Capcom Fighting Evolution- Like it or Hate it?

It kinda annoyed me when Capcom Fighting Evolution was released, how it got a bad rep dispite being an excellent title. I myself enjoyed the game alot,the New Red Earth characters being very cool to use.

Honestly-the games fighting engine was solid,the characters controlled perfectly,Funfactor was equal to most capcom games and the 2D graphics&special FX were very cool and nice looking.Yet the title was not well liked.

I think its as sure a sign as any that 2D Fighters have completly lost their mainstream appeal and are dieing. I believe had this game been released around 1999-2000, it would have been hailed for its sweet graphics and excellent gameplay. However,in this era of 3D, few appreciate a good-quality 2D effort anymore.Alas… :sad:

So do YOU enjoy fighting evolution? Your thoughts?

Get the fuck outta here.


I liked it…but yeah “At Strike 2” lol.

:clap: Yeah, because back in 1999-2000, we’d have all been just jizzing in our pants to play around with a bunch of mishmashed sprites on cardboard backgrounds.

The gameplay you might be able to debate, but if you think the game looks nice, you’re obviously smoking something pretty damn strong.

And to answer the question, yes, I hate the game.

Super Warrior im lookin at your join date :confused:
so i guess i should fill you in this game has had its fair share (loads) of threads mostly totaly burning it.

You should remember this game only exist because fighting all stars was complete shit which was in 3D.

That anit the problem dude its quite clear capcom never gave a shit about all stars and when they Realized what crap they hand in their hands they quickly came up with CFE :rolleyes:

2D is dead for capcom, snk and sammy still put out decent shit.

Oh to answer your question i say burn it. :tup:

how dare anyone say bad things about game with Hauzer in it, Hauzer of the red mars earth warzzzzaarrrd raze entire village of hatitrons for speakins such illness about ram horned dragon with anti air manscratch

I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t like it.

The game play is decent, but there’s so many better 2D fighters to choose from, that play and look better.


CFJ/E is basically a rehash of many of capcom fighters put together, probably one of the biggest disappointments to come out of capcom. Recycled sprites and music that sounds like its coming from a broken track record. Besides Ingrid, can anyone name anything that is new in this game? I said this before in another thread, one of my friends bought this game, played it a half hour and literaly brought it back! Total disappointment. Fighting games are dead as it is, but capcom is just making the situation worse by bringing out games that we already seen and experienced since the beginning!!!

Meh, it’s okay. Nothing really special but it’s not bad.

Warzard/Red Earth fighters: Being from an arcade that never got a console port,barely got any news coverage whatsoever,and had such a limited release in the U.S that many,includeing myself had never even heard of the game till the characters were featured in CFE.I tried and can’t even find a review of the game online.Most reviewers of CFE were scratching their heads as well,as to why characters from such an obscure and unknown title was included over more well known games like Jojo’s bizarre adenture.Warzard is’nt even emulated yet either.

I highly doubt any of you even played the arcade before.So Red earth characters technically were not new,but otherwise were very NEW to MANY.

my friend has the red earth game(it cost a lot), its ok. only four characters to choose from for the versus mode.

haven’t played the story mode, but its suppose to help power up the character for versus mode example: more moves or powered up moves.

the game seems balanced enough, but yet it only has four characters, but the most annoying is the girl character i forget the name she has an easy dizzy combo

jump in fierce, low foward super = automatic dizzy, repeat three times its game

New doesn’t always = good.

Leo, is ehhh, Nool is crap, the Ninja dude is decent, and the T-Rex is hardcore shit.

And I don’t mean this in the sense of tiering, I don’t know/care what the tiers in this game are like… I mean I just didn’t like any of them.

I hate when fools make threads like this. “KOF - Like it or Hate it?” “Dogshit - Like it or Hate it?” … =[

Ok now lets go over the title, and you guys tell me what was so wrong with the game.

[*]#1-Characters:Fighters in the game that were pulled from previous titles had 98%-to-All their animations intact.I think SFIII characters were toned down a bit but nothing major.

[*]#2-Graphics:All special and graphical effects resulting from energy charges,supermoves and attack hits were pretty great and nice to look at.About as good as Capcom fighters get.

[*]#3-Gameplay:The characters all controlled near-perfectly from the games they were from,the action was always fast, and the resulting funfactor from the solid gameplay engine was there.

[*]#4-Backgrounds:The only complaint i would agree with, they were pretty IMO but nothing special.Those grown accustomed by the stuff seen in MvC2 and CvS2 would be dissapointed.However,snazzy backgrounds don’t make a fighting game,nor does it effect the good points one has.

[*]#5-Music:Typical fighter fare.Nothing spectacular but not bad either,a decent set of fighting tunes.

[*]#6-Roster:My only gripe with the game,as the character selection was decent but somewhat lacking. I would have liked to have seen more fighters from each game and more characters from other titles, like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and maybe even Cyberbots included.

[*]#7-Endings:Could have been better but it was ok.The comic strip style artwork was neat and at least capcom bothered with that, instead of the MvC2 “ending”.

Overall, it was by no means the best capcom fighter and could have been a little better, but it was a still cool and enjoyable title among the other series.

I loved playing with the T-Rex and the Ninja Dude. The other two were alright,though somewhat weak. Especially Leo as he was cool to play as but i usually got beat BAD when playing as him.

Getting to fight as those newer characters,learning their moves and how to use them to fight against the stronger Capcom veterans, was challenging and a big part of the appeal for me.

LOL Jojo wasn’t made by Capcom you fool…CFJ is an average game. I liked it, most people where quick to say it sucked because:

  1. Limited Roster of characters
  2. Half-Assed graphics and BG’s and bad lookin sprites
  3. It was too balanced.

Jojo’s Bizarre adventure is a Capcom,CPS-III Arcade.

no they didnt. why am i getting the feeling your just a cpu playing scrub boy?