Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution could've been great


imo I hate the reuse of old sprites. I liked how Gief got a new sprite. They should have updated for a game like this. SFA sprites have been used constantly. I would’ve loved to see Kyosuke in this as well.


He didn’t. They just gave some of the sprites new animations.




having a shitload of chars in a game doesn’t mean much if a lot of them play the same way


True ^^


The one thing I did like about CFJ/CFE was the Red Earth characters overall. I loved using Hauzer even though he has probably the biggest hitbox in the game. Kenji was actually really fun to use. Leo ended up being pretty solid overall. Hydron was a good keep away type. I did have fun with the game at first but eventually over time people stopped playing so I didn’t really have any to play agains’t.


The Alpha cast, mostly Guy, was so fun it was ridiculous. Activate CC into hard kick mash into super for almost 75% life for free.


I liked the SFII characters. Simple yet fun!


I could never understand why you don’t have to change characters at all… Whats the point of having a team game if you can just use one character? Same goes to Project Justice.


Jesus Christ…ANOTHER wishlist thread???


Or better yet…



I agree. I’ve never played the game but I thought this team system was really stupid.


Counterpicking; bad/good match-ups I guess. To keep the opponent from catching on; only reasons I can think of.


Because I would rather only pick Anakaris in that game


To be fair I liked how Jedah handles in this game.




Shit woulda been better if it was sf 2-alpha vs sf3, with a universal, coherent engine, or a selectable style, like cvs1: Turbo, Zero, or 3.


Well Waterworld couldve been a great movie with the right story but thats an other story…:razzy:


No. No…nothing could’ve saved that shit. No matter how much elbow grease you use, you can’t polish a turd.


In theory, SvC: Chaos could have also been an awesome game.

In theory…


If it played like kof 98.