Capcom discusses other Crossover games, so why not

I read this article on ( ) and it got me thinking about something that im sure the FGC and Wrestling fans would like. Street Fighter Vs WWE game. We all know Capcom has been influenced in the past with wrestling characters in the past ( Zangief, Haggar, Alex, Hugo, the whole SNSM roster,etc). Most moves in the past for a lot of characters have been ripped from Japanese wrestling. So I think this would be a perfect fit.

Gameplay wise, they could go the Saturday Night Slam Masters route where the gameplay is 2D but you can move freely in the ring. I would hate to see this game look like WWE All-Stars but play more like a Japanese fighting game as opposed to the traditional american THQ games Yukes crap ( which I know is based on a Japanese wrestling engine). I would like just to see a different spin on the wrestling genre and I think this crossover would have high potential which some dream matchs up as Hugo Vs Andre the Giant, Alex Vs Hulk Hogan, Rey Mysterio Vs El Fuerte. Too bad WWE has exclusive rights with THQ for I dont know how many years.

There’s enough pro wrestling in the community lately, even without that.

Capcom jumps from very high places, so why not…

So basically, you want Capcom vs WWE All Stars, with either Kinnikuman Grand Prix’s engine but more grounded, or a more Westernized hybrid like DJ:FFNY?
Or you want something all together different or semi-authentic? Something like Toy Fighter may suit the bill with its more MMA meets Roman Wrestling.
The problem with something completely original is…what independent devs are left that know how to do Wrestling and aren’t shelling out shovelware?

Use the Slam Master II engine which was basically wrestling on a 2D, street fighter like plane.



Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could just stick SF/Capcom characters into everything? That would just make everything better than it is.

I’ve already got my copy of Street Fighter vs. The Amazing Race All Stars pre-ordered at GameStop.

Megaman vs. Street Fighter: The Wily Wars Arcade Edition

Chun Li vs Trish Stratus? Idk who’s the hot bitch in WWE these days.

Superman VS Goku.

capcom vs. whoopee camp

And Megaman STILL isn’t playable.

Let me know when they start on Nintendo vs. Capcom.

Instead of Man vs. Food let’s get a cross over of Street Fighter vs. Food. Bison has made a pastry named the Shadaloo Sorbet that contains 6000 calories and Ryu must devour it before it’s too late.

-Tha Hindu

GHM(Grasshopper Manufacture) vs Capcom, make it happen.

Wow I never heard of Toy Fighter. Thats insane.

Looks a lot like Fighter’s Destiny.

street fighter vs Yogi Bear

… make it happen.

Sf vs wwe would be a travesty all the Asian characters would be nerfed.