Capcom Blog: We didn't have time to put couch co-op on 360 version

At least they admit their laziness. Doesn’t sound like this is going to be fixed.

EDIT: Here is the proof that this is false advertising.

So I’m curious. Before release date would there be even ONE consumer who you could ask whether or not local pair play was supported online, who would assume it wasn’t? I really doubt it. Everything Capcom advertised for the game made us all believe it would be in there.

What’s being done about this? I know this issue is old now but what has been happening lately? Is anyone taking Capcom to task?

fucking pathetic

What exactly was “cut out” of the ps3 version then? From what I can tell… it seems as though you crammed that one full and left the xbox version with the bare minimum.

The fact still remains that this was an advertised feature that we did not receive. If they really think that some stupid blog explanation is all we need to be happy, they are seriously mistaken.

So I guess that whole notion of it being a compatibility issue was complete horseshit. Like everyone already knew.

Someone on capcom unity posted this… I think it needs to be repeated:

Completely true statement. They should have finished getting the main parts of the game into both versions rather than working on all this DLC and extra shit they plan to charge me for down the road.

THIS is why people are so against DLC. Risking the time and effort to create the DLC rather than using that time to polish the product that will be on the retail disc.


Everybody with a twitter account tweet that to Ono/Seth.

I had a revelation just now. . .
ONO Spelled backwards is still Ono!

HAHAHAHAAH I want to found out what other excuses they have for everything. Like the ass of a color edit they gave us. “We were too busy making “stylish” menu screens that anyone on DeviantArt can surpass.”

“Im sorry but we could only include black and white because it took too much time and money to give you blue and red”.

Yet another illustration of my point that Capcom doesn’t complete their fighting games before shipping them.

Well at least they know what they did was wrong.

Now fix it, Capcom.

You should’ve spent more money on development instead of on licensed music, CGI trailers, Cross the Line and Cross Assault.

It’s nice to know that I finally have the right system for a fighting game I play.

I’m still salty at 360 owners for getting KOF2k2 UM and KOF98 UM while all PS3 was were half-assed, overpriced Neogeo ROMS of games no one cares about.

Companies have been dropping offline co-op from games for years. It’s really shitty, but it’s nothing new. Companies drop/forget these simple things in order to focus on more lucrative parts of the game (Online multiplayer, DLC)


I love owning both. I know it’s an unheard of concept nowadays, but it’s really awesome. No offense to you however. I don’t know what your situation is, and I’m closer to 30 than most, so my income may be different.

Anyway, I copped the PS3 version myself. Toro and Kuro ftw!

Yeah but the fact is that they didnt cut it. They advertised it and implemented it into only one of the console versions.

If they werent going to have it… it wouldnt be in the PS3 version either. Or the PS3 version would have had something cut that the Xbox version didnt. That simply isnt the case either as the PS3 version is loaded to the brim with extra characters and the co-op mode.

As for fixes…

If they cant fix it directly through patching, they should look at other options.

Maybe a stand-alone client that is available on the marketplace that allows it to work. Much like RE5 and how it had the online mode as DLC (however, this client for sfxt should be FREE). Youd have to run the client, then put the disc in, then you can have couch co-op.

Honestly they barely added any features in this game so wtf are they talking about? They used AE’s engine and added scramble mode, pair play online, a few stages, and they took out tournament mode. Their netcode is still in beta and they also plan to sell a bunch of shit that they “added”.

I’ll give them props for the initial big cast.

Id gladly trade scramble battle for online co-op couch play.

Here capcom, take back this useless game mode and give me the mode that I was advertised…

Nah, I just never saw the point of owning two consoles in this day and age when for the most part there are no such things as exclusive games.

That was just my idea of humor.