffuse shit by scapegoating Brawl. But even more than that, most of them complain about shit that’s really their flaw as players, and yet they blame it on the game.

The tier list in that game is Biased( and I say this as a former Sonic player, who’s character was moved up eight spots to mid[which I wanted to happen, but not for the reasons it did]), and has somewhat to do with matchups, but more so how to please the community and stop people from complaining. People bitch and moan about Brawl’s effectiveness in the scene, yet fail to adapt. They write out long diatribes about how Brawl ruined the community, and how Melee should have just been the only game to have ever existed.

Oh, and Brawl +. That project is so fucking ridiculous words can’t even describe. Not once did the SF community, ever in anger of the game mechanics of any game go “Hey guys, lets go and change the mechanics back to ST mechanics and make it MORE competitive… feel me?” Alpha 3 was played as Alpha 3(including infinite’s), 3s was played as 3s, and God damn it-- IV is played as IV. The immense amount of complaining from the Smash community is immature, and it doesn’t make them look very intelligent when it’s going on. In a few years, maybe they’ll realize this in retrospect, but if not, then their community won’t really take a step forward again. Just saying.

lol you know the funny part? i play both melee AND brawl. don’t jump down my throat because of some retards that blindly follow what melee elitists say. i like brawl. i prefer melee over brawl. i prefer brawl plus over both of the damn games. i DON’T think mk should be banned even though he gets stupid sometimes. Also the brawl plus argument is frigging stupid. the main point of brawl plus was to a) add hitstun and b) make all characters viable. not to make it melee 2.0 as you people so lovingly call it. if you guys didn’t have arcade roots, which kinda shits on any intentions of modifying the game, you probably wouldn’t have as big of an issue with it. we have different roots. nintendo gave us the option of tweaking the settings to our liking and we took it a step farther by making brawl plus.

also, to the people that use the quote of sakurai not intending brawl to be competitive. developer intent means nothing when the game ships. the game is at the mercy of the community, not the other way around. we’re on some v for vendetta type shit.