Capcom Fighting Evolution (Tiers, ect)

I didn’t see any other thread on this game so I figured why not start one. I’m going to be entering a tournament for this game so I figured I’d pick up a few pointers.

What are the tiers for this game? I’m probably going to end up using Demitri and Guy, but I’d still like to see people’s break-down of who’s the best and why. That and any other general discussion about the game is welcomed.

have you ever played this before? It is very bad. very bad. It could have used about 20 more chars.
but if you like it thats all you man, I don’t know if there is alot of info on it because it was more widely hated than svc chaos

Please read my guide located in Gamefaqs.

Wantonx, I’m renting it so I can practice for the tournament. I seems a bit too splashed together for me to buy it.

Psychochronic, wow. Big FAQ. It’ll take me a bit of time to read it, but it looks to be worth it. Nice job.

If you have any questions (even deeply specific), I’ll be happy to answer them.

Gief is top 4

What the FUCK is Ingrid’s BnB?

Same goes for Rose (well what’s her CC anyway, slide x n, sweep, super)?

Read his guide and know that there is a CFE/J section in SRK if I aint mistaken.

Yeah Chibi I think that is her CC.

It’s a decent game.

Anakaris and Jedah are like putting Magneto in ST though. Way too much bullshit hi-low crap. They’re really good. Top 2?

Putting Darkstalkers in a Street Fighter-esque game at all is just a bad idea. That goes double for the Warazard characters.

But whatever ;p.

Nope the game is actually pretty good so long as YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT.

If anyone wants match vids, has a shitload of them!

I “KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT” it just seemed unfinished, like another version needs to come out:arazz:

I wish this game was taken a bit more serious, I really liked it.
Seems like everyone has a bad opinion on it and most of them can’t back it up.

I just did. It’s not super horrible, It could have been bad ass if they would have done it properly. There also seems to be a serious lack of characters in it. I’m not just talking shit about it, I do own the game but I was disappointed and expecting more

I actually liked the game.

Only thing I didn’t was how ridiculous the DS characters were. x_X;

But each character (Cept Felicia and 3/4 of the Warzard characters) had their own little hint of broken-ness.

Rose CC: -Activate-, c.hp, slide x’s 18,, aura soul throw

Ingrids BnB: Couldn’t really find any, but here are some basic combos -
Cross-up HP,, sunrize (qcf+k) x 2, sunshine (qcb x’s 2 + k)
Sunhigher xx sunburst
sunlower xx sundelta

Cr jab, cr jab, cr strong, QCF + short for Rose’s BB.

The Jab to Strong link is very lenient.

Jedah is the best character in the game. DarkStalkers, Red Earth & Karin are very good as well. Demitri is one of my main characters, he isn’t as good as Jedah but he can do well against most of the cast. But yeah, go read psychochronic’s guide, it’s the best CFE guide out there. There used to be a CFE forum here at SRK but apparently it got deleted and replaced by the ST & SFA forums.

RE: Tiers

If I remember correctly, the tier list is something like

Tier 1

Karin (these two are undoubtedly the #1 and #2 spots respectively, every other spot in all the tiers is for no reason in particular)

Tier 2


Tier 3

M. Bison

Tier 4 (largely debatable)


I put a lot of people in bottom tier, because no one can really decide what the bottom tier is. Most people agree that Zangief and Sakura are the bottom tiers of the game, and some people will say that Chun and Alex go there, too. My personal opinion is that the low tier of the game are the ones that are largely meter dependant to do anything good, like Sakura, Yun, and Alex. Sakura is probably the worst character in this game, and the only bottom tier spot that I think everyone agrees on. I personally think that Chun and Gief are mid tier, and that Zangief is largely underrated, but most people will put Gief on bottom.

RE: Ingrid & Rose combos

The combos that people listed for Ingrid are alright - Ingrid is very much a runaway character. Try to keep people out with her projectiles and poke from behind them, and use her little Air Hurricane Kick to get out of tight spots. When you have meter, go for counters -> juggle into level 1 super. That’s pretty much the basics of Ingrid.

Rose’s B&B custom is something like… Activate -> OC.Mk x2 -> S. Hk x3 [OC.Mk x2 -> S. Hk x2 XN} -> C.Hk XX Aura Soul Throw. If that’s not it, it’s something similar.

RE: Anakaris and Jedah

Anakaris and Jedah have been regarded as top tier since day one, although some things are different now:

  • Anakaris used to be considered the flat out best character, but now that people are more acquainted with the game, he’s not put on quite as high a pedestal as he used to be. He’s still top, but definitely not indestructable.

  • Jedah used to be considered top by most people because really thought that J. Mp ruled everything. Nowadays, he’s considered top for the correct reason - he’s fucking insane.

Oh yeah, Red Lotus, if you’re interested in picking up Guy, I wrote an FAQ on him (available on GameFAQs) when I still played this game frequently. I got told by Jeron Grayson (one of the better fighting game players in the US, and one of the top CFE players in the US) that it was a really good FAQ, so I don’t feel wary about reccomending it to anyone, heh. Good luck.

Where does Felicia rank?