Capcom/CVS2 logo request


Does anyone have or know where I can find hi res pics of the regular Capcom and Capcom Vs SNK 2 logos? I plan on making the Capcom logo to a bumper sticker and making the CVS2 logo a sticker as well so I’d like a high quality source. If you can help It’d be greatly appreciated. For some reason I can’t find any quality pics of the two.


Thats because you are searching on the net. No print quality pics are on the net unless you want to print them really small. You should ask someone to trace the logos for you in illustrator or photoshop so they will be vectors and nice and crisp.


Ya, makes sense. So anyone want to trace the logos for me in illustrator or photoshop so they will be vectors and nice and crisp?:smiley:

I’d be very appreciative and I’ll give someone $3.00(sorry, I’m a bum)to the person that does! If anyones interested PM me or something. Thanks.


no help at all huh? Hmmmmm…ok, I’ll raise it to $5.00:eek:

C’mon I know someone out there has to have these two logos already. Why not make a quick 5 bucks?


I have seen some vector images made with illustrator. They only had the Capcom and SNK logos though not the CvS logo. If you have illustrator of know some one who does then you could try it yourself. I’ll post a link If I can find it again.


An hour of racking my brain of where I found it and searching an i found the link.

The stuff in the link is supposed to be used for side art on a custon cabinet. I got the link from a site dedicated to building arcade controls and cabs. It’s a nice site also frequented by the one and only SNAAAKE.


Him getting illustrator and trying to learn it is a waste of his time. Ill take the 5 bucks though.

We do not talk about hints to illegal software. We download free trials from the official website.


Very sorry TigerGenocide. I will not do anything like that again.


Its kool dude, its just that the cannons can get in trouble for that kinda thing.