Capcom fighters have too many fancy extras!

Capcom puts way too many bells and whistles into their fighting games. I’m tired of all these different modes and Isms. I tired of P Grooves, C Grooves and all this other crap. For the new games they need to have it be like it was back in the day, all you should have is a life bar and thats it!

Pick an “old-school” groove and youre set.

You’re right…They’re way too complicated…

Let’s get back to the NES controller…6+Buttons??? How can we deal with that???

I hear 'ya. I miss the days when I had to walk through a 20 kilometers of snow to get to the nearest arcade. Twice. Backward. And, by golly, we liked it! These days there’s nothing but these newfangled internet crap. Where have the old days gone? Someone tell me that!

I agree to some extent.

What are there, about 5 playstyles in MVC2? And does each of them add/remove/change your normals and specials and supers? And then you can have[list]
[]an energy bar
]a super bar
[]a VC “time remaining” bar
]a defense bar
[]a tag bar.
]an (invisible) dizzy bar…[/list]

Then you can press 2 bottons+direction to throw, a different 2 buttons to tag, a different 2 buttons to overhead, up to 3 buttons for a super… And some special/super moves require you to have memorized a followup sequence…

No. If every piece in checkers could go forward and back instead of just forward, would this new feature make the game deeper or more complicated? What if you could decide where to place the queen before beginning a chess match? Deeper? More complicated? Yeah right. In fact, it makes the games stupid. It’s a lesser game intellectually. So are the newer games. There are just too many crutches to fall back on. Games have more shit but the games are also weaker. Unless, of course, you’re all about combos but, that’s not what a good fighting game is about. Too bad they are controlled by what sells. Flashy stuff sells. Too bad most of it is some stupid crap. Although, it’s awesome when it truly adds depth to a game.
I’d love for them to release a game that isn’t balanced by side features and nonsense. I doubt that they’re going to spend forever balancing so many character designs. Just be like the 3 series or gg and give everyone everything. That’s the trend nowadays.


i just wish i could get some mjor hot girls to suck me off while i play these complicated games

yeah rite, and later on ppl gonna complain “da same old shit? WTF?”

I made a thread about how extras ruined CvS2 (esp. rolls), and I got lambasted for it. Nice to see I am not the only one who feels this way.

I’m not sure if I remember the thread but, it sounds like you were right bro. I think that most players view these games in an emotional sense. No one wants to hear what makes their game wack because to them, it’s gold. No one wants to look at their games objectively.

Either they like it or they don’t. But you’ll notice, more ppl have a reason for not liking a game whether it’s legitimate or not. Fact is, there isn’t a single perfect fighter out there. However, if you note the bad shiet, fools come from all over to make sure you don’t get ppl to look at their game badly, lol.

Speak the truth. The intelligent folks will know where you’re coming from. That’s all that matters.

Not that a games’ merit means anything now, lol. Evo is for the most popular console fighters, now. God save us all!


Re: Re: Capcom fighters have too many fancy extras!

Now you’re just sounding like a cranky old man. Moreso than usual.

I know you have beef with 3s (parrying is the DEVIL Bobby Bouche!), but what did poor little Guilty Gear ever do to you? They worked hard to make that game legit, and it’s pretty darn fairly balanced across the board. Hell, even Potemkin is way scary, and he can’t dash! When are you going to just be happy with a good, well put together game?

N - Hate Marvel, love Guilty. Go figure.

a big roster is always good… but sometimes characters like Roll and Twelve just doesn’t cut it.

tyips for making new guys in your next game, capcom :
-don’t be another shoto, please
-no “lab experiment” characters… that’s overdone and cliched
-be a mixture of different styles. Alex is a good example
-Sean was a bad idea
-Q was a bad idea (but we love him nonetheless)
-something outside the shoto/charge/grappler/dhalsim genre… develope something new… like KOF’s three piece manuveurs or something to Hokuto’s effect, like a character with counters

I think that the new features are a good thing. I mean, Now the games have more options to get out of certain kinds of situations and it takes more skill to beat at opponent.

Twel(e)ve isn’t THAT bad, he’s just broken in very specific places. With literally one or two simple changes, he’d easily be mid tier.

  1. SA2. Two shorter meters, make the air-to-air damage the same as air-to-ground.

  2. Upgrade the damage of all his moves by 1.5

After that, he’d be gravy. It’s hard work, but not at all unwinnable except against people with jab srk to hold it down with. If either of these things were changed just by themselves, he’d rock mid-tier like nobody’s business. Just because a character is complicated (Eddie, Anyone?) doesn’t mean he’s complete ass.


The way I see it, a basic feature like a command counter shouldn’t be character-specific. Everybody should have it, or nobody should. It would be like if some people couldn’t throw. If there was a universal countermove press…

No it doesn’t, because now every character can easily do a level 3 ultra supercombo that takes off 80% life… It’s now easier to kill somebody than ever before. Back in the days of CE, with only a few exceptions, most characters could only do about a third damage unless you had a truly world-class player.

Re: Re: Capcom fighters have too many fancy extras!

I hear that. I’m getting sick of things like parries, rolls, dodges, just defends, and their ilk. Like you said, they’re just things that artificially even the playing field. I want a game that’s balanced on the virtue of the characters themselves, not on universal artificial means. Some people say any character in 3S can be good if the user can parry well. I don’t believe that’s true, as it’s virtually impossible to be parry-perfect enough to dominate with Q, but even if it were, it’s still dumb that the Q player has to parry to make his character beat a good Ken. And if one player is parry-perfect with Q, one may reasonably expect another player to be parry-perfect with Ken or Chun Li or Yun, and in that case Q will lose anyway.

I’m getting sick of supers too. Played the whole round as best you can? Controlled the round and the opponent as well as possible? Gotten the opponent down to three pixels of life? Made one mistake? Oh, cool, guess what, A-groove Bison or 2K3 Athena or ST Balrog just removed your life bar and now you’re dead. Sweet! Or not.

I’m just curious. How come some peeps spell Twelve like that?

Twelve’s name is misspelled in the face off screen. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Give me the old school days when I picked a character without a fireball, and I felt good when I fought my way out of the corner trap. That was skill. Rolling into a FAB (because that is the only way you can do the super) is not skill. Its tedious.

ever heard of Touch of Death combos?

i think Apoc mentioned something a while back about another 2D capcom fighter with no Supers… I’d like to see that :]