Capcom Classics Collection 1 and 2

Does anyone know if CCC1 was released in japan? I have a JPS2 and I want it for that so I dont need to carry as many systems when I move (taking my Xbox for that game seems ridiculous). Also is CCC2 being released in japan as well when it comes out?

Thank you very much.


I’d like to know that as well. I really don’t feel like buying a US PSTwo as I have a JPN PS2 already.

CCC1 is out in Japan, but it goes for about $55 new. I’m not sure about used since I haven’t seen it anywhere. Good luck on that. I looked at play-asia and it’s going for $50 there.

Just out of curiosity why did you buy a jpn p2. I know its probably for imports but i cant read in anything other than fighters and that annoys me. unless you can read japanese of course try to get a us p2 with a mod chip. That will solve your problems.

I bought a JPS2 b/c I didn’t like the idea of modding. I didn’t want anyone to mess with the system at all. I know Disc Swap, but I didnt want to do that extra step. Yes I am lazy and somewhat crazy.

Thank you for the play-asia info.


Same here. The PS2 mod scene is so confusing, 23047203847 different mods and even different revisions of those. I didn’t want to be bothered. Most of my PS1 games were JPN region anyway, including RPGs. Yes, I have a decent grasp of the Japanese language.