Capcom Buddy Combos?



can any one tell me how to connect some of capcoms buddy perfectly like sho and genity.


Man I wish you didn’t open a new post just for a simple question like that. Thats why the official Capcom Thread Was Made. Everything and any questions can go in that thread.

Anyways as far as I’m concerned I don’t think you can connect much or any combos with Captain Captain Buddys. Well you do mean as an add on for a solo Capcom combo right? I can’t think of none really. But maybe it’s possible to use the Genity as a guard break if you careful time genity to air chip the opponent. While waiting for opponent to land it MIGHT be possible to launch and do a little combo/reset. I’m not too sure if this combo works, due to my lack of Captain Commando knowledge. And if this combo does work, keep in mind those are combos of a scrub, but hey I tried. Best Bet is to transfer this question of yours to the offical thread.

Sorry for any misunderstanding