Capcom Fighter's Network discussion/wishlist

Haven’t seen a thread about the new tool capcom announced. What do you guys think about the CFM, and what features would you like it to have?

The ability for a third party, with permission, to collect all this data and organize it into something like or

My thoughts on this that it’s an amazing feature and I’m glad Capcom is implementing it in SF5.

Considering the feature list Combofiend has already announced, AND the fact that the Network itself will probably evolve as the time goes, make this probably one of the biggest additions to Street Fighter in general

I really hope this will let people search for players in their local areas (like within particular Cities or States), and this will tremendously help with organizing local tournaments and find people more-or-less of the same skill level, AND possibly start up local play if the two players live in the same city so they will be able to reach each other

It’s also especially useful since you will be able to keep in touch with the playerbase both offline AND online
So yeah, the CFN is really gonna help the community and I can only appreciate the effort Capcom is making while creating it

So far the only wishlist entry for me is a creation of an API for the Network so that people could integrate the Network into websites/forum profiles/mobile apps to be able to always keep track of the player data (and CFN seems to offer quite a robust data from what we’ve seen in the screenshots)

Also have they said if there will be a browser based version of the network?

In in game way to easily find locals would be absolutely fantastic. Also The ability to search for things like, Karin only matches or new characters only type matchmaking will be welcome. My favorite online experience of all time was Socom 2 and one of the reason for that was the ability to pick whatever gametype you wanted and not be forced to randomly do anything. So yea more options on what you want to do would be fantastic

Ability to break data down to specific matchups like how the data looks for you playing Ken against Chun.

Which attacks are doing what % of your damage output as well as how much damage each attack has dealt ever.

my wishlist would be to having an online tourney mode so that a bunch of other people in my country can do online tournaments

I know this shit is impossible, but a guy can dream , right ?

I don’t really know if this comes under the CFN category or not but I have a couple of ideas that revolve around more customisation of lobbies.

Make it so you can search for an opponent by character they use. You can then send generic invite to this opponent = “I want match practise with my KARIN against your NASH”. The person challenged gets to accept or decline this (They can be offered a fight money incentive to train the player that invited them). If accepted, it creates a character locked lobby. I’m trying to think of a way you could implement it so the person doesn’t have to be online when you send the invite, maybe lobbies that have a date/time expiry.

Make lobbies that you can play first to 5/10 matches with someone for fight money. Perhaps make it so the host can character lock the lobby too, incase someone agreed to a challenge of Ryu vs Ken but one guy switches to Bison (for example) half way through at an attempt to try to counter pick.

It actually isn’t. SF4 has the tournament option, and you could sent out invites to your PSN/XBL/Steam friends to your/found lobbies, so technically the foundation is there

What Capcom needs is expand further on the functionality, and since PS4’s firmware 3.00 now has a Communities feature - I think this will also help finding local folks since you will be able to join said communities (like, Street Fighter V - USA Players or something), and organize gaming sessions from there. It’s not quite an ingame feature, but at least it’s there, let alone the fact there will be a public chat for everybody who’s in the community

I on PC :3

Well I do hope they have a training mode with ranked match search available.
I’m pretty sure they will, but after playing the Beta in that manner I kinda enjoyed the flow.
Practice a bit, do a match, think about what went right/wrong and work on it in between matches.

Any hoo I’m very eager to hear more about CFN considering 90% of my gameplay is online, lol.


Id like to see your Juri and Chun madskillz if you could link me in PM :3

Hey Maxman, I’m Rayartz on steam.
So we can play if you are on PC.

I dunno nxgga, India to US is gonna be like playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 : The Matrix Trilogy Edition

Please don’t tell me about tournaments and the “latest hype streams” or whatever in game. That’s way too much 4th wall breaking for me.

I don’t want to see that shit when I’m actually playing, but I definitely want to see it show up in menus/loading screens.

i dont understand how dashboard elements or a separate menu/section are breaking the 4th wall???

I had a weird look on my face after reading that. Glad I wasn’t the only one LOL

I’m guessing we don’t know yet if there will be a lobby system like some anime games have for matchmaking? I wonder how cross-play will work during the beta and after with CFN if it will be handled the same exact way.