Capcom confirms its support of SOPA

Please let capcom know that you don’t support their decision by posting on their forums or sending a letter. And if you are willing to do so, vote with your wallet. I know I wont be purchasing SFxT unless they pull their SOPA support.

I know this isn’t DIRECTLY SF4 related but it does affect the FGC.

I just kinda wished that I have a way to get to America and slap those congressmen silly and the people supporting this stupid bill. I can only imagine a world being run by this bill, where big corporations will have realised that this was a dumb idea since we don’t have the publicity they had before this. And if they think that this bill is to last, oooooh boy, were they idiots in the first place, because I think people will find ways to fight this bill whether the corporate world realise this or not. And if they think that this will fight piracy, i wager that they will think again, when this bill will only encouragepiracy since the way that they are acting seemed to be against the consumers. Sure they think thy can bypas this bill since they think they use ccertain laws to bypass it. ut once the damage is done, it’ll never be the same.

For those outside of America thinking that this bill is on affecting America only, think AGAIN!!! If this bill passes, there will be no more team spooky, no more levelup, no more CrossCounter, no more streaming from tourneys, no more tutorials on Youtube helping you in whatever fighting game you are struggling in and we’ll soon be seeing these types of Law elsewhere since they see it passed in the US.

TL;DR if you want to show that this bill sucks, you gotta root it from the source and stop it from spreading like a plague. The people passing this bill are old and care about money, we have to how them and the corporate world that the bill WILL hurt them more than they really think.

For those in and outside of the US show your “OBJECTION!!!” of the bill here:

I’d happily vote with my wallet, and have done previously (I haven’t bought a movie from Universal in about 10 years, for example)

However, on this occasion I am unable to (there aren’t any Capcom products in the near future that I plan on purchasing).

Meh. I don’t have an American ISP, so I don’t think SOPA is gonna affect me anyway. In fact, Capcom’s customers are mostly Japanese and European, so they probably don’t care either.

You don’t need an american ISP for it to affect you. If SOPA passes than the internet climate will change greatly. If SOPA existed before we probably never would have seen the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or Youtube to today’s levels. Not to mention that if it passes now any US residents who regularly give out information that you might use would be FAR less likely to do so due to the chance of they themselves being blocked. While Capcom may say they wont go after streamers or youtube videos ect. Who is to say other companies wont? Or that Capcom would stick to their word? Capcom could have the legal ability to force SRK to remove the picture that leaked M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu or the UMvC3 early leak of characters.

Didn’t they already do something similar? When Eroo and Oni were unlocked early, didn’t Capcom force everyone to shut up about it? Or did I just imagine that :looney:

And this is related to SSF4 because…?

I am your average ill informed American. This means I am very ignorant with the understanding and support of SOPA. I am curious as to how and why this would affect me, a consumer of public media such as video games, movies, and other “mass” media. If I know both sides of this argument it would be better for me to get a understanding as why I should be for, against it, rather than blindingly saying this is bad. Do you see what I’m trying to say.

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SOPA for those uninformed: it basically boils down to protecting copyright by allowing censorship. Also, getting caught infringing would be worse than it is now. There is obviously room for improvement, but to avoid “prolonged court dates” and what not, the RIAA wants to get it jammed through as soon as possible.

Quick example: If the government felt like busting your ass, they could catch an uploaded video of AE done by you and fine you for it because you didn’t get the legal permission from Capcom. (i think this is how it would go now?) As is, Capcom is the only one who can take you to court over this (I belieeeve. sorta half asleep right now…)

Under SOPA, Capcom would technically have the authority to put the bullseye on you for uploading video gameplay without their expressed permission.

However, Christian Svensson (VP Capcom) has stated in Capcom Unity Forums -

“*Months ago I’ve commented that streaming folks/video uploading have absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ve always been very accommodating to our supporters (and as this thread would demonstrate, even our detractors) and I don’t ever see that changing.” *

So under law? Yes, they could technically dick around and shut you down for such content. But I honestly don’t see that happening.

I can see the ESRB and MPAA refusing to rate releases by companies who do not show support for SOPA. That would put a damper on US sales.

Well im not liking how this SOPA sounds, so im against it

It sounds like i wont be able to watch anymore streams, or touney’s on youtube, and if this happens i will be a very unhappy person

It’s really troubling for me: I like playing Capcom games. I was going to buy Marvel 2 on XbawksLive (Now that I finally have a stick, I don’t have to play it at the arcade), but I’m hesitant to do so right now. I understand that I’ll probably be supporting Capcom anyway by signing up for Colorado Cutthroat, but at least that helps the FGC as a whole.

SOPA is stupid, it hurts the internet community as a whole, and it’s unconstitutional. Ultimately, buying entertainment from the companies supporting it just gives them more money to throw at Congress. Worse, it tells the companies that we don’t give a damn.

Buy Skullgirls. Sorry, I just had to say that.

But wouldn’t it be the government actually enforcing SOPA rather than the copyright holders?

I mean from what I’ve read it doesn’t matter if Capcom or whover say they are cool with the streams unless they are willing to do some dealing with copyright to give the streamers the legal ability to stream, couldn’t they still get in trouble over the bill?

SOPA affects more than just a few fighting game streams and combovids, so who cares if Capcom promises not to use it… They still support it. Very weak reply from their side… “We’re part of this group, they decide for us, everyone does it, we’re not gonna use it honest, we just wanna make games boohoo” is basically what his post on Capcom-Unity boiled down to imo.

I’m not entirely sure how copyright works, but if they say something like “All streams of Material we have already publically released or events in which official demos are released are given the legal right to stream/release visual and audial media on the content, provided the data uploaded meets all previous terms and does not allow players to play any products currently on commercial sale without prior purchase of the product(s)” Should cover it, although someone like Ultradavid should check this.

Try this for thought, and albeit it’s not the best because I’m just so friggin’ tired from a long day at work… but bear with me :slight_smile:

When I lived in Chicago, I was waiting on a train platform to get home from work. Looking across towards the other side of the rails, I saw a young college kid just standing by, with headphones on, minding his own business. Not some 20 feet away from him, was a tall and well built man pacing left and right, ranting off about who knows what. Well, he stops pacing and strides in the direction of the college kid. He stops. Looks down on the college kid, mutters something as the built man leans over him aggressively. And then in a blink of an eye - pops the kid in the head, kicks him a few times - and calmly walks away.

Now, you don’t need to know what happens afterwards other than 1) the kid was alright, and 2) there was actually a nice old man who eventually walked over and made sure the kid was ok. I say this, because anything else is fodder for other topics that will send the topic astray.

So, ask yourself now - why the hell did that happen? How did that happen?

  • Isn’t it the job of local law enforcement to protect their citizens?
  • They weren’t there, so the douchebag got away.
  • Did a witness maybe file a report? > Did it do anything? > Was the assailant eventually spotted and arrested?
  • But wait, did the victim report the crime?
  • So wait… if the victim doesn’t report the crime, nor anyone else - the assailant goes free until one day, he does get caught in the act of assault.
  • But what consequences or guilt perhaps, should the victim acknowledge given a man is still free, unpunished, for enacting unlawfulness to the general public.

I guess what I’m trying to say so horribly is - there is no clear cut answer.

I truly believe that Capcom means well in the interest of not only their IP, but their community of video gamers. I think some folks in the FGC need to think bigger, and realize that SOPA is a horrible legislation introduced by narrow minded politicians and lobbyists who are using the blanket napalm approach. The lobbyists and politicians who’ve pushed this bill don’t give a rats ass about you or me streaming video game replays on YouTube. What they care about are numbers that supposedly threaten the integrity of their supporter’s IPs values. Money.

Theft, digital/physical/ideological - can never be obliterated. In this technological day and age - it’s ridiculous to even think it possible.

But there are people out there with big pockets, who will take anything they can get to feel like they’re in control. Because they don’t really care about the consumers in the sense of how we feel or whatever. So long as their interaction with us always involves swiping that credit card, they’ll fight nails and tooth to make sure it stays that way.

I’ve heard the whole 1st Amendment rhetoric, but personally I think the malice behind the bill goes much much deeper. Into our wallets.

Capcom? I look at them like a child of a deranged if not divorced couple. The parent hates each other, and the kid just wants to play video games.

… I do think Capcom should at least grow some balls and take a solid stance on SOPA.

I say take SFxT out of Evo 2012 in protest. Since its an upcoming game, if we single it out it speaks volumes to Capcom. You just say that since this news came out we are disappointed with their decision to back such a malicious bill we are going to react in this manner blah blah blah state why SOPA is evil.

I say single out SFxT mainly so that we don’t so dont hurt ourselves by taking out SF4 and UMVC3 as well and make Evo all sour and since people are really iffy about SFxT in the first place. Also i say this because since SF4 and UMVC3 are already out, their sales are going to be what they already are and wont make as much of a difference influencing sales as singling out the unreleased SFxT.

I’m just saying that if we want to vote with our wallets then I think that moving to get SFxT out of Evo is a big step toward doing that.

And yes, I do admit that I am being opportunistic because I do not in fact, care whatsoever about SFxT and had no plans to buy that game. Actually, I would rather we move to try to get all Capcom games off of Evo for this year but I’m trying to think about not hurting established scenes in SF4 and UMVC3 where as SFxT has no scene whatsoever because the game isnt out yet.

Any thoughts?

It sounds like a good idea, but it all depends on if Evo has any agreements with Capcom over SFxT already, if there are any then it’s probably unlikely, especialy if any money has changed hands.

I already thought of this idea before I even heard of SOPA.

Evo is Capcoms bitch good luck trying to get a capcom game of all games out of that line up, especially this hip new game called SFxT, I’m with ya with the idea though.

That game looks stupid anyway