Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution could've been great


Thinking about it. Capcom Fighting Jam could’ve been great with the right characters instead of lame background appearances. Also if they didn’t switch producers. Who cares about Shin Akuma? Way overpowered. It should’ve been like CvS2 in terms of balancing and amount of characters imo.


2010 is already worse than 2009…


Why is that? just making an opinon.


I thought the character selection was kinda cool, they brought out characters we weren’t familiar with. The gameplay is where things went wrong…I also wasn’t a fan of the music.


Exactly. My character selection would’ve added in addition to the characters already there:

2.Jon Talbain

4.T Hawk
5.any other Fav

4.Ken 3s

3.Dhalsim (V-Ism combos…)

Don’t know Red Earth…Tessa?

Added Rival Schools/Megaman as secret characters
3.Kyosuke (CvS version)
5.Zero (SvC version)


The game just felt random in terms of characters, broken gameplay on top of that just makes it feel like a MUGEN project. Except there’s been some really good MUGEN projects that much better like Blackest Heart, Street Fighter 1 remake, etc.


Ah? Ohhh…


Tell me more!


Think about it guys! Why didn’t they make it a good game instead of a bad game seriously COME ON 2004 CAPCOM WHAT THE HELL

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Besides any bad game could have been great. You’re not really adding anything here.


Alexander you don’t know what you’re talking about, yet again.

The game had problems in that it was boring after a while, limited roster (even only gave us two color palettes, despite having these sprites for years). That said, it was not a bad game; just lazy. One of its strengths was that it was fairly balanced, save for a few bad match-ups here and there. The roster did at least give us some people we’ve never seen before; and avoided CvS2 brokeness by thankfully keeping the subsystems to the appropriate characters. In fact, it pretty much is like CvS2 in terms of gameplay, emphasis on defense and punishing, good variety of character styles despite having a small roster, etc. The random hate for that game is slightly undfounded. I feel there are much worse games out today (hint, hint).


If anybody had any offensive options. In efforts to keep things as balanced as they were they took away anything that was considered even remotely overpowered except for the playstyle of the DS characters (which they tried to compensate for by their life guages) so that it became just about execution there. A little imbalance and incredibly strong offensive options make for better games. CFJ/E was just no fun because it didn’t have that stuff, nothing that was left to discover about the game.


It wasn’t broken, not at all. It’s a is very balanced game, it hasn’t got glitches or bugs, and no massive exploits or anything remotely needing a soft ban.

The game failed to make a big impact in arcades in Japan, and with very few arcades in the US picking it up a scene for the game failed to develop. It didn’t even make it to one Evo. I think if it had it could have been another slow burner like 3S.


Street Fighter

* 1.1 Ryu
* 1.2 Ken
* 1.3 Retsu
* 1.4 Geki
* 1.5 Joe
* 1.6 Mike
* 1.7 Lee
* 1.8 Gen
* 1.9 Birdie
* 1.10 Eagle
* 1.11 Adon
* 1.12 Sagat

Street Fighter II series

* 2.1 Chun-Li
* 2.2 Blanka
* 2.3 E. Honda
* 2.4 Guile
* 2.5 Dhalsim
* 2.6 Zangief
* 2.7 Balrog
* 2.8 Vega
* 2.9 M. Bison
* 2.10 T. Hawk
* 2.11 Cammy
* 2.12 Fei Long
* 2.13 Dee Jay
* 2.14 Akuma

Street Fighter Alpha series

* 3.1 Charlie
* 3.2 Sodom
* 3.3 Guy
* 3.4 Rose
* 3.5 Sakura
* 3.6 Dan
* 3.7 Rolento
* 3.8 R. Mika
* 3.9 Cody
* 3.10 Karin
* 3.11 Juni and Juli
* 3.12 Maki
* 3.13 Ingrid

Street Fighter III series

* 4.1 Alex
* 4.2 Yun and Yang
* 4.3 Dudley
* 4.4 Ibuki
* 4.5 Oro
* 4.6 Elena
* 4.7 Sean
* 4.8 Necro
* 4.9 Gill
* 4.10 Hugo Andore
* 4.11 Urien
* 4.12 Remy
* 4.13 Makoto
* 4.14 Twelve
* 4.15 Q

Street Fighter EX series

* 5.1 Hokuto
* 5.2 D. Dark
* 5.3 Skullomania
* 5.4 Pullum
* 5.5 C. Jack
* 5.6 Kairi
* 5.7 Allen
* 5.8 Darun
* 5.9 Blair
* 5.10 Garuda
* 5.11 Cycloid-? and Cycloid-?
* 5.12 Hayate
* 5.13 Sharon
* 5.14 Shadow Geist
* 5.15 Nanase
* 5.16 V. Rosso
* 5.17 Area
* 5.18 Ace

Street Fighter: The Movie

* 6.1 Blade
* 6.2 Sawada

Street Fighter IV series

* 7.1 C. Viper
* 7.2 Abel
* 7.3 El Fuerte
* 7.4 Rufus
* 7.5 Seth
* 7.6 Gouken
* 7.7 Juri


* 1.1 Anakaris
* 1.2 Bishamon
* 1.3 Demitri Maximoff
* 1.4 Felicia
* 1.5 Huitzil
* 1.6 Jon Talbain
* 1.7 Lord Raptor
* 1.8 Morrigan Aensland
* 1.9 Pyron
* 1.10 Rikuo
* 1.11 Sasquatch
* 1.12 Victor

Night Warriors

* 2.1 Anita
* 2.2 Donovan Baine
* 2.3 Hsien-Ko

Vampire Savior

* 3.1 Baby Bonnie Hood
* 3.2 Jedah Dohma
* 3.3 Lilith
* 3.4 Q-Bee

Rival Schools: United By Fate

* 1.1 Batsu Ichimonji
* 1.2 Hinata Wakaba
* 1.3 Kyosuke Kagami
* 1.4 Hayato Nekketsu
* 1.5 Chairperson
* 1.6 Shoma Sawamura
* 1.7 Natsu Ayuhara
* 1.8 Roberto Miura
* 1.9 Akira Kazama
* 1.10 Edge
* 1.11 Gan Isurugi
* 1.12 Daigo Kazama
* 1.13 Roy Bromwell
* 1.14 Tiffany Lords
* 1.15 Boman Delgado
* 1.16 Hideo Shimazu
* 1.17 Kyoko Minazuki
* 1.18 Raizo Imawano
* 1.19 Hyo Imawano
* 1.20 Sakura Kasugano

Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2
* 2.1 Ran Hibiki
* 2.2 Nagare Namikawa

Project Justice
* 3.1Momo Karuizawa
* 3.2Yurika Kirishima
* 3.3 Zaki
* 3.4 Kurow Kirishima


^I like your list but I think the game would benefit from some more Red Earth characters. Also Arika have the rights for EX characters NOT Capcom. Also Mike Haggar and Megaman and Dante NEED to be in this game.

Overall pretty good ideas though imo


Yeah this game needs a sequel.

Only problem is, the fact it had a small roster (agree with the previous gameplay posts by Electrifying one and Cheap Scrub) and the things that made it boring to most people is what made it a balanced and clean fighting game.

It always seems the more characters Capcom puts in a fighter, the less balanced and troublesome its bound to become. I’m trying to think of one versus or Cap fighter that had a large diverse rooster and wasn’t broken; I can’t think of one.


My list had some more familiar characters than the ones currently present in the game. The U.S has little Red Earth knowledge. I like the CPS3 styled games tho. If they added all of capcom’s characters it would be too much. Just add popular characters and keep it balanced. Although I like the EX moves from Darkstalkers and 3S.


This game is a fun distraction, and I know I’m in a minority but I like the small roster, yeah not ever character I like is in, but its a nice mix. At least one char from every group is competitive. This game is not broken in any way, it suffers from being an underwhelming release, relatively cheap looking backgrounds aesthetics, and generally being bland. I guess to me the tag system is odd since it doesn’t force you to switch, but if this game actually had some tourney play it could have fleshed out in a unique way…well maybe. I have love for this game and play it fairly regularly, but it really does get stale fast.


I can play this game and SvC Chaos over CvS 2 anyday of the week. The cast is pretty good just needed more people in it and changeable grooves. Kenji with CC would have been insane.


I don’t wanna sound like a loser either but I would also play Capcom Fighting Evolution and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos over Capcom vs. SNK 2 any day of the week, lol.

I basically agree with what everyone has already said; it’s not that bad of a game, could have been better, very M.U.G.E.N-like, lazy development, could have had better characters, could have had more characters, it’s balanced, its broken, they should make a sequel, blah blah. It is what it is.

This is how serious the game is: [media=youtube]-Nm50JPVXAM[/media]

Watching Sanford and Jeron play the game at a competitive level just makes me want to play it too but I only have one good PS2 stick and the game isn’t compatible with the Xbox 360. Plus nobody wants to play this shit with me anyway. If I owned the original Xbox console, I’d challenge you suckas in some CFE online, LOL.


Anyone who was smart enough NOT to play CvS I consider a winner:rofl: