Capcom Classic Collection 1

Are the street fighter games in Capcom Classic Collection 1 arcade perfect? Is this collection worth getting in general?

Yeah its arcade perfect stuff as far as i know. Plus all the other games.

CCC1 does not work with HDAdvance though.

Edit: And neither does CCC2 BTW. Coincidence?:confused:

From what I understand, the three SFII games are actually the PS1 ports. Can anyone confirm this?

Yeah, the SFII titles in Capcom Classics vol. 1 are from Street Fighter Collection 2 on the PSX.

As for them being arcade perfect, I remember reading Sirlin saying that they were, while Sabre said that all SFII games on PSX are trash in one way or another.

The loading times are what kill it for me

I heard you can’t pick the start button color on that version as well.

Hmmm i’ve probably heard just as many members say both…

Honestly i’m confused. Can ANYONE say 100% for sure what kind of ports these are from?:confused:

The SF2 games on CCC1 are the PSX ports.

Yes, The SF2 games on CCC1 are the PS1 versions and gameplay wise I have no problem with them. As far of bummers are the load times wich are ridiculous and the sound effects are played at a slightly higher pitch, also when a round ends the music cuts abruptly when the score is being displayed instead of slowly faint like in the arcade and finally when you’re selecting a character you can’t use the start button to get the second outfit because the game menu appears instead so you have to press a punch and a kick button at once to get the second outfit.

Now my personal rant is, the fact that the games are ports from PS1 versions is no excuse for the load times because they could’ve been easily eliminated with the PS2 hardware but they just emulated the games along with the load screens wich is ridiculous. But I guess Digital Eclipse learned the lesson with all the criticism because Super Turbo in CCC2 is emulated directly from the arcade board and has zero load times.

Hope my description helps you.

Does anyone know if Capcom Generations Vol. 5 for saturn has loading times? If it didn’t then I think would be the definitive collection for classic SF2.

Edit: Me being stupid.

No it doesn’t, I can confirm that because I have it. The SF2 games on Capcom Generations Vol. 5 for Sega Saturn lack “in game” load screens (it just loads when you pick one of the three SF2 games to play) and the resolution of the screen is bigger than that of the SF2 games in CCC1 and PS1 (the latter is a guess of mine, i’ts been a while since I played de ps1 versions and I don’t have those ones) so in typical Saturn fashion you’re getting bigger characters and bigger everything. Bottom line, Digital Eclipse should’ve emulated this versions if they didn’t plan to try and fix things within the games. So your guess is right, the Saturn versions of the SF2 games makes that disc the definitive collection for classic SF2.

Does the Saturn version have the crappy looped music all PSone sf games have or does it loops seamlessly?

As far as I remember the music is chip generated so it loops seamlessly (the “near death” music enters without any wait for example), but I would need to hook up my Saturn and check that out again, but actually I remember being very pleased with the disc and can’t remember any negative thing and believe me, I would remember crappy streamed music wich resets itself every now and then…

Press Circle instead of Start.

I have street fighter collection 2 for ps1 and ccc1 for ps2 and the major difference i find is that cc1 street fighters sre alittle slower when playing arcae an vs mode also the speed at which the moves come out are also slower.The game also does not sound as good as the ps1 version and in order to change anything in training mode like your character you have to reset the game which is ridiculous in other words just ain’t worth buying well that is for the street fighters stick with the ps1 version it is the best to me.