Capcom Characters: accurate vs viable

So I’ve been having this argument about disadvantaged capcom characters since MVC2 came out and now that a new game with new characters has been announce i figure it may do some attention to this issue may help the capcom side of the game out even a little.
So heres the issue.
Historically capcom characters don’t have air dashes because, well because they shouldn’t have them, in regard to story and to their original games and as a group they have fewer beam attack and ranged diagonally attack than the marvel side becausemost of the characters were originally designed without a super jump screen in mind.

So the question is Would you rather see capcom characterbe as accurate to their previous game incarnations as possible or modified to be more viable in a vs game?
Chris for example should obviously NOT naturally have a airdash, but without one it seems like hes doomed to the same area as airdashless characters in MVC2, fun to play with but they fall off the map when things get serious.
It seems like a safe bet that the marvel side will have the advantage again since most of capcom’s usual suspect are “naturally nerfed” by now having flight capabilties, beams, or superpower.

Yes i know half of this could have gone into the airdash thread, but there is a bigger issue of character design or the capcom side, including double jumps, move speed, projectile direction, the area covered by attacks, etc.

…what? You even mention a thread this could have gone into, but created a new one. This is the sound of mods losing their patience.

We also have a suggestion thread. Above you. Check it out.