Capcom Announcement

So supposably capcom was going to have an announcement at SBO?

They announced that SF4 is really a gay game and shouldnt be taken seriously, And the real street fighter fans should go back to super turbo, the alphas, and 3s.
But really, I havent heard anything yet. Maybe a new street fighter that is good?

Is that ricky in your av? It kinda looks like him.


Whatever it is I hope its something we don’t already know.

Obvious :lame:

They are announcing that in the next SFIV update they are going to make Sagat’s tiger knee move him across the screen in 30 frames and they will remove the priority on Dan’s knee and ultra.

Mega Man 10 will use Game Boy graphics and the main character will be Seth Killian you say?

Bleet obviously earned his e-cool points with that shitty post. But then again, it’s SRK. All the posts are as shitty as he is.

He’s just relaying the facts, give him a break

Capcom’s just cutting the bs, is all :looney:

I think they will give Seth an actual Seth Kilian alternate costume.

Its gonna be big :lovin:

lol, you’ve upset a lot of people.

Oh man.

This shit?

Right here?

This shit is real.

Ryu with shoes is the new announcment

well it would be kinda funny if they did say “sf4, the joke’s on you, suckas”

why ya’ll gotta make thread titles that act like shit going on then first post is just a question? fuck

wowww so no announcement. lameee!

this is why 09’ers are treated the way they are.

Capcom’s probably not going to announce anything SF4 related until next year.

DS needs more gamer girl love.