Capcom Fan Stuff


Capcom fanart I’ve done in the past, tell me what ya think. :smiley:

(From:[media=youtube]i7aTlrDYkso&feature=related]YouTube - SF4 Moves Swap - Zangief & Sakura [720p HD[/media])


the last one looks like my friends sister lol BEAST thread my friend


I like them all except the last one(reminds me of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, the twin baby simians from Full House). And people say that all babies are cute. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I would’ve thrown a Barrel that say DK on it, I bet she’ll pop out


A little something I made in class, steamboat megaman :smiley:


lol, awesome! i especially like that sakura


LMAO I was just watching that moveswap video today… that face never gets old


<3 Steamboat Rockman!

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