Capcom Fighters Waypoint

Any of you with an X-Box probably know about Halo Waypoint. It’s an app on the dashboard that involves all things Halo. For example, they track your achievements across all Halo games, and give you a Halo career rank based on that total. There’s also news, Reach stat tracking, and probably some crap I’m overlooking.

Anyway, currently I have SF2:HF, SSF2T:HD, MvC2, SF4, SSF4:AE, and MvC3. 3rd Strike is coming up, as well as SFxT. That’s quite a few Capcom fighters right there. I think it’d be awesome if they came out with a Halo Waypoint style app that tracked our stats across all games, and offered up video previews and interviews the way Waypoint does. Maybe they could offer up some streams too. Advertise some MadCatz stuff on it. Combo tutorials. Whatever they want. I don’t actually wanna design the thing haha

Like Waypoint, it would basically just be a little side thing to check out when you’re bored, but also like Waypoint, there’d be no reason to NOT want it to exist. I have no strong argument for it needing to exist either, but I do think it’d be cool to have around.

IMO the user should be rewarded with points for trying non-Capcom games for a change.

Yeah, we all like BlazBlue but that’s completely irrelevant to this thread.

You are forgetting that in games like halo, online is the primary thing, where you are sitting alone in front of a screen, so it would be more logical to have a “hub” of sort.
Fighting games are still more about social gatherings and offline play. Sure online play is developing, but the main deal here is still the offline part, which you can’t really put under a hub.

This is a good idea, and it will come to pass eventually. We’ll see more social hubs for franchises overall.

It’s a good idea for the online warrior… but the offline competitive community will frown upon it.

I think people need to get over themselves… Offline players might not respect online players, but in all honesty, if you’re offline and going to tournies, these online-only kids aren’t taking your money.

Yeah, but Halo Waypoint isn’t only about online stat tracking either. There’s community stuff, storyline stuff, fan events, whatever. The competitive players may have an issue with actually playing online, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t check out a SF related hub if it had tourney highlights, event schedules, and things of that nature. Look how much SF related stuff they manage to cram onto SRK every week.

At any rate, whether the competitive players support it or not really doesn’t mean anything if everyone else does.