Capcom/DA fanart contest

check check check it out.

although it’s not a fighting game, i know a lot of ppl here would be excited to participate.

here’s another link for the rules and regulations:

looks like you’ll need a da account tho ^^;
good luck to everyone who enters!

Hmm I never got to play Okami but love the art. Prolly wont enter but:

Damn weird rule about those Quebecians…

lol. that’s what i was thinking. Quebecians got ownd.

my bro played it on ps2, he loved it, although it didnt get to the minds of the ps2 gamers, it may with wii, but i highy doubt, it, people buy the wii, a few games and then never buy any 3rd party games for it.

Fuck you, Capcom, fuck you, Deviantart.

Why do I get screwed outta everything?

We always get fucked over on contests. It’s always the same shit. Just because the contest isn’t in french we don’t get prizes.

Ha ha I never got why Quebecians can enter and win but not get prizes. Really ytf?