Capcom "arcade perfect" stick

I read this on another post in this forum. Thought Id start a thread to discuss more about this. The is great news!!!

What do yall think?

Who do you think they are working with?


That is all I will say.

Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

IMHO Sega is the only company that could make an ‘arcade perfect’ stick, (ie the VSHG) but having said that, I’d like it if I could eat my words.

Going by that Kotaku report, “US peripheral maker” sounds like the stick will end up having a US layout and US style bat stick. Some may like that, but it’s not for me, I prefer japanese style :smile:

In the end, I’ll probably stick with my customs. :china:

Your skepticism is wise. You have quickly learned how to survive in the industry. Of course, if you DO in fact, eat your own words, I’ll be right next to you, crying as Capcom spoonfeeds me helpings of “GGPO Capcom.” This is exciting.

They paired up with Nubytech for the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Stick. They’re probably gonna do the same thing, make us pay for the stick and pay some more just to mod it. Arcade perfect, my ass.

Dammit centennial, I was just about to same the exact same thing… Nubytech-type stuff… something to hack.

And yes, when they say they’re talking to a US peripheral maker, it does not give much hope. The mention of the joystick having a “steel shaft” does not do much good either. If they were talking to Sega, Hori, Sanwa, and/or Seimitsu, it might be more interesting. But who knows if Capcom is looking to do the same thing in Japan, giving something to import.

Despite what MarkMan says, the description being “an arcade accurate stick with a steel base plate, steel shaft and arcade style buttons” isn’t too promising. That usually means knock-off stuff. But hey I wouldn’t mind having another Street Fighter themed stick :tup:

so will there be separate ps3/360 versions or, cross-compatible like the anniversary stick? if that’s the case i’ll probably pick one up just for the pcb.

Yeah, I hope for happ parts or sawna.

But you know the sfac sticks go for sometimes $200 on ebay. Thats crazy…I know they are out of print but hraps go for the same. A new stick will help people to own a stick at an affordable rate.

Did they release an arcade stick in japan for the street fighter anniversary?

When this item is officially announced, everyone should be pleased.

Are you operating on inside knowledge or boundless optimism?

VSHG was an awesome stick, however I wish Sega didn’t have a flaw with that 3 button press problem in the PCB for Tekken and some other games.

I bought mine (with HAPP buttons) for like $135.

Hahaha, markman, don’t screw it up!!!

Curious as to how your gonna please “everyone” with regard to us vs jpn layouts.

They could do the 8 button layout, but drop the first 2 same as the HRAP1 layout.

So that gives HRAP1 JP layout and straight 6 button American layout. Perhaps even a switch to remap back and forth.

Honestly I’d just assume they do it just JP style… but just throwing that out there as a possible compromise

If we’re really lucky, maybe Capcom will partner with Hori in Japan to release HRAP with SF4 overlays. If we’re really really lucky, maybe Hori will make the PCB work on 360/PS3/PC! (one can only dream)

In America, my guess is that they’ll probably do as others have said and get nubytech to make another mod-box. At best, I’d wager that they’ll throw in some happs to say “arcade quality yeah!”

My faith in Capcom to NOT screw up is so low these days, I’m not holding my breath.

Nubytech is gone.
Microsoft will not allow a PCB that works on PS3/360.


I figured this was coming based on my recent C&D letter from Capcom.

If they are similar to the SFAC sticks then I think my business will be ok. If they use true arcade quality parts, I might start to worry.

No capcom is not partnering with Hori they already said this in their forums and the designer of this stick is going to be S-kill as many of you guys may know him from this forums already, his going to be working on the design and working with the manufacturer to make it arcade perfect. I don’t think he is going to let us down since he is a high tournament player.If you want capcom to hear you about the arcade stick go to their forums, they have a thread about this over their. And no this is not going to be sell in a bundle is going to be sell separately or that’s what a high source says in the capcom forums.

When I think Nuby, I don’t think the SFAC stick, I think of those godawful sticks like the KOF and Soul Calibur sticks.

I hope that “arcade perfect” doesn’t mean that weak shit. I"m fairly confident though, that Capcom gets the bigger picture and is going to partner with someone else to give us something that’s if not good, then modifiable.