capcom fighting evolution...


I thought was the worst game capcom has made!

anyone agree?:annoy:


dude…your a little late…


You sure are a keen observer of the obvious, kupo!

…that went well.


What do you think of wez’s post?
( ) I approve.
(o) I disapprove.


Hell yeah!


haha, i know i’m late,

but i got it for free, and i thought it looked pretty cool,

but wasnt as good.


I thought 360’s on Dinosaurs were fun…


This should go well ;3


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Its not a good game but its not a bad game

think about what that means rookie


Your post < Darkwatch < CFJ


CFE is not the worse game capcom ever made…

…Final Fight Revenge,Dino Crisis 3 and Steep Slope Sliders FTW.

EDIT:And Final Fight Streetwise


I think Final Fight on SNES was kinda lacking!

Anyone agree?!?!


Final Fight CD and Final Fight One are better than the SNES port.


looks at his copy I haven’t seen so many scratches in my life…

Thats what happens to bad games…

Master Bigode…your av scares me…


Depends if you like Guy…


re:cv is also worse than CFE. I honestly like CFE. I like the character roster, how the roster played, and the concept. CFE Yun is way more fun than Genei whore Yun. Sure, the presentation was ass but the game felt solid to me. I’d rather play CFE than CVS2 anyday. The only reason CVS2 is playable is because it was sloppily down and threw so much shit at the wall, all the bugs, invisible hitboxes, and other crap ended up balancing each other out.


I got scared too when this glitch happened while I was hacking FF’s code, then I took some screenshots and animated it.
I couldn’t sleep that night…
Now I’m using this as an avatar, and yes, this avatar is totally retarded.


Darkwatch was developed by Sammy/High Noon studios. It was only published by Capcom. And it was actually GOOD. Much better than I thought it would be.

CFE was not a bad game, but it was far from great. It needed something…more. If they wanted to go with fewer characters like they did then they should have spent more time selecting the cast. Also, an ancient sprite next to a recent one looks ugly. This game probably should have been included in a compilation of some sort, then it might’ve be better received. It simply wasn’t strong enough as a stand alone game…


Dino Crisis 3 wasn’t that bad…