Capcom art dump

Hi Everyone. My name is Mark Brooks and I’m a penciler with UDON hacving worked on Spider-man, Cable/Deadpool, and Amazing Fantasy as well as the ‘New Challengers’ cover for Street Fighter #8. Thought it was high time I dropped in here and said hello as well as drop some stuff from my sketchbook. Been playing around in my sketchbook for a few days and got on a big Capcom kick. Did a bunch of these so here’s just a few. Hope you dig them! Don’t forget to drop by Ale’ Garza and my messageboard to post up your art-

-Colors by the amazing Danimation!



Cowboy(pencils and colors by me):


Great stuff Brooks! I liked the #8 cover alot its really good. I can’t wait to see more from you. A great addition to the SF project.

Hey Mark, I’m gonna be attending your signing on Free Comic Book Day. Im looking forward to it.

Great art by the way (on Cable/Deadpool and the Necro pic)

welcome to SRK, Mark. awesome sketches!

I like your Darkstalkers better than your Street Fighters… Maybe youll land the Darkstalkers gig? Your style fits the DS characters better than Arnolds or Alvins.

Hey it’s Mark brooks. great stuff especially the ds. Hope you post more work. Didn’t you used to go to comix matrix a long time ago?

Hi, Mark -

Very nice work! I actually stumbled upon your DeviantART webpage not too long ago (was surprised you had one); VERY NICE! You seem to work with Danimation a lot. It’s great to see more Capcom artwork from you; are you a fan by any chance? I’ve always kind of wondered which comics pro-artists follow. Do you happen to follow Street Fighter?

It’s great of you to stop by!


Just wanted to say WOW!!! Mark Brooks himself here !!! I liked yore Cable/Deadpool work very much. And now you draw some DS and SF characters Youre art is amazing, it is just the way they should be drawn!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

mark brooks, artist extraordinaire!! gd to c u, bosu

amazing fantasy comes out soon so i might pick it up to see exactly why you had to leave cable/deadpool. nice cover to sf #8 and hope it won’t b the last we c of u.

all the best and post some more sketches up, its great to see comic artists post their initial ideas and concepts of existing and original characters


Hey Thanks

It’s always good to hear from someone from Udon. I really like your stuff on Cable/Deadpool. It’s the only other comic worth buying(besides Street Fighter;) ). Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Snazzy stuff. The sheer fact that you chose Necro gets a thumbs up.

Great post, great works! Thanks for stopping by here Mel. I really enjoy the penciling. The characters really have a quirkiness to them that is fun to look at. I’m sure I’ve left you a comment or two on Deviant as well.

oooo nice work me like:D

Hey Thanks

Now I wouldnt say that.

The comic industry is putting out a lot of good stuff right now. Its a shame there arnt more people that read comics.

The way I see it, comic companies are coming out with great stuff, but when you already read around 15-20 comics a month, you really dont have room for too many more. Comics need more advertisments. Good thing TokyoPop started airing commercials on MTV. Marvel and DC should hang there heads in shame for not thinking of this first.

Love your work on Spiderman…thanks for posting here.

welcome to srk mark.

man, i love that felicia drawing you did! awesome. keep up the good work. i got the SF cover you did for #8. keep up the great work!!!:smiley:

on another note, i think it is really cool that the staff (erik, mark…)that works directly with the SF comic, post up on SRK.

The great Mark Brooks joins us! Love the pencils and your deviantart site


You know your drawing, where it has tons of Capcom characters are on it w/ Chun Li in the center and Blanka trying to claw at us(the entire page was filled with characters!)

It was colored by the Danimation

Do you have that anywhere saved on the web?


M.Brooks - Great stuff!

Re: Hey Thanks

I’m not saying that there are only two good comics coming out, I saying that when you’re only a fixed budget, some comics mean more to you. I get Street Fighter and Cable/Deadpool because they are my favorites and the ones most worth getting with my limited budget.

P.S. 15-20 comics a month! Where do you find the time to buy that many, let alone read that much!?

Re: Re: Hey Thanks

Shit man, I buy 15 new comics a month. Im not even including the lots I get off eBay. On a good month I can get around 50 comics. Some people I know get waaaay more than me.

I go to the comic store every Wednsday and buy my books. I usually have around 4-5 books come out every week. I read em when I take a dump, before I go to sleep, after I get home from work… and if I dont finish all my books, I usually try and make time so I can.

Comics rule!!:slight_smile: