Capcom Fighting All Stars: Fan Fiction For The Game That Almost Was


Why start a Fan Fiction for a game that’s not coming out? Here’s the story.

In order to get interest for this game going some time ago at Gamefaqs, I started a Fic at Gamefaqs about this Story. I honestly thought the game was being Postponed and not cancelled. When I first started the Fic, I was just breaking down events but as the story developed I got more into Fighting Moves, Dialogs and things like that. Anyway, now that I know the Game is Officially Canceled I’m moving my Fic here before the Boards at Gamefaqs for this game dissapear.

Since the Game is no longer coming out, I don’t feel restricted to their small Roster and will add more characters to make it a true Capcom All Star story! I won’t reveal who just yet.

Sometime this week I’ll start typing what I have so far here. I just wanted to kick things off so I can have a link to tell the readers of this Fic at Gamefaqs where to go.

So if you want to know how this Game could of turned out, read this Fic!


Hey sano! I just got done reading your story. I thought it was pretty cool.:smiley: I also like how you did the funny chapter names.:lol:


Thanks! If all goes well I’ll type everything up tonight on this Site!

Probably toss in the next part sometime next week.


To kick things off, here’s Saiki’s translation of the game’s Intro! Thanks to him once again, because if not for this, I’d be making 100% of the story up instead of 90%!

In Metro City, a package had been sent to Haggar from a little girl. Haggar, being cautious with the package, took it to the police to be opened. Inside was a bomb that “Mad Gear” used before called Laughter Sun.

phone rings
Haggar - Haggar here
Unknown person - Did you like the present I sent you?
Haggar - You! Are you Mad Gear!
Unknown Person - Mad Gear has just now, been destroyed!
(You can see Mad Gear members lying beside the guys legs)
Haggar - What do you want?
Unknown Person - My name is DEATH. And to be honest, I want to play a little game.
Haggar - Game?
Death - It’s a simple game of catch. I’ll run around the city with LAUGHTER SUN, and if you catch me, you win. Also, I want D.D. to be a part of this game.
Haggar - D.D.!? Who is that?
Death - I can’t answer too much. Now let the game begin!

The Fic takes place right after this! Next up - Alex vs. Haggar - Capcom’s first Grappler vs. it’s last!



Part I - “Grappler’s Paradise!”

The Police track the call Haggar recieved to a Phone Booth in Downtown Metro City. Haggar decided to go it alone. When he got near the Phone Booth and all the beaten up Mad Gear members, he happens to see Alex walking by! He asks Alex, “Are you Death?” to which Alex replies, “Hmph. Fighting against me and Death are the same thing, LOOZA!” and they start to throw down! There’s plenty of clotheslines, piledrivers and flashchops as they are both evenly matched! Just then, a group of Gangsters interupt the fight and attack both while screaming, “THE DEATH BRIGADE RULES!” Haggar and Alex fight back the first wave of thugs and they get a chance to talk. Haggar asks why Alex’s own thugs are attacking him and isn’t he Death? Alex replies that he doesn’t know what Haggar is talking about. Alex says he’s only in Metro City because he’s looking for the guy who beat his friend Tom. Haggar wonders why Alex did not come clean to which Alex replies, “And miss a chance to fight the great Haggar, Champion of Slammasters and Hero of Metro City? No way!” Haggar smiles and they both proceed to beat the crap out of Death’s thugs Final Fight style! They grill the last thug standing who reveals that Death is in the Uptown Section. Haggar fills Alex in and they decide to work together to save the city!

Next up - Chun-Li vs. Poison! The strongest Woman in the World vs. the strongest ______ in the world!


Part II - “That Boy is POIIISOOOON!”

Chun-Li’s got Poison cornered in a back alley. She’s trying to find out what Poison knows about who beat up Mad Gear. Poison ain’t talking, and he/she throws his/her handcuff projectile! The handcuffs cause Chun-Li’s right hand to be cuffed to a drain pipe that runs vertically up a brick wall, while Poison dashes in for the kill. Chun-Li bangs her left hand bracelet against the cuffs breaking them and frees herself, with the same left hand back slaps Poison and lets loose her Lightning Kick knocking Poison down! Chun-Li puts Poison’s arm around his/her back about to handcuff Poison asking, “Now let’s see how you like it!”

Poison spots Ryu across the street about to enter a Diner. With his/her free arm Poison blows a kiss at Ryu winking at him while bending over exposing the top of his/her cleavage. Poison then asks, “Hey, lover boy! How about lending a Damsel in distress a hand!” Ryu looks and smiles at Chun-Li and Chun-Li smiles back. Ryu enters the Diner.

At first, Poison is mad that Ryu didn’t notice him/her, but uses the distraction to flip himself/herself over Chun-Li’s back releasing her hold since Chun-Li did not finish cuffing him/her! Poison gets in a few punches and kicks, and when he/she goes for the final blow Chun-Li arches her back and goes into her “SPINNING BIRD KICK!” knocking Poison out! Chun-Li cuffs the unconscious Poison to the drain pipe and heads towards the Diner.

Next up - Ryu and Chun-Li catch up on old times! And someone from “very old times” just might interupt their meal! No, they’re not eating at Medievel Times Restaurant!


PART III - “Street Fighter II - The New Hamburgers Turbo!”

Surprised to see her old friend Ryu, Chun-Li decides to join him in the Diner. Some time passes that night and Ryu and Chun-Li are seen eating together. Chun-Li is eating a Sundae and Ryu is eating ten plates of food! The Waitress asks if the two are okay and Ryu says, “The food is excellent. May you please bring another order of Meatloaf and two Deluxe Hamburgers?” The Waitress replies, “No problem, Hon. Your boyfriend sure eats a lot!” Chun-Li starts to yell angrily, “He’s not my Boyfrie…” and stops since the Waitress has walked away. She looks at Ryu and starts to blush a bit and lets out a tiny grin and Ryu smiles and continues to eat.

Ryu asks, “It’s been a while. What brings you to Metro City?” Chun-Li says, “I’m still trying to bring down Shadowloo.” “Shadowloo? They are still in operation even after Vega’s (the Dictator) dissapearance?” asks Ryu. “Yes. But I’ve stumbled upon another mystery here. Someone beat up all the members of the Mad Gear Gang.” answers Chun-Li. Ryu questions, “Could it have been Guy, Cody and Haggar?” to which Chun-Li replies, “Guy and Cody have been missing for some time. Haggar’s become Mayor once again. From what I can tell, Mad Gear was beaten up by another criminal gang, maybe Shadowloo. Ryu, why are you in Metro City?”

“I am looking for strong opponents.” says Ryu. Chun-Li jokingly replies with a flirtatious voice, “Only strong opponents? Such a handsome guy like yourself?” while touching Ryu’s hand! This time it’s Ryu’s turn to blush! Chun-Li smiles as she likes this cute aspect of Ryu. Ryu slowly pulls his hand away and comments, “I… ugh… the thing is that most of the people have left this town. They probably got tired of all the rival gangs from Mad Gear, to Rolento’s Army to the Skull Cross Gang and so on.” Chun-Li agrees, “Yeah, it’s like a Ghost Town now. Maybe Haggar will improve things this time around.”

Just then, a gut wrenching manly scream is heard outside! Ryu runs outside and Chun-Li follows , but the Waitress stops Chun-Li and says, “Wait a minute! Trying to leave without paying the bill!” She hands Chun-Li the check, and Chun-Li notices that her Sundae came to 2 Dollars while Ryu’s meal added up to 389 bucks! Chun-Li snarls, “He does this to me every time!” and pulls out her credit card.

Next Time - Ryu vs. Rook! Stay Tooned!


PART IV - “Ryu Ragainst Rook! Rooby Rooby Roo!”

Ryu runs out the Diner and discovers the manly scream came from Poison! Poison was blown away quite some distance by Rook’s one handed Ki Blast that broke the cuffs off and is still unconscious! Rook starts to preach, “So, one of you Mad Gear insects got away. And this one, a sinful abomination.” Rook charges his hand to fire another blast and Ryu intervenes, “Stop this! I can not allow you to continue!” and assumes his fighting stance. Rook states, “What have we here. A sad creature who lives only for fighting and has no place in Modern society. I will put you out of your misery.”

Just as Chun-Li walks out of the Diner, she witnesses Rook beating the crap out of Ryu. Chun-Li jumps in with lightning kicks, and Rook blocks every blow with one hand. She then smacks Rook with a Kikoshu Super Fireball but it has no effect on Rook who starts to beat the tar out of Chun-Li. As Chun-Li is lying against a brick wall of the Alley, Rook puts all his strength into a final punch! Ryu tackles Chun-Li out of the way as Rook’s punch breaks through a brick wall!

“So, you fight to save others,” says Rook. “Is this what it means to have a soul?”

Next time - Ryu vs. Rook continues! And just who is Rook? Hey, I don’t know either so I’m making most of this stuff up! Later!


PART V - “Capcom’s Angel 2 - Full Throttle!”

Rook looks upon Ryu and Chun-Li and begins to tell his story about being an Angel who was tossed out of Heaven while omitting key details. Rook remembers beaming down from the clouds and causing an explosion hitting a barren waist land like a meteorite, and then a man named Death approached him, and the narrative that goes with Rook’s thoughts - “I used to belong once. But I was cast aside by my own kind. Tossed out of my home, I was found by a man named Death who gave my life purpose. He told me that it was right that I was cast out, and that those who don’t belong in society need to be removed and that is my role. Look at yourselves. One is ashamed to live as was born. Another lives for fighting and another for vengeance. The world has no place for people such as yourselves.” Ryu rests Chun-Li on the ground and states, “You asked what does it mean to have a Soul. It’s what seperates us from Animals who live for survival and nothing else. It’s the ability to make decisions that will guide us for the rest of our lives. If these decisions are wrong we will be judged after death, not here and not by you!” Rook yells, “Fool! I’ll kill you now!”

Rook leaps towards Ryu and Ryu catches him with an Air Hurricane Kick! He then hits Rook with a vicious ten hit punch/kick combo and a close range “HADOKEN!” Rooks not having it and hits Ryu with a bunch of moves and a Super Art! Ryu spits out lots of blood and is layed out on the ground! Rook jumps about to pounce on the unconscious Ryu, and next thing you know, electricity starts flying from Ryu everywhere as he knocks Rook with his -


A massive Ball of white light appears as Rook is knocked out on the ground! Ryu wins!

Next up - The aftermath of this intense battle! Seeya!


PART VI - “Angels in the Knocked Out Field!”

Rook lies down on the ground beaten. Ryu is on one knee finding it difficult to stand up and Chun-Li is just getting herself up. Rook then begins to speak.

“Hmph. To think I was beaten by a mere mortal.” After a pause, Rook continues. “I am called Rook. Basically there’s a being called Death who has a Bomb called Laughter Sun set to destroy Metro City. The only way to stop it is to input a password. I, Death, and two others called Ingrid and D.D. each have numbers that are part of the code. If we are all defeated you will have all the codes to stop the Bomb, but you have to hurry because there is a time limit. I have the Third Number Sequence. It is 212.”

Chun-Li starts to ask, “Wait a minute! How much time do we have…” and Rook just smiles and starts to disappear. After he’s gone, Ryu is no longer able to hold himself up and falls to the ground. “RYU!” Chun-Li shouts as she helps him up and helps him walk. “Chun-Li, are you okay?” And Poison?" Chun-Li answers, “I’m a little bruised but fine. Poison got away during all the confusion. I think I know what I need to know anyway.” Ryu responds, “Chun-Li, you have to call the Police and tell them the code.” Chun-Li says “I know, but I have to get you to a Hospital. I’ll call the Police on my Cell.” As she pulls out her Cell Phone, Ryu asks, “Do you think what Rook said is true, that there is no place in society for people like us?” “Perhaps,” Chun-Li says as she looks at Ryu smiling, “But maybe someday we’ll find a place where we belong.” Ryu and Chun-Li smile at each other while Chun-Li helps Ryu walk with her arm around his shoulders and Ryu’s arm around her waist as she calls the Police.

Next Time - Strider vs. Nash! Ouch! The trouble of making two characters I like fight is that I have to pick a winner! Well, backed out of picking a winner between Haggar and Alex so I can’t do that twice!



So we can Nash!
It was a no corpse having Graveyard Smash!
Let’s do the Nash!
Let’s do the Ninja Nash!
SONIC BOOM! (You will only get this if you heard the Song Monster Mash…)

Strider watched the entire fight with Ryu and Rook while standing on the edge of a tall building with his arms folded. Nash walks behind him and Strider doesn’t budge. Nash says, “Well, someone thought enough to send a Strider, and the strongest one at that. Hiryu, I’m not sure Secret Organizations are welcome here.” Hiryu speaks without turning to face Nash. “This is coming from someone who shows up dead on every source of intel. My guess is that you also belong to a Secret Organization. Have you been Roller Skating lately?” Nash chuckles and assumes his fighting stance. “Hmm. I’m just checking on my old partner Chun-Li. Guess we both know to much about each other to let the other live.” Hiryu still has not moved a muscle and says, “When the Grandmaster arrives, all these past battles will seem like child’s play.” He then draws his Sword and charges at Nash!

Strider attacks with his Gram Slice, and Nash counters with his one armed “SONIC BOOM!” Since Nash’s projectile didn’t travel much distance, it springs from his arm and looks exactly like Strider’s slice as both attacks meet and cancel the other out! Nash leaps in with a Knee Bazooka aimed at the back of Hiryu’s hand causing him to drop the Sword. Nash performs his Super Art the Crossfire Blitz which is a Combo of deadly punches and kicks. Hiryu takes all the blows and does nothing to block or dodge. Just as Nash goes for the final blow of the Crossfire Blitz, Strider disappears before Nash’s eyes and ends up behind him!

When Nash turns around, Hiryu strikes the area right underneath his chest with an open palm strike causing Nash to loose his breath! Nash lunges forward while grasping for breath, and the next exchange of blows is so fast it can only be seen in slow motion. For every punch Nash throws, Strider dodges and hits Nash four times! While Nash is getting beaten he thinks to himself, “I see. He let me get in the first few blows to test my strength and speed. He used this knowledge to determine how fast he would have to move once he slowed me down. After attacking a Key Pressure Point, my strength and speed have been diminished, due to me having difficulty breathing. He is truly a genious. I can not win under these circumstances, but I have one more move that surpasses the speed of sound.” Nash yells out, “SONIC BREAK!”

Strider Hiryu barely manages to escape the attack as it cuts through his left oblique spilling lots of blood. Nash knows he has to finish this now, and runs forward to perform his “SOMERSAULT!” The White Ki of this attack Sliced Strider in half!!!

No wait, no it didn’t! That was an after image of Strider, as he moved so fast he completely dodged the attack! Four images of Strider Hiryu appear over Nash who’s still midair after his Somersault, for Strider performed his Vajla Move in the nick of time! The four images of Hiryu combine to one and kick midair Nash to the edge of the building where Strider’s Sword rests. Strider picks up his Sword and performs his Ragnalok Super Art! As he hoists Nash up, multiple images of Strider appear to slice Nash while he’s midair! Bloody Nash screams and falls to what appears to be his bloody death! Strider falls for a bit but grabs on the side of the building thanks to his famous wall cling. When he looks down he checks for Nash’s body but doesn’t see a corpse anywhere. Strider’s Hand Glider arrives, he grabs it and leaves the scene.

(For anyone who thinks I just killed Nash, he’s Nash for crying out loud! You know he survived this!)

Next time - D.D. and Akira go to Church! If they could only get Marylin Manson to join them…Later!

(Finally caught up to everything I typed at Gamfaqs! For those rereading, I changed a few things here and there like removing Ryu’s Duffel Bag because I would have to have him leave it at the Diner, and of course the first time around I forgot to have Ryu throw a Hadoken and that’s the greatest Fighting Game Move ever created! Well, I treated this like a Second Draft. I would of liked to of fleshed out the first Chapter more, but I kind of like it the way it is since it reminds me of the Faq’s humble origins! I’ll be back tomorrow with another Chapter! Seeya!)


PART VIII - “Church Mass of Mass Destruction!”

In an old broken down Church in Uptown Metro City, a sermon was being held. Many Patrons were listening to a man speaking on the pulpit. But the Patrons were all gang members, the man speaking was D.D. and where a Statue of Jesus Christ on a Cross should appear was a big Statue of Death!

D.D. began his sermon, smiling away for he always seems to be smiling. “Order through chaos. This is the ideal of the Death Brigade! Each one of you was hand picked from the toughest gangs in America! We will succeed where Mad Gear has failed for the Death Brigade has Gods such as myself fighting on your side!” D.D. raised his hand and Thunder was heard outside while lightning shined through the multicolored Windows! The crowd went nuts chanting -

“The Death Brigade Rules!”
“The Death Brigade Rules!”

  • over and over again until D.D. motioned for them to stop. D.D. continued. “Only one man stands in our way. The man who has stopped every gang in this city! His name is Mike Haggar! Our Lord and Master Death demands his destruction!” The crowd started chanting once again!

“All Hail Death!”
“All Hail Death!”

D.D. went on once more - “Now go out there and bring me Haggar’s head!”

The crowd started yelling, got up from kneeling and ran outside. One person was standing towards the exiting doors leaning against the wall throughout the entire sermon never kneeling, chanting or reacting as if nothing was going on. Akira did not find D.D.'s words moving at all. After everyone ran out the Church Akira walked out following the crowd.

From the far right of where D.D. was standing an old lady’s voice could be heard. She was hidden behind the curtain in the shadows but one could make out that she was in a wheelchair and what was left of her teeth was in bad condition. The old lady said to D.D., “Who was that disrespectful young girl?” D.D. answered, “Death brung her in today. Her name’s Akira. When Death was defeating Mad Gear using only a small portion of his strength, Akira kept standing up and fighting long after the rest of the gang was defeated. Death was so impressed by her that he asked her to leave Mad Gear and join us.” The old lady snapped, “I don’t like her. Something in her eyes I don’t trust. She should be watched.” D.D. proclaimed with a grin, “Well, my gut tells me things are going to get interesting around here so I should stay. Do you wish to follow her?” “Currently I am in no condition for such a task.” says the old lady. D.D. lets out a small laugh.

A board on the floor opened up, as the thug who got grilled by Haggar and Alex rose from it. The gangster took a secret passage to arrive in the Uptown Area before Haggar and Alex. He kneeled and said, “Master D.D! Haggar is heading towards the Uptown Section! He and another wrestler defeated all our soldiers!”

D.D. spoke wearing his eternal smile. “I see. And you are the only one who returned while the others fled?” The Thug said “I…” “I also have a feeling that you are the one who told Haggar to head towards the Uptown Area, are you not?” questioned D.D. “Well… I… ugh…” the thug uttered while trembling. “Fear not my son and rise.” The thug stopped kneeling and stood up while continuing to listen to D.D. “You are either very brave or very stupid for coming back here. We need men such as yourself to join the Death Brigade! Kneel before Madame to recieve your reward!” The gangster’s face immediatly lit up as he said “Sir, yes sir!” He kneeled in front of the old lady still hidden in the shadows.

The old lady’s hand grabbed the thug by the neck! The gangster started to become younger and younger and so did the old lady’s hand! The thug gasped for air since he couldn’t scream as he went from adult, to teenager, to child, to baby, to fetus and to nothing while his clothes fell to the ground! All the while the old lady’s hand was rejuvinated into a young girl’s hand! And when the lady stepped out of the shadows you can see that she was Ingrid! For she is the Eternal Goddess who will live forever so long as she sucks the youth out of others! Ingrid then spoke with a dead serious look on her face, “I believe now I’m in good condition to follow Akira.”

Next time - Batsu appears, as I begin to explain what the heck are Rival Schools characters doing in Metro City? Because Strider makes a whole lot of sense… Peace out!


PART IX - “The New WB Reality Show: Rival Schools High School Reunion!”

Batsu was walking in a Metro City park that night with a young girl. The young girl was wearing a white colar shirt with long sleeves, a long red dress that went to her ankles and black, flat, church going shoes. She had a red ponytail and very thick glasses. Her name was Amarilis. She was also carrying a stack of books for she was always reading. She said to Batsu, “We’ve wandered a little too far from home.”

Batsu walked ahead of Amarilis seeming pretty angry. He said, “I got involved in this foreign exchange program so I could go to Metro City and partake in some of it’s great battles. But instead this place is as dead as a funeral parlor.” Amarilis answered, “But I thought you came here because you wanted to see an American School, Norimaro?” Batsu put his right hand behind his head and said “I…”

Two days ago back in Taiyo High School in Japan, Norimaro was tied up locked inside his Locker, which was filed with pictures of Chun-Li and Sakura! Norimaro screamed, “HEEEELP! Batsu knocked me out, locked me in here and took my place going to America! I wanted to go there so I could see my beautiful Chun-Li, who my internet friends said was in the U.S! HEEEEELP!”

Roy and Tiffany were walking down the hallway of Taiyo High. Tiffany said, “What are we doing here again?” Roy replied, “I am going to challenge Batsu to a rematch. He can usually be found in Detention at this time.” “Booooring.” Tiffany sighed. Next they started to hear someone banging inside a locker. Tifffany said “Someone’s in there.” Roy said “Stand back!” as he ripped the door off it’s hinges! Norimaro came out stumbling around as he screamed “HEEEEEEELP!” Then he tripped over his own feet and his head landed in Tiffany’s breasts! Norimaro backed up as gobs of blood started spilling from his nostrils! He jumped his tied self up to kiss Tiffany saying “I LOVE YOUUUU!” but Roy punched Norimaro some distance away before Norimaro could kiss her! Norimaro skidded across the floor, and this caused the knots in the rope that was binding him to become undone. Norimaro stood up and yelled, “No! I must be loyal to my love for Chun-Li! And Sakura too!” Norimaro ran towards a flight of stairs screaming, “Chun-Li! I’m coming for youuu!” Sadly there was a banana peel in front of the stairs that Norimaro slipped on and fell down the steps. You could hear Norimaro scream as he hit every single step on his way down for five flights! Tiffany and Roy stood there with odd looks on there faces saying simoultaneously “What… was that?”

Back to the present. While Batsu and Amarilis were walking down the park, a horde of motorcycles zoomed by them. Batsu said, “Finally, some action!” and he noticed the person on the last Motorcycle. It was Skull Helmeted Akira! Batsu screamed “Akira here? Wait up, Akira!” as he dashed off after her bike! Amarilis yelled at Batsu, “Norimaro! Don’t leave me alone!” and three goons approached Amarilis! One laughed, “Ha Ha Ha! We were waiting for that guy to ditch you so now we’re going to have some fun!” Amarilis dropped her books and ran screaming “HEEEEEELP!!!” One thug pulled out a portable Chess Board saying, “What, I heard she was an international Chess Champion and now she doesn’t want to play?” The three goons chased Amarilis yelling “Come back! We just want to have a good time!” and Amarilis continued to yell “HEEEEEELP!!!”

Batsu ran up to Akira’s bike and yanked her off! By now, the two were in the children’s playground as Akira’s Bike skidded, hit a water fountain and exploded! Akira and Batsu started to spar in the playground throwing punches and kicks until Akira stopped. Akira took off her helmet. “Batsu? What are you doing here?” Batsu answered “Looking for a good fight of course. And you?” Akira paused for a bit before answering. She then said, “I was recruited in Japan by a man named Sodom to join Mad Gear. I took the oppurtunity to see America. Soon after, the Mad Gear gang was beaten by a man named Death, and I was asked to join his Death Brigade.” Batsu said, “One man beat up Mad Gear! Where is this man called Death?” Akira after another pause said, “I do not know. There is an old rundown church a few blocks down Copper Street. Perhaps a man named D.D. can answer your question.” Batsu ran towards that direction yelling, “Alright! I’m gonna get to fight a strong opponent after all!”

Akira started to walk away with her helmet under her arm and said, “That takes care of one of my rivals, but I suppose I betrayed the Death Brigade. I better just figure out my way back to Japan. Things have become dull around here when they need an entire gang to stop one man.”

What Akira did not know was that Ingrid was sitting on a playground swing some distance away while listening to their entire conversation.

Next up - D.D. vs. Batsu! A fight in Church without John Woo’s white doves! Be there!


:lol: :lol: :lol: Damn man!!! This story is getting funnier by each chapter.:lol:


PART X - “D.D.BZ Style Battle!”

Batsu entered the back entrance of the Church to the extreme left of where Ingrid was sitting earlier. He approached D.D. who seemed to be sleeping on the ground with his fingers interlocked behind his head and one knee raised. D.D. spoke to Batsu. “Let me guess. Akira told you to ask me, D.D., where a man named Death is located. Am I correct, Batsu?” Batsu replies, “How did you…” “I have limited precognitive powers. All part of being a God. Of course, my main power lies in Electricity.” D.D. held up his right hand as mini bolts of electricity spring from it. D.D. continued. “If you want to find Death, sadly you’re going to have to get past me.” Batsu stated, “No problem. After I beat you up, they can take you back to the funny farm, psycho!” D.D. finally stood up grinning as always as he faced Batsu.The two were about ten feet apart.

While looking at each other, the two started running to the side, to Batsu’s left and D.D.'s right while staring each other down! They ran off the stage and towards the long Church Benches. One Row in front of D.D., another in front of Batsu. While still looking at each other they continued to run on top of the Church Benches with their feet landing on every back of every bench! When they got half way, the two jumped up! Batsu jumped at a 2:00 angle while D.D. jumped at an 11:00 angle, and sure enough, the two met up in and started to exchange blows while floating through the air! Of course the two are still bound by the laws of gravity, but they were fast enough to throw many punches and kicks in the few seconds they had! Each blocked the other’s blows with lightning speed reflexes until Batsu struck gold. He nabbed D.D. with two Light punches(one with each fist), a Heavy Punch and a “GUTS UPPER!” Aftre it connected, but before the Guts Upper could knock D.D. towards the long church benches, Batsu spun around, grabed D.D. by his Jacket and threw him near the exiting doors! When D.D. got up, Batsu smacked him back down with his “CRESCENT STAR KICK!” D.D. rose again, struck Batsu with an open palm to the chin, and kicked Batsu in the mid section! The kick was so powerful, Batsu went flying back towards the stage! Eventually, Batsu started doing back flips to slow himself down so he wouldn’t crash, as he landed on his feet.

D.D.was standing in the aisle behind the seating rows and Batsu was standing in the front of the alsle, before the seating rows the two were previously running over. Batsu fired his “GUTS BULLET!” Fireball at D.D., and D.D. countered with his “ETERNAL THUNDER!” Fireball! For a while there, both Fireballs struck each other without either passing Dragon Ball Z style, but eventually the Guts Bullet overcame D.D. and his Fireball, blasting D.D. out of the Church! Batsu ran out saying, “All right! I cast thee out of Church, Demon!” D.D. stood up, smiling as always. “I’m impressed that such a young person has this kind of power. I guess I’ll have to fight at full strength.”

Batsu questioned, “Full strength?” and before he could blink D.D. ran right in front of him, and struck many points in Batsu’s body with open palms while screaming, “INTERNAL THUNDER!” D.D. leaped back before Batsu could counter. Batsu said, “Internal Thunder? I didn’t feel a thing. Uh, uh, AAAAAGH!!!” Batsu screamed in pain as electricity flew out of his mouth! After that Batsu fell to the ground. D.D. said, “That is my Internal Thunder. I inject Electricity in Key Pressure Points destroying the body from within. No one can survive… What?” D.D. sees Batsu rising to his feet!

Batsu charges up his remaining Ki for another Guts Bullet, and Thunder from the sky itself charges up D.D! The “GUTS BULLET” and “ETERNAL THUNDER!” collide once again, but this time Batsu looses! The Fireball knocks Batsu inside the Church, and in a blinding white light the Eternal Thunder Fireball destroys the whole building!

When the dust clears, Batsu is rising from the rubble and climbs to the top of the rubble of what used to be the Church. He’s bleeding from many areas, half of his clothes are burned off and his hair is lily white from the electricution. “D.D… he’s too strong…” Batsu says as he passes out.

Next time - The two Wrestlers talk! And if you watch WWE you know there’s a good chance someone will run up from behind them and smack one of them with a chair! See you tommorow!


PART XI - “Two Wrestlers Chat, Without Vinnie Mac!”

Haggar and Alex were walking down a Cemetary. Haggar was leading and Alex followed a few feet behind. Haggar was talking on his Cell Phone and Alex was talking to himself and said “Let’s go through the Graveyard,’ Haggar says. ‘The Murder Rate in this City’s gotten so high in the last few years the Cemetary’s become so large that it stretches from Downtown to Uptown,’ Haggar says. ‘It’s a Shortcut,’ Haggar says. Gee, I wonder what could POSSIBLY go wrong walking down a Cemetary at night? Haggar’s had way to many blows to the head in his wrestling days.”

Haggar still leading the way turns off his Cell. He says to Alex while the two continue walikng, “That was the Police Department. It would seem Death is being helped by three people. He and the other Three have number sequences that have to be entered in Laughter Sun to deactivae it before it destroys the city. Two of these people are called Ingrid and D.D. The other is called Rook who was defeated. After being beaten, Rook revealed the third number sequence, 212. Ingrid, D.D., and Death must also be beaten in physical combat so we can have all the codes to deactivate Laughter Sun. I don’t know what kind of sick game these ‘Code Holders’ are playing, but we have to go along with it for now.”

Alex questions, “So, the one called Rook was defeated? By who?” “Ryu.” Haggar answers. Alex says, “The Ryu? The Street Fighter Champion!!” Haggar replies, “One and the same. Although he won the fight, he’s been hospitalized and won’t be of much help now.” Alex says, “That’s too bad! I’d love to fight him some day! He’s one of the greatest fighters in the world! Just like you, Haggar!” Haggar shyly comments. “Oh, I’m not that great.” Alex yells, “Not that great? Pass that joint you smokin’! I was there live when you defeated Astro(A.K.A Scorpion) in the Slammasters Championship Bout! Just as you were knocked out and the Ref counted up to nine, you got up and your body was on fire! Then you beat Astro like he stole somethin’ from your Momma!” Alex stopped yelling and his voice went down a bit. “The funny thing was when I watched the replay at home, your body wasn’t on fire at all.”

Haggar was silent for a bit and then he began to explain. “What you saw was my Ki. It didn’t show up on camera because it is something only experienced fighters like yourself could see. Basically, I call that attack my Burning Vigor.” Alex said, “What! I know you’re an old guy and all, but are you sure Viagra is safe?” “I said Vigor, not Viagra!!!” Haggar screamed. “Well excuuuse me!” Alex retorted. Once Haggar calmed down he continued. “I acheived a state many fighters strive for. It’s like how you drive away from your house everyday to go to work. After a while, you can do this without even thinking because it becomes routine. That’s what my Burning Vigor is all about. After being knocked out, due to many long years of training, fighting, and not doing much else in between, my body can take over even if my mind is unconscious. Heck, I didn’t even become conscious until after Astro was defeated!” Alex replied, “Wow, I hope to acheive a state like that someday.” Still walking ahead, Haggar turned his head back to Alex and smiled.

Just then a bottle hit Haggar in the back of the head! When Haggar looked forward, he saw a group of thugs riding motorcycles (the same gang Akira was with earlier) screaming, “The Death Brigade Rules!”

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PART XII - "Grave Matters in the Graveyard!

Of course, that empty bottle thrown at Haggar had no effect on his thick skull, as he grabbed the top remaining half of the bottle and ran towards the motorcycle gang screaming with a smile, “IT’S GO TIME!” On the first motorcycle that was leading the pack, Haggar ran towards the Harley Davidson, stood on the protruding light and yelled, “FOUR!” as he swung the bottle remains at the driver like a Golf Club! This got the rider bloodied up as he fell off the bike. Haggar got on the bike and started to ride towards the other motorcycles. He played a game of chicken with the next approaching motorcycle. The oncoming thug got scared and swerved away at the last second, but it was already too late as both bikes crashed into each other and exploded! Prior to the explosion, the thug tried to leap off the bike, but Haggar grabbed him by the leg as the Mayor jumped up and performed a Spinning Piledriver on the goon knocking him out and landing a good ten feet away from the explosion! Back on his feet, four more motorcycles were approaching Haggar, two from each side. Haggar performed his Double Lariat, and this spinning clothesline knocked all four riders off their bikes!

Alex wasn’t fairing as well as he just didn’t have the experience Haggar had fighting waves of thugs. Alex knocked one goon off his bike with a jumping Roundhouse, and while he was still in midair four long chains grabbed him, one on each limb! The four motorcyclists who threw these chains started to ride in four different directions in order to rip Alex’s arms and legs from their sockets! Alex was strong enough to yank three of the guys off of their bikes releasing the hold of their chains and causing the chains to come off Alex, but not the chain that was wrapped around his left leg, for the rider pulling that chain was very muscular and very strong! Alex was dragged quite a bit until he grabbed on to a Tombstone, and this finally hoisted the muscle bound goon off of his bike. The recoil caused Alex to roll down a hill until his rolling body broke the door of a Romanesque looking Tomb, commonly seen in Cemetaries. The same muscle bound goon followed Alex inside and pulled out a switchblade. He swung at Alex five times. Alex dodged every swing while moving back. Alex finally grabbed the chain that was still wrapped around his left ankle and wrapped it around the thug’s wrist causing him to drop the knife! After that Alex gave the goon a tremendous headbutt, but the goon gave Alex a quick knee thrust, and a powerful punch that caused Alex to go flying back! Alex’s body hit a wing of a large statue of an Angel in the back of the Tomb hoovering over a coffin. The wing went down and caused the sound of gears to start turning. Alex’s body landed on the Tomb’s coffin. The thug ran towards Alex, but Alex gave the goon a spinning kick to the head taking him out!

The coffin started to move downwards as it seemed that the Angel wing Alex struck was a switch of sorts. Alex stayed on the coffin seeing what would happen next. The coffin went down about twenty feet and stopped. Some electrical lights came on as Alex stood in front of two elevator looking doors that beared the Umbrella Corporation Logo. “What the…” said Alex as the two doors opened.

Upon entering, Alex saw a strange laboratory that looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. There were three scientists lying dead on the ground. There was a large glass cylinder filled with liquid rising from the middle of the room encasing something. Alex went to check it out, and one of the scientists rose from the ground, for he was a Zombie! Alex turned and faced the Zombie saying “YIKES!!!” The Zombie came towards Alex saying, “UUUUGH!!!” as Alex punched the Zombie full strength in the head, causing the head to fly off! “AAAGH!!!” Alex screamed as the headless body coninued to walk towards Alex for a bit, until it collapsed.

Alex took a while to gather his thoughts. He then said, “The head must of come clean off because of the rottin’ flesh. He probably wasn’t a real Zombie, but someone was sure doing some strange experiments down here.”

Next, another scientist rose up and grabbed Alex from behind, ready to bite Alex in the head with Razor Sharp Teeth! Alex broke free of the hold, smacked the Zombie with a slash elbow as the ki of this attack decapitated the Zombie as well! The last Zombie arose to which Alex said, “You can’t escape!” as he performed his Stun Gun Headbutt Super Art! Alex jumped at the Zombie giving him a massive dose of headbutts causing the Zombie’s head to get cut backwards with only the collar bone holding it loosely together! Lots of blood sprang out as Alex said, “Ah, gross!” Next, the dying Zombie fell backward cracking the glass of the cylinder capsule in the middle of the room. Liquid started spilling everywhere as Alex noticed the writing on the cylinder’s metallic bottom which read, “Tyrant.”

Next Time - Yes! That’s right! The two franchises (Resident Evil and Street Fighter) that can’t count up to four throw down! Alex vs. Tyrant! Don’t miss out!


PART XIII(Part Thirteen! Perfect for this Halloweenesque Chapter!) - “Manhattan Resident vs. Resident Evil!”

The Tyrant began to scream in agony once he was free from his cylinder cell! Alex backed up and said, “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!” as he looked up at the freakish creature who was twice his size, had organs exposed on the outside and had large claws on one hand! Immediatly the monster dashed towards Alex to cut him to shreds! Alex dodged Tyrant’s claws, but Tyrant gave Alex a powerful punch to the stomach that caused Alex to spill out lots of blood! Next, Alex performed his Air Stampede, as he pounced on the monster’s shoulder blades! But Tyrant shrugged the useless attack off and clawed Alex in the back causing him to bleed! The beast leaped at Alex, and Alex caught him with his Air Knee Smash grabbing Tyrant in a knee lock and slamming him down! Tyrant got up, yelled, and clawed Alex’s front! One of the claws slit Alex’s throat as Alex fell to the ground bleeding to death! Alex’s eyes rolled back in his head as it seemed to be the end of Alex. Tyrant began yelling, celebrating his victory as he walked over to Alex to finish him off.

As he picked Alex to claw him to death, shockingly Alex held his arms out and performed a Regeneration Technique that healed his wounds - not completely but enough to keep Alex alive! Alex’s right eye began to glow red, and the other eye began to glow blue for Alex was using his untapped power that will get him invited to the SF3 Tourney! With his right fist, Alex punched Tyrant’s arm that was holding him up and this set Tyrant’s arm on fire! Tyrant backed off wailing in pain, as he cut the burning arm off with his claws before it could burn his entire body! Alex stood their motionless with his multicolored eyes glowing! Tyrant ran towards Alex again about to claw him, but Alex grabbed the claw with his left hand freezing Tyrant’s entire hand causing it to just snap off as as Alex twisted if backwards and tossed it away!

Alex’s eyes stopped glowing as he said, “What just happened?” He looked at Tyrant, who was screaming in agony as he was missing one hand and one whole arm. Alex looked on the floor and noticed Tyrant’s arm on fire. Relating the fire to Haggar’s Burning Vigor, Alex said “While I was unconscious, I must off performed Haggar’s Move!” The Tyrant ran towards Alex screaming and Alex finished the creature off with his Boomerang Raid Super Art! This consisted of lots of chops and blows and Alex tossing monster backwards towards a set of computers! This caused the computers to blow up, and they took the monster with them destroying him as well! Winning the fight, Alex began to stumble away as his unconscious Regeneration move did not heal all of his wounds and only lessened them. He stood on top of the coffin once again and it started to raise up.

Unbeknownst to Alex, Wesker witnessed the entire battle, as he was hidden in the aisle of a hallway in the back of the lab. Wesker said, “If only I would of gotten here a few seconds earlier, the Tyrant would of been mine. Best to cut my losses and destroy this Lab. I have other business to attend to here in Metro City.” Wesker set an explosive with a timer and exited through a door in the back.

Haggar finished beating up all the Death Brigade thugs. Alex walked towards Haggar stumbling with his injuries. Haggar ran to hold him up and said, “Alex, are you alright?” and Alex said, “I did it, Haggar! I performed your Burnin’ Viagra!” Haggar said, “Yes, I’m sure you did.” letting the injured Alex get away with calling the move Burning Viagra instead of Burning Vigor. “Good job!” complemented Haggar. Alex went on, “There’s some whacky experimentation goin’ on in that Tomb you may want to check out!” and just then the Tomb exploded to smithereens! “Damn Death Brigade! Is there no end to their plotting!” Of course, what Haggar will never know is that the Death Brigade had nothing to do with that lab, it was just another one of Umbrella Corporation’s Experimental Labs gone wrong.

Alex stepped away from and Haggar and grabbed one of the many motorcycles that was lying on the ground since Haggar beat everybody up. While he was revving the bike up he spoke to Haggar saying, “Looks like I won’t be of much help with my injuries. Maybe at the hospital me and Ryu can have a wheelchair fight!” “Maybe.” said smiling Haggar. Alex said, “Mike Haggar, good luck. You’re going to need it.” “Same to you, friend!” replied Haggar. Haggar ended the conversation by saying, “I hope to fight you on the Matt someday!” Alex rode off in the direction of the Hospital. Haggar continued walking in the opposite direction.

Next Time - Wesker meets up with Death! And Wesker’s going to fight an unexpected advisary! Oh, things are getting looney! Seeya!


PART XIV - “Can you smell what the Rockman is Cooking?”

The Boss of the Death Brigade named Death was waiting for someone while laying against a Pine Tree in a Park in Metro City. Death had long blue hair with light blue streaks. His right eye was light blue and his left eye was yellow. He had a silver Skull earing dangling from a silver chain on his left ear. Death was also wearing a purple cloak, and his long sleeve colared shirt looked like a freaky combination of SF3 Yun’s top and something Dracula would wear. He was also sporting white slacks and black shoes. He was holding a briefcase in his right hand. Death was a very slender man with a square jaw.

A homeless whino approached Death and asked, “Excuse me sir. Can you help out a man down on his luck?” Death stared at the whino with a very cold look. The whino started to step away in fear as a gray Aura started to rise from Death! The homeless man tried to run away, but Death’s Aura followed and engulfed the drunkard and choked him to Death! After the homeless man fell on the ground dead he was reduced to ashes as a passing wind blew his ashes away, for Death is not only Death in name, he is the actual Grim Reaper in Human Guise!!! Death looked up as his visitor finally arrived.

A large black Tomahawk Helicopter hovered above as two black doors on it’s bottom opened. a crane carrying a huge black Capsule came down, and holding on to the crane and catching a ride down was Wesker himself. Once the Capsule and Wesker were on the ground, Wesker began to speak. “I delivered the goods as promised. Still think it’s a little overkill for playing a game of tag with a middle aged Mayor.” It’s not for him." Death said. “One of my soldiers D.D. predicts that a Strider will be interfering with our plans. D.D.'s predictions are never wrong.” “Still,” Wesker replied. " Why this Robot? He’s never been operational. It requires a Power Source not even invented yet." Death answered, “Oh, I have an idea on how to bring Pinnochio to life. Here is your payment.” Death handed Wesker the briefcase. Wesker opened the breifcase as it was filled with stacks of 1,000 Dollar Bills! Wesker closed the briefcase and closed the deal by saying, “Nice doing business with you.”

Just then a light blue beam came down from the sky! When it hit the ground it covered everything in a blinding light blue light! When the bright light went away standing in the spot the beam struck was Megaman himself! Upon landing, Megaman had his arms raised up towards the sky and his eyes closed as he was facing upwards. Once he came to he looked at Wesker and Death as his right hand went inside his forearm transforming his arm into his famous blaster!

“Freeze!” Yelled Megaman, “You stole something from Dr. Wily’s Skull Castle and I want to know what it is!” Wesker said, “You’re pathetic. Now you’re looking out for the best interests of your worst enemy?” Megaman replied, “Dr. Wily’s weakness is that he’s quite insane. One of his weapons in the wrong hands may prove even more deadly.” “This is where I take my leave.” said Death as he disappeared with the Capsule. “Wait! Stop!” Yelled Megaman as he fired many shots! One of his shots hit the briefcase right out of Wesker’s hand disintegrating it and the money! “Wha… YOU STUPID RUNT!” yelled Wesker at the top of his lungs and Megaman said, "I don’t have time for you. I have to locate that Capsule. " Wesker said, “You’re not going anywhere. I’m gonna teach you a lesson, Clumsy Smurf!”

Megaman aimed his blaster at Wesker saying, “Sorry. I’ll lower the energy of my blasts so I don’t kill yo…” Before Megaman could finish his sentence, Wesker pulled out his Nine Millemeter and shot Megaman in the mouth! Since Megaman’s interior is a lot more sensitive than his exterior, Megaman began to choke for a bit as sparks flew out of his mouth! Wesker took advantage of the situation, ran up to Megaman and said, “How about some Megaman Soccer!” as he gave Megaman a powerful kick! Megaman went flying towards a huge six foot rock on the ground and crushed it! As the Nano Machines inside Megaman finally finished the repairs to Megaman’s mouth, Megaman got up and spat out the bullet.

“How could you be so strong?” questioned Megaman. “You’re only a human.” Wesker dropped his gun and assumed a fighting stance as you you could see a circular yellow light shining from the left eye of his sunglasses. “Only a human? Do you robots already think your that superior to man?” Megaman answered, “I do not feel superior to anybody.” “You lie.” answered Wesker. “Madmen like Dr. Light and Dr. Wily think the future lies in Robots. But that can only lead to a world where eventually the Robots try to overthrow their masters. As for me, I’m putting my money on genetically enhanced humans like myself.” “There’s room in this world for everybody.” said Megaman. “Well, I’m not loosing my job to a talking Toaster.” snapped Wesker. “At least a Toaster’s performed an honest days work, unlike you!” said Megaman as he began running towards Wesker to punch his lights out!

Wesker sidestepped the blow, grabbing Megaman’s forearem and pushing Megaman’s back using Megaman’s own momentum to send him flying! Megaman hit the Pine Tree Death was laying against earlier and knocked it down! Wesker ran towards Megaman, but Wesker got nabbed with Megaman’s Mega Uppercut! It knocked Wesker on the ground and Megaman proceeded to fire shots at Wesker. Wesker quickly got up and dodged every shot via High Jumps, Front Flips and Back Flips! Wesker continued to do so until he got close to Megaman. He then placed a small white smoke detector looking disk with various bright yellow designs on Megaman’s Helmet! This caused Megaman to get electricuted! Wesker spoke, “That Capsule wasn’t the only thing I stole from Skull Castle. That Neuron Scrambler oughta fry your circuits good!” Megaman finally grabbed the scrambler and crushed it, but it was already too late as Megaman closed his eyes and collapsed. Wesker laughed, “Ha! Ha! Ha! Also found another toy in Wily’s lab!” Wesker pulled out one of those white guns Megaman’s helmeted shield holding robot foes are always using. Wesker said, “If I hold the Trigger half way powering the gun up, it should give me enough juice to obliterate you!” Wesker stood directly above Megaman aiming the gun powering it up about to destroy Megaman.

Next thing you know, Megaman’s helmet, gloves, shorts and shoes turned bright yellow while the rest of his outerwear turned white! Wesker thought for a second and realized those were the same colors of the Neuron Scrambler! Wesker said, “Don’t tell me! You’ve absorbed the powers of the Neuron Scrambler!!!???” Megaman opened his eyes and touched the gun Wesker was pointing at Megaman! Using the power Megaman absorbed from the Neuron Scrambler, he scrambled the gun’s circuits causing it to get electricuted and this of course electicuted Wesker as well! Wesker yelled, fell backwards loosing the fight! Megaman got up as his helmet, gloves, shoes and shorts turned red as his outerwear remained white. “Rush!” he called out as his sidekick beamed down next to him with a less dramatic effect then when Megaman beamed down. “Rush, we have to find that capsule stolen from Dr. Wily’s lab!” Rush barked, transformed into the Rush jet, Megaman got on top of him as they flew away.

The Helicopter that Wesker came out of sent the same Crane used before to hoist the unconscious Wesker up. Once Wesker came to inside the Helicopter he began to complain, “What a waist.” The all black helmeted Pilot spoke. “Well, I’d like to see how the rest of this story turns out.” Wesker said, “What for?” The pilot removed his helmet and turned to face Wesker. Turns out the Pilot was Dr. Wily himself! Wesker said, “Dr. Wily??? But why??? How???” Wily said, “You don’t think you could rob Skull Castle without me knowing about it. When I realized you were after my Zero Android I decided to keep a close eye on you to see if you could find a way to power it up! Now, I’d like to see if this Death Character can succeed where I have failed! For if Zero’s awakened he will destroy Megaman and I will rule the world! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” As Dr. Wily laughed, his Pilot suit came off his body as it was mosly composed of Nano Machines to make Wily’s body look taller! Wily pressed a few buttons on the control panel and parts of the Helicopter fell off and other parts transformed until it resembled that yellow spaceship Wily was floating around in in Megaman II! Wily continued to laugh away as his spaceship flew off.


Next time - That’s right! You just witnessed Megaman vs. Wesker! Now get ready for Strider vs. Zero! As Wily and Wesker watch weally well! Try saying that last sentence three times fast! Peace out!


PART XV - “Sword Strike! Fight for the Future!”

Megaman was flying through the night city sky on the Rush Jet. He was still colored red and white. He asked Rush while crouching down on the Rush Jet in deep thought, “Rush, is it possible for an Android to dream?” “Aroo?” said Rush as he tilted his head to look back at Megaman as much as he could being in Jet Mode and all. Megaman continued. “Dr. Light says it’s impossible. I have a bed and all, but we Androids don’t actually sleep. We just power down so our batteries recharge. I should not have any dreams at all, but I keep seeing these visions. Visions of a powerful blonde haired robot destroying you, Roll, me, Beat, Fliptop and Auto. It scares me so much up I even put off powering down, staying up as late as I possibly could. And this Mission, I just have a bad feeling about this one.”

Death was standing on the roof of a building awaiting Strider. He spotted Strider a good distance away flying on his Hanglider. The same Gray Aura eminated from Death and shrouded the Capsule, opening it and then the Aura entered Zero awakening him as he sat up.

After a few seconds Zero said, “Who am I?” “It will take a second for that information to kick in.” Answered Death. The Android said, “Yes, you are correct. I am Zero. Who are you?” Death replied, “Your new Lord and Master. Your mission is to destroy that man!” as Death pointed to the oncoming Strider. “That does not compute…” and before Zero could finish his sentence, Death gave Zero a very harsh stare. Zero’s eyes flashed bright red for a second and then reverted to normal. “Yes. I must destroy that man!” said Zero, for he was under the spell of the Grim Reaper!

With Strider flying nearer and nearer Zero Double Jumped high up and started Air Dashing in Strider’s direction! After that Death chuckled and vanished as his job was done! While Air Dashing towards Strider, Zero pulled out his electric Saber Sword as it rose like the Lightsaber in Star Wars ready to kill Strider Hiryu! Strider quickly seperated from his Hanglider and dropped down, so that Zero’s swing missed the Ninja as Zero Air Dashed through the space between the falling Strider and the escalating Hanglider! Strider fell until he eventually wall clung to a building. Zero fell for a bit as well until he wall clung to a building too! As the two advesaries stared at each other, Strider remained in place while Zero began to slide down with his wall cling for Strider had him beat in the wall clinging department!

Both dropped down to a building in between the two seperate buildings they were clinging to which housed a swimming pool on the roof! While standing by the pool’s side, the two ran towards the other with their swords drawn! “HUH! HA! HUH!” said Zero with his three slice combo, but Strider blocked every blow with his Sipher Sword! Strider performed his Gram Slice, but Zero performed a mini version of the Gram Slice while seeming to almost fly at Strider at a Two O’Clock angle! Both Swords clashed and this pushed Strider back a bit! Zero above Strider now came at Hiryu with an underthrust, but Strider evaded the blow. Luck did not smile on our fellow ninja twice, as he got caught with Zero’s Shoryuken like Sword Strike! The blow electricuted the crap out of Strider! Zero began to chuckle as he put his Sword away deciding to destroy Strider with his bare metallic hands!

A numerous onslaught of punches and kicks rained down on Strider as he did nothing to block! The blows Strider was receiving from Zero’s metallic limbs were extremely painful as he was spitting out lots of blood while he was getting beat! Zero went for a kick and Strider performed his Vajla Move disappearing from Zero’s Site! As the Multiple images of Strider appeared in the air, Strider looked down and noticed that Zero was gone! Zero was about ten feet midair above midair Strider, as Zero came crashing down on the Strider who was not an image (the middle one, of course!) with a kick to the head! As Strider’s body crashed hard breaking parts on the ground of the roof, Zero’s hand turned into a blaster about to blow Strider to smitherines!

Before Zero could obliterate Strider, bunch of white electric plasma orb blasts came raining down on Zero, for about 2 Miles away came the fast appraching Megaman riding on Rush, as Rush was shooting blasts from his mouth! Zero fired a shot at the boy and his dog, and the shot was so powerful on impact it looked like a bright mini white sun! With Rush taking most of the impact, he fell badly damaged for a while and teleported away. As soon as Megaman’s body was thrown from the Rush Jet due to blast making Rush push him off like an obese child sitting on a seesaw with a skinny kid, Megaman’s outfit went back from white and red to it’s regular colors light blue and blue. Megaman was close enough so he landed on the roof that Zero and Strider were on.

Once there, Megaman gave Zero a good look. “You… You’re the one from my dreams.” Megaman said as he started to tremble slightly. Upon looking at Megaman, lots of numbers and stats started to flash in Zero’s eyes as Zero held his head in his hands as if he had a migraine headache. “AAAAAAGH… MY… MAIN… OBJECTIVE… IS… TO… DESTROY… MEGAMAN!” Zero yelled as he drew his Sword!

Megaman yelled as he aimed his Blaster, “Surrender! It doesn’t have to go down like this!” But Zero did not listen and started running towards Megaman! Megaman started firing but Zero deflected all the shots with his sword like a bat swatting at wild pitches while still running towards the Blue Bomber! In one Circular Sword Strike Zero chopped off Megaman’s Blaster forearm, Megaman’s feet beneath his knees, Megaman’s other forearm and a good chunk of the left side of Megaman’s helmeted head!!! Megaman fell on the ground and lay there silent as he started to bleed brown oil and sparks from his limbs and his mouth! His eyes gave Zero a terrified look as if Megaman knew it was the end of his life. Zero lifted the Sword and began to plunge it into Megaman’s body like a stake through a Vampire’s Heart!!!

Next time - Is this the end of Megaman? Well, with as many sequels and spin-offs bearing the Megaman title I think not! Be here next time and see how it all turns out!