Capcom Fighting all stars > CFJ

IMO i think they shouldve released Capcom Fighting all stars and delay or cancel CFJ. wut u guys think?

That’s a no brainer.


CFJ is about as fun as using sand paper to wipe my ass after a hellish shit coated with hot sauce.

That ain’t fun.

CFAS looked like ass. Shit was blocky like VF1, it was recieving horrible reviews in the playtesting, and I’m guessing it was totally off the SF style of play. They scavenged what they could (Ingrid) and made CFE. Personally, I like CFE, I just hope they make a CFE2 that doesn’t suck balls and addresses alot of the problems with the first one.

Also, its really stupid to say that you would have prefered they had released a game that you had never played. I’m confident when I say that if SFAC had been released, tons of people would be bitching “They should have made a 2d fighter instead”.

Capcom just isn’t ready to put the time and effort into making a good 3d fighter yet. They’re lazy. And its annoying to their fanbase.

It did look like ass, if you look at how even some of the normal moves looked like. But, thats a gross overstatement saying its as blocky as VF1. The first SFEX game in the arcade wasn’t even as blocky as VF1 and that game was still blocky as hell.

Even if CAS was shit at least it could be accepted that it was a new game.

Jam is just boring, lazy cut and paste shit, shame on you capcom.

vf1 gfx’s were stunning in their time, dunno why you made that comparision

was CAS that bad?

The main thing is, the graphics looked horrible compared to the times. While they may have looked halfway decent, they were still ass compared to SC2 and VF4 and other stuff that was in production/already out. When VF1 came out, it was cutting edge for the times. The 3d SF looked like it should have come out the same year as VF3, at least from the screens I saw. The point is, capcom has the resources to do BEAUTIFUL 3d (see the RE games, DMC, etc) but was putting half-ass models in this game. Capcom has the resources to do great things with SF, they’re just fuggin lazy.

And who’s to say the game would have been accepted as a new thing? Unless those graphics were going to be cleaned up MAJORLY everyone would be bitching about ‘capcoms lazy models’ or something.

It doesn’t matter what comes out, someone is going to bitch.

No one gives a fuck about your opinion.

Wow…just wow :wow:

Seriously, it doesn’t matter what capcom puts out, people will complain anyway.

So CFJ is better than CFAS because CFAS had bad graphics? Um… okay, let’s compare CFJ’s graphics to SC2 and VF4. Hm, yes, I think by that comparison, CFJ is a much better game than CFAS. :wtf:

At least the bitchers would have something new to complain about instead of the same sprite complaints.

But not so much that you wouldn’t post in his thread to show just how big of a deal his opinion is to you.

What bothers me is how CFAS got totally shot down, but then CFJ comes along and everyone’s all like, “C’mon, give it a chance. You can’t judge it before you play it.” Where was that attitude before?

From what I’ve heard CFAS failed horribly at the beta test, while CFJ faired well at its beta test.

They test their games?



cfas will probably never come out

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I think All Stars was better overall because Capcom made the right decision and didnt release it, whereas with CFE…

imo capcom fighting jam is 10 times better than capcom fighting evolution.

How can peolpe say what game is better when pretty much noone played the other game?

Blame Viscant. I knew his post saying “CFJ does NOT suck” was going to get people interested in the game.

I refuse to touch that shit. In the immortal words of Judge Judy, I won’t have someone piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

People have no memory. At least there are people who defend CFE, CFAS was trashed by everybody here at SRK. We are part of the equation that shut the game down, fan response was negative, even harsher than anything CFE has ever faced before, during, or after the game came out. (I never wanted CFAS cancelled and was one of it’s very very few defenders, just overhauled.) Even beta Testers deemed CFAS unplayable. Don’t you think that if a game is deemed… UNPLAYABLE it should never see the light of day since, you know, YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT?

Basing this on the old Capcom Fighting All Star footage, I would say CFE is hella better. Even though CFE can be pretty boring, I think it’s a tournament worthy game. I didn’t see this potential in Capcom Fighting All Star though. I wouldn’t mind giving CFAS another chance if it came out. But I think Capcom did the right thing and try to cut thier loses early.