Capcom AIM buddy icons

Capcom, MK, SNK, Misc AIM Buddy Icons

(This is an update to the original post) Check out my AIM buddy icons, a lot of you are familiar with this thread already.


Cool as hell. Thanks for sharing!

awesome, thanks.

Make a Shinshoryuken :stuck_out_tongue:

Good shit!:cool:

Which style Shin Shoryuken? VS or Alpha?

cvs version

ok I’ll do it Friday night.


Those are awesome. How about doing a T.Bonne? Her Lunch Rush super could look cool if done right. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen all of these on a website. Don’t take credit for what isn’t yours.

If it’s really yours, and your name will be on the site if it is, make me a Strider one.

OK first of all it’s really really really sad that you’re questioning the fact of whether the icons are mine or not. Which website did you see the icons on? Freshicons a long time ago? My icons were going to be the groundwork for that website. They were on my http server for a while before I bought webhosting, I OWN I have all the bitmaps and template files I ever used to make those icons. Maybe I’ll make you a Strider Icon, maybe I won’t, but it won’t be orbs. But I did start one a long time ago and never finished it. And I see you’re an X team member, no wonder you want a Strider icon. Tell Blazt UnderAlanis said what’s up and orbs, by any other name, is still just as cheap.

Can you make me Geese either doing:

Raising Storm
Cross Arms Victory
Command Counter from air

Very much appreciated…

Here’s the Shin Shoryuken, if you want I can add hitsparks, but that’s the max frames I can get, if not I’ll let it be, I’m starting to get a lot of requests and I’m not use to it so I’m going to have to start working faster.

I’ll also start working on Geese and T Bonne ASAP.


Man, I just checked out your site again- those crack me the hell up. Great job(s).

HAHA I like the Iron man one!

i want a strider one too. orbs of course.:slight_smile:

Wow, you have Unicron. You get ten points.

Here’s a couple more I did tonight. Strider as requested, and I gave War Machine a shot. The others that were requested I will work on soon.


If it’s possibly, could you make Rom’s mag infinite?

Also Geekboy would like Lightning storm to HSF. Only if possible.


How does the infinite go and what is HSF?


thanks. keep it up.