Capcom Classic Collections

Who knows about these Capcom game collections for PSP?
I’d like to know if someone would like to see in the third collection the CPS3 games (Street Fighter III and Warzard), in my opinion would be amazing…

Remember that in the first collection there were CPS1 games (and the amazing Street Fighter 1!!) and in the next second collection there will be CPS2 games (King of Dragons, Knights of Round, Street Fighter II and many more).

I have the first one, it’s great - good for gaming on the go. SF1 is pimp of course. It was nice playing Captain Commando for the first time. I really dig Quiz and Dragons with it’s pop culture questions, there was one of the questions in there about N Sync which I got wrong of course… (okay I got it right but don’t tell anyone…:sweat:)

Seriously you should PM Sirlin of Digital Eclipse who posts here at SRK, he works on these games you know. :smile:

Did either of the two released CCC games have Cadillacs and Dinosaurs? I was gonna pick up CCC Volume 2 since it’s gonna have an Arcade perfect ST, but I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be to own Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, too.

Is SF1 on the PS2 version of this game?

Also, when is Vol. 2 scheduled for release on PS2?

EDIT: Nevermind. I see it is only on the “remix” PSP version. Also, vol. 2 is shceduled for a November release. I’m admittedly a little disappointed that Capcom did not opt to release an arcade prefect SF1 as part of the Anniversary Collection with HSF2 and 3s.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs they can’t put in a collection, well… not this kind of collection anyway because they do not own the rights to it. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a comic book. It would be like putting Aliens vs. Predator, they’d need all kind of approvals and go through a lot of legal jargon and stuff.

About SFAC - It was never meant to be a collection, originally. In Japan they sold it as 2 seperate games. SCEA forced Capcom to sell it here in the US as 2 games. This worked out well for Capcom though, suprisingly. So in every region that isn’t Japan it’s a collection. But in Japan for Xbox it’s sold as a collection just like everywhere else. If Capcom had originally planned it as a collection, trust me, it would of had a lot more games - CCC, MM Collection, MMX Collection, SFAA, etc. But given the situation it wasn’t available to them really. Other than delaying the game a whole bunch of months to fit more games and really shaft Japanese PS2 players, lol! But at least with Hyper SF2 on it it got SF3 Third Strike into more people’s houses in the United States and other parts of the world so it was a good thing.

There’s still a chance that SF1 will be on CCC volume 2 for the PS2 and Xbox, or even a future console CCC volume, we just have to wait and see.

There will be a CCC for the GBA that will have Mighty Final Fight and coming soon to the PSP there’s a Puzzle collection that will have Puzzle fighter. Collections for everybody! :smile:

Oh yeah, I remember one my friends telling me that about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, once. What a bummer. :confused:

I thought that SF1 being on the forthcoming CCC volume 2 for the PS2 was already a given…please be a little more sensitive and don’t scare the hell outta me Sano :confused: hehe. as far as I know volume 2 will consist on the games released on the PSP edition plus some extra games, one of them being Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo which is a cool thing. Although I never lost my sleep about it since I already got SFAC and HSF2 is Super Turbo in my eyes (I’m not as nitpicky and serious about those things as a lot of people around this forum, but of course I can distinguish crap from non crap and HSF2 is far from crappy to me, I’m really happy with it).

That’s what the wikipedia entry says (yeah, I know wikipedia isn’t always accurate). Apparently it will have at least 20 games including SF1, SSF2T, Captain Commando, Strider and 1941: Counter Attack.

Oh to be honest I wasn’t um, sure and am still not sure about SF1 being on CCC volume 2. Because for some very odd reason on Capcom’s website and another site during E3 they said SF1 would be on it and then both sites removed the claim of SF1 being on it, LIKE THE VERY NEXT DAY… So I wasn’t sure if they changed their minds about it or if it was a mistake, leaked news or something and they just decided to keep the secret for a little while longer. So that’s why I said good chance… I know Wikipedia isn’t that reliable, but it seems like SF1 will be on it afterall after looking around the net and stuff.

I’m hoping for a CPS3 collection after this one

I’m hoping Capcom will include Red Earth in one of their future collections. After trying out Red Earth characters in CFE I’m curious to see what would be like to play those characters in the original game.

Need Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom on the next collection or some future one. PLEASE!

Dungeons and Dragons, lol, you do know that Capcom doesn’t own the rights to that riiiight? J/K

I think they should do a future collections of a bunch of games they don’t own the rights to and stuff. Course it’s easier said than done… Man I’d love a Capcom Disney games collection. Duck Tales! Oooh oooh ooh! Scrooge’s cane is god tier broken…

There might be ways around this stuff though other than emulating to play these games without waiting for a collection. The Nintendo Wii will let you download a bunch of old Nes/Genesis/Turbo Grafx games, we just don’t know which ones. Then there’s Gametap who so far has Street Fighter II. And Xbox Live Arcade is yet another venue for older arcade games.