Capcom all stars candies!

…Well not really candies…

Dunno what made me do this. Can you name all of the characters? Hahaha, even I don’t know some of their names.:bgrin:

Anything need to be fixed? It’s fairly easy to adjust in Illustrator.

Critics n comments welcomed.:bgrin:

ROFLMFAO at Dan! You see like everyone’s faces and they’re all normal, then you see this little biotch w/ tears an’ shit! Great work man! :tup:

Should I try to name all of them?




this is great, Twelve… truly a case of less being more :slight_smile:

Awwww… this is so kawaiiiii!(Cute!) Great stuff! :clap:

Lol I like it. By far the funniest one to me is Sagat. A ball with an eyepatch. haha. That’s all you really need to capture him though. Anyways you must teach me the basics in illustrator. Give me a tut. I am so lost it’s not even funny. That program is a beast.

Awesome! :smiley:
I took the liberty of mirroring it at, let me know if you want me to take it down.

lol. this is awesome man. I can’t recognize all of them though(because i’m unfamiliar)

who’s the guy with the slanted eyes and slicked back hair?

I’ll try to name them all. Granted, for some of them I can just look up the names since I know what games they are from, but what’s the fun in that? Have to do this with my swiss cheese memory, heh heh! Anyway, three chears for failed attempts!

Row 1 - Captain Commando, Yun, Tabasa, Anita, Skullomania, and she’s from Powerstone but I can’t rememer her name.

Row 2 - Jin Saotome, Star Gladiator dude, ?, Sagat, Pullum Purna, Battle Circuit Dude and Rubyheart.

Row 3 - Edge, Diana 17, Dan, Star Gladiator chick, Jill Valentine, Necro, Aulbath, Siva/Siba/Shiva of Cannon Spike.

Row 4 - Valdoll, Viewtiful Joe, R.Mika, Jack, Eiffie, Remy, ? Lin Lin, Gill

Row 5 - Poison, Raizo, Mei Ling, Shoma, Met, Hsenk-o, Ryu, ?, Demon Hunter Lady, Charlie

Row 6 - ?, ?, Roy, Chun-Li, ?, Dante, Amingo, ?, ?

Row 7 - Rouge, ?, Dhalsim, Jedah, Q, Zangief, Elena, Kyoko

Row 8 - ?, Hayato, ?, Pyron, Vega, Silvia, ?

Row 9 - ?, Strider, Twelve, ?, Sonson, Megaman

Soooo, do I get an F for effort, LOL!

Oh, shit, that’s Donovan next to Amingo! :clap: I think I see the dood from Captain Commando in there, too. Genity, or somethin like’at? :xeye:

Very exciting to see this work. I can figure out some of the characters above, but the others are still a mystery for me.

DONOVAN! Missed that one, DOH!

nice! i wonder how a oro candy would look like?

I’ll take a stab on the ones sano missed.

I think row 8 are daigo and that camera chick both from project justice rival schools.

Is that ibuki after remy? As for the rest you got me.

thats frikken awsome


Congrats on naming alot of them. I wish I were half as good. I’ll help with filling out some of the the gaps.

Row 5 - Poison, Raizo, Mei Ling, Shoma, Met, Hsenk-o, Ryu, ?, Demon Hunter Lady, Charlie

The ? Might be Nanase from SFEX, I could be wrong.

Row 6 - ?, ?, Roy, Chun-Li, ?, Dante, Amingo, ?, ?
Second ? is probably Mike Haggar. shrug Doesn’t seem like Roy to me. More like Fokker/Falcon from Power Stone

Row 8 - ?, Hayato, ?, Pyron, Vega, Silvia, ?
First ? is Daigo from Rival Schools, the second ? is Ran from Rival Schools

my contributions/corrections in bold.

I’m also leaning towards Gouken instead of Raizo in row 5, but I’m not sure of that.

Mr.twelve …

you should have drawn those eyes for twelve

chair person is at lin lin’s left side
clair redfield is on ryu’s right side .

that NOT DAIGO is magic-user from DnD2

i think that is captain red or something , he’s the elastic man from battle circuit . is a Beat em up game .

the one on the left side of ruby is CYBER BLUE !

THAT is not pulum purna ! she’s thief from DnD2

that is not dante-ish >.< !!! improve on that !

i think , it will will consume much of my brainpower just to answer everything …

I’m tired …

Mr.Twelve why don’t you just post this in SRKGD …
they’ll love your masterpiece .

Wow… even before a day’s passed and people already gotten most of it.:wow:

Heheheh. Seriously I really don’t think it looks much like Dan without the tears. I mean, he’s a joke n all, so just add something stupid on him and he’s instantly recognizable.:bgrin:

Thanks. Was goin for the “artsy iconic approach”.:bgrin: Glad you found Linn.:smile:

Heheh ty. I’d be glad to teach you a thing or two. Illustrator’s very easy to use. All you need is the Pen tool.:bgrin: Tho I only have msn so hmmm…

Sure.:bgrin: I don’t mind.

You seem to cover most of it already.:bgrin: I see some wrong ones but those are already corrected by the others. Lemme just quote yours n update it with other ppls guesses. You got Diana 17! Amazing…

Phew. That was pretty taxing to do.:bgrin:
I’m not sure about Mummy Commando. I see a lot of guesses with different names and all. Does he have another proper name?

Also Lady Demon Hunter… is that her name? I really like her design.

Major props to sano, rook and thedude for guessing most of the lesser known characters. :clap:
Point taken on Twelve. Not sure about Dante tho. He looks fine to me.
Posting it on GD would be… interesting. But I’m… scared. :sad: I never posted in GD before (well… once but… that doesn’t count). Feel free to post the pic in GD if u want.:bgrin:

Anyway thanks people for the feedback. Lemme just update the pic to highlight the yet-to-be-named characters. In case any of you still wana try. I probably reveal it in a couple of days anyway.

This has been a fun experience. Perhaps I should do another one. Maybe a Capcom All Stars: Super Obscure Characters Edition.:bgrin: Heheh.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to say that Battle Circuit is the best beat-em-up game I’ve ever played.

-minor tweaks on certain characters= thief - chairperson - gill - blue person beside donovan - linn - magician - twelve-

Thanks again ppl.