Capcom ceo's, directors and business segments

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and this one here is a lie or a joke or just both.

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Whining on a forum isn’t going to do anything.

You don’t like Capcom? Skip their games or buy used.

That does nothing.
Do you seriously think their auditors see this as anything more than one of the over 2 dozen games they’ve released in like the passed 2 years alone? aka REVENUE.

You think the directors picked up a copy of sfXtk sat in a room and said “hey we should work on releasing those other colors soon guys”

lol at last links…
Learn where to direct your anger.
Btw think about what company owns half of the characters in this game?
Wait for it.
Street fighter X TEKKEN

I’m more then certain namco didn’t just say “yo do what you want, we’ll take the money later”

Stop trying to play internet hero. you’ll whine and kick and moan. there are literally hundreds on top of thousands of other games out there and there are about 10 fighters out in competition with this game currently and within the rest of this year.

Just stop it already.

Capcom think SF n MVC is…

When really its…


The tournament going crowd is such a small percentage of who buys the game. No one will ever give a million dollar budget to a development team and say “Hey guys, let’s alienate people who buy this game from Walmart a month from release and focus on the guys that line up at midnight at gamestop.” Not ever going to happen.

There are a few reasons a tournament player’s purchase means **slightly **more than a casual player’s:

  1. The tournament player will play the game months down the line which means he is likelier to buy DLC
  2. The tournament player probably plays fighting games in general and will buy the next Capcom fighter
  3. The tournament player contributes more to the brand overall because at the end of the day someone searching youtube for SFxT videos will have quite a bit of viewing material aka free advertising, youtube just being a generic example.

If you want to attribute dollar values to how much these things add to the profit of a sold game for Capcom, they would probably be less than $5 total unless you are Mike Ross / Justin / etc or you buy a fuckton of DLC. Assuming hardcore players account for 5% of the total playerbase (being generous), it is not nearly worth it to cater to them. You do not cater to the minority in business, if it is profitable it would be more profitable to cater to the majority. In business you simply appease the minority unless you can please them without upsetting the majority. There is a reason you will never see a Capcom fighter as obviously tedious and in-depth as Third Strike again.

There is one game in production right now that caters to the tournament player and that game is Skullgirls, so play that when it drops. I know this is SRK, but non-Capcom fighters can be good too.

This is the one thing everyone needs to do.

I don’t see how this thread adds anything constructive.

Also, this.

Vote with your wallets.

And with that, let us bid this thread adieu.