Capcom Arcade Classics Museum


Hi guys.

I’m just new to the Shoryuken Forums. I’ve just opened a dedicated shrine for Capcom just a few months ago. Please feel free and take the time to drop by and place any comments, suggestions, and or other contributions to my email at shadift [at] yahoo [dot] com. As much as possible, I gave credit to those sites I had used an image from.

I really do hope you’ll enjoy the site for ol’ times sakes and nostalgic capcom fandom. Thanks!


Nice site. Start page is funny. :lol:


Thanks. I would also be posting here to give a heads up on whatever will be new to the site. :smiley:


I won’t lie, I’m digging it. Capcom has some truly classic games, so I approve. I hope you add some descriptions to the stages per game or something like that. Like, say something about Round 3 of AvP like “You and your team race towards the alien hive on top of a PMC vehicle! That really isn’t the best way to travel, but its great for blowing up attacking aliens!” Something cheesy but still fun to read, instead of just “Hey, I pulled these sprites out of the game and put their names by them!”


Yeah, I’m really looking forward to those intricate walkthrough stuff myself, as well as snapshots for each major area of each stage and such. As of now I’m rather filling in those “preview” shrines first before I come back reupdating those BEU shriness again.

And no, I’m definitely NOT listing questions and answers for the QUIZ & DRAGONS shrine. There’s wikipedia and other online resources possible as resource material should you want to play that game. :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Dropping by to inform you that Slam Masters shrine has been opened/updated.

A few more slight updates and a new shrine coming out quite soon, so stay tuned! Thanks a lot for having the site reach 5000 visits! :smiley:

Enjoy the site. :slight_smile:


Too bad I have lost the link to the simplistic “prototype” design of the site (not hosted by gamespy). I dunno if my account in freewebs has been disabled since they can’t detect my email add there anymore, as well as I had accidentally deleted some of my email including the old site’s password for editing. The old site originally contained only the sprites of each player character (with profiles straight from the demos) and boss sprites only. Until the site slowly grew to contain even items and enemy menageries, then the addition of other genres created in Capcom’s arcades.

I’m quite considering your call for stage level descriptions for the future updates. That’s quite challenging, esp for branching paths like in Dungeons & Dragons. I do appreciate the suggestion. :cybot:


Hi guys!

Quiz and Dragons have finally been opened, as perhaps one of the most (ehem) colorful shrines? I combined both the Jap and US versions.

CHARACTERS is mostly a character (duh) gallery
ENEMIES is a “quiz-zidex” COMPLETE from Bulbasaur to God-knows-who the last Pokemon in the last roster is now, bless him.
ITEMS is also a complete list of possible obtainable items, though I never have seen Japanese version images of some of the items.
BOSSES is a menagerie of subbosses and bosses (the large spaces with dragons) on each path, each stage complete with intro quotes.

I just feel the US version was VERY rushed, since the Japanese version was released 2 years after the US version was released. Since D&D TOD arcade was released at that time, it may be possible it was the inspiration of Q&D Japan’s RPG-like quiz battles with special effects, HP and leveling-ups. I do enjoy Q&D US’s realistic art (but still slow) but I quite appreciate the Japanese Q&D more (though how I read those kanji are out of the question) with their real-time gameboard like approach with anime style characters.

Oh, yeeeeeah. About the QUESTIONS. To anyone who requests me of listing each possible question in the game, I will NEVER EVER forgive you. Once more, EVER. :smiley: There’s Wikipedia or bring your stack of encyclopedias if ever you want to play any remaining Q&D in your arcade.

I’ll have the next shrine/s opened in the form of a simple riddle. Stay tuned! XD


Hello guys! Gee, I missed doing sidescrolling shrines. It seems that fighting shrines really take me a bit longer. Apologies for the delay of the shrines’ update. To compensate, here is the “riddle” for the new shrines.


The game’s title is within those statements. Well, it’s already a sort of giveaway for the fans of this lovable compilation.

Till then. Enjoy the new shrines! I dunno if I have completed some of the lists in the shrines like items or enemies, but all seems complete in my runthroughs of the games.

Peace out. Ciao! XD


Good shit. This one is going on my favorites list…as soon as I figure out how to add shit to my favorites.
Upload some Warzard to your site.


Hoo yeah. I’m also looking forward to creating a shrine for that game in the future. I’ll be up for another batch of shrine previews like the ones before of the next shrines to offer in the site. Rest assured Red Earth will be included on the site. I just have to clean out the sprites of some of the old shrines while doing a new site updates.

I’m also trying out how to capture sprites for the Red Earth characters esp it’s in CPS3. Man, that game really blew me away when I played it. I had my luck as I beat the game with Mai-Ling. :wgrin:

Uhm, just click Add Favorites in IE or Bookmarks in Firefox, I hope that helps. Thanks for appreciating the site! :woot:


Add Rival Schools to the shrine!!


Yeah, rest assured I’ll have that in future updates as well as Street Fighter EX series. :wink:


I like it. Looking forward to your Saturday Night Slam Masters II shrine.


First page is AMAZING.


dude this site is sweet, its going to my bookmarks :woot:


Yes! You included the cute girl from Forgotten Worlds :woot:


That’s a great site. Good job :tup:


Very nice site. Very informative, includes quotes, names, screenshots, everything. You’re doing a great job on this site. Have you considered adding videos somewhere eventually? If so, do you plan on putting videos in each individual shrine with footage of the game that the shrine belongs to, or just put them all on their own page?


Great site! Lots of info and pictures and easily accessible.
Bookmarked! :tup: