Capcom AIM buddy icons

hehe, love those.

HSF is where Sentinel has the series of drones go across the screen.,, air dash d/f,, repeat.

OK wasn’t sure, I’ll work on it sometime soon.

How about a Maiden Masher? Just a suggestion

most interesting work indeed. ::thumbsup:: these icons rock! thanks for sharing ewa, catch ya round’ forums, ciao, and game 0n!

Good Stuff, I like the Magneto one

I was hoping for a MvC2 style, or even a SF3S style. (The zoom effect with person FLYING [fast as hell] off the screen)

Good work tho.

Excellent work man. Hope you come up with some SNK ones. Like, say, the supers of Igniz, Terry, or K’. Those would rock.

Keep up the good work.

What is the Maiden Masher, if it’s SNK I’m unfamiliar with who does it so I’ll need to know that to make it, as I don’t particularly like most of their characters (it’s an east coast thing I think) and also another guy responded with “CvS” for the version of the Shin Shoryuken, however it will be easy to make it into an MvC2 version, expect that at the very least tonight and I’ll add electricity to it as well. The current list:

Geese Raising Storm
Lightening Storm cancel to Air Raid
Magneto Infinite
Iori Maiden Masher
Charlie Somersalt Justice/Sonic Break
Sakura Shoroken

Please be patient, I work 40 hours a week and try to have a life, I didn’t expect such a response, the icons page has gotten almost 600 views in the past fews days.


can you make me a sakura one doing her uppercut a groove?

:can you make me a sakura one doing her uppercut a groove?:

Her running dragon punch?

Also, here is the MvC style Shin Shoryuken.

yea that one

Can I get one with Cyclops doing his taunt from MvC2?

Maiden Masher is an Iori super. It’s in CvS, if you want to use that as a reference.

hey could u make me one??? can u make me a Magneto where he wins a match and holds a kinetic energy? i want his name Magneto if you can. thanks (make it flash too!)

Nice work with these icons. :slight_smile:

something like this please :cool:

No problem, another to add to the list.


Cyclops Taunt and Magneto Pose

These only took about 25 minutes total to do that’s why I did them first. Super moves take quite a bit longer.