Capcom Fighting Evolution Content Downloads?

Some guy was telling me on live that there were new content downloads for CFE available, some new levels or some shit.
I said he’s crazy.
Anyone know anything?

that can’t be true, but I will check on it when I get home.

Yeah, right. A game company that is too lazy to make a patch to solve the dropper problem will make new levels for download. Keep dreaming kids.

There was supposed to be content dlable but…that didnt work out. They were supposed to do the same for sfac with 3s with new characters move lists and updated stages but they backed out of it. So if someone said that then there prolly lying. :karate:

that sucks.

not gonna happen…

Capcom has once again jipped consumers to due to false information :tdown:

Unless there’s info on the box or disc(which there isn’t) saying that they were going to add in content later on, its not false information even if they said otherwise elsewhere.

Capcom obviously doesn’t care about its own fighters(and the original Mega Man series and Mega Man Legends) anymore which is a damn shame, but hey, the “Resident Evil,” “Viewtiful Joe,” and “Devil May Cry” series make up for that shortcoming to me. SNK is my 2D fighting game saviour nowadays…

goes back to playing Capcom Classics Collection

The CFE booklet says there will be content to download.