Capcom Fighting Jam: Post-release Analysis

OK, I’ve never played this game, partly because none of the arcades carried it, and partly because I wasn’t that interested. I read through a few of the old threads when it first came out, and a lot of it was quite hysterical.

So I guess this thread is to discuss the game now that the hype has died down. The main question is: In the cold light of day, and with newer games available, is this still worth playing/starting, or should I avoid? It it still fun/deep/competitive? How does it compare to SFAA and whatever?

it was a joke to everyone in the world the first day it came out, and it still is to this day. we are trying to forget that horrible game was ever made

This review should help.


I think the main issue with the game (as mentioned in that review) is the lack of characters. The game itself (from what I’ve seen/read/etc) is very balanced, and to my knowledege, there were no major exploits ever found (maybe the reason it never gained popularity…and by popularity, I mean the online kiddies didn’t flock to it in droves). There are some SBO finals match videos floating around (,, and they are pretty intense, so the competitive factor is definitely there. I think the game had the potential to be something great, in terms of bringing the different genres together…but the lack of characters really limited the potential draw of players. If we look at it in terms of how Capcom develops their games, I’m sure we will some day see a CFJII (or maybe a completely different name) with all characters from all the genres…like a Hyper SF II Alpha Savior CPS-3rd Strike or something. They always expand upon what they start…and as its been proven in the past (SFA, SSF2), sometimes they release games that are really more of betas than completed products, only to follow up with something dramatically better (like SFA2 and SSF2T, respectively).

Agreed 100%, but somehow I doubt we’re ever going to see a new 2D fighter from Capcom ever again. :sad:

Though honestly, if there is a CFJ2, I’d rather it be the spiritual sequel to MvC2; a Marvel game sans the Marvel, if you will.

I wish people would shut up with this Marvel crap. It’s dead, and it wouldnt be good unless Marvel characters were in that engine, trust me, it wouldnt get popular. People will bitch, saying it isn’t anyhting new, it doent feel complete it’s just a rehash of an old engine, and a million threads like this will pop up for that game. Sorry for the out burst, but im sick of all this Marvel talk i have been hearing lately, and it isn’t all from you guys either.

Fighting Jam/Evolution is a good game. I liked it. Character selection was a bit odd. For Alpha I would have picked someone other than Karin. Charlie, R.Mika, or Sagat would have been a better choice.

Combo video.

Well, i bought the game and i thought it was pretty decent.

Lol man I can never get enough of this. Jeebus.

So many funny parts, failed attempt to switch chars.

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CFE isn’t as bad as people say but it isn’t great either. Some of the reasons why I think CFE isn’t very popular:

Capcom’s misleading advertising of the game
If you look on the back of the game box, it says that every character plays EXACTLY like in the original games. With that being said, a lot of people were thinking that they would be able to Genei-Jin their way through with Yun, spam fierces with Chun, perform Bison’s stun infinite from CE, and so forth. When people realized that they wouldn’t be able to abuse that kind of stuff and that they’d have to actually learn a new game, they simply gave up on the game. Characters DO NOT play exactly like in the original games, you just have to learn the differences and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Pretty much everybody mentions this as a reason why they don’t like the game. Not enough characters and/or their favorite character didn’t make into the game. Personally, as much as I’d love to have characters like Ken, Makoto, Sagat, etc, in this game, I think the characters Capcom put in the game were good choices for the most part. Aside a couple of shoto clones, the characters all feel unique. I definitely think that they should had added more characters, considering that they included characters from 5 different games.

Rehashed graphics
Come on… this is the lamest excuse ever. We all know that Capcom is famous for rehashing sprites from previous games. MvC2 & CvS2 are great examples of that. If you’re familiar with Capcom games you should be expecting rehashed graphics.

Game engine
5 different game systems, characters play with the system from their original game. In theory this concept works really well. In reality what happened is that some characters ended up being really good while some characters ended up being not so good. I think it would had been better if Capcom had given players the choice of which system they wanted for their characters (like the grooves in CvS2) or if they had made 1 system for everybody (like MvC2 or NGBC).

Player’s lack of knowledge of the system
I’m pretty sure most people are familiar with the systems in SF2, SF3 & SFA but I don’t think many people are familiar with DarkStalkers and/or Red Earth. Because of that, those people didn’t know how to use DS/RE characters properly nor did they know how to fight against them. So, they assumed that DS & RE were overpowered and decided that the game wasn’t worth playing (I guess those people never played MvC2). DS & RE do have advantages over the rest of the cast but they can be defeated if you know what you’re doing.

A lot of people didn’t give this game a chance. Some of them played the game for a while, looked for a few bad things and then gave up on the game. Other people gave up on the game based on bad online reviews without even playing the game. Even worse, they started coming up with lame excuses for why they didn’t like the game. I don’t think CFE is nearly as good as CvS2 or MvC2 but I think it’s an interesting game. Hopefully Capcom will make a sequel sometime in the future and make improvements.

FSgamer you came up with great ideas. Having a groove/ism system would be cool. It more charaters the better. It would have been great to have SFA Chun-Li against SF3 Chun-Li.

What do the japanese think about this game?

If they’re playing it at SBO, it must mean something.

I do agree that people would bitch and complain, but that will happen regardless of anything new that is released.

Besides, was MvC2 popular amongst players because of the Marvel characters? Sure, I’m certain that the draw of playing as Cable or Spider-Man brought some players into the fold, but it had more to do with peeps enjoying how the game played.

Having Marvel Characters is good in the early stages of a game’s life in that it brings in new players. However it’s the gameplay and fun factor of a game that keeps those new players playing for years to come. How old is MvC2 now? 7 years old?

Marvel Rise of the Imperfects probably brought in a lot of gamers because it had marvel characters. But then they realized that the game literally sucks the fart out of your ass, and they returned it the next day.

They played it at SBO the year it was released.

Then they ditched the game at the following SBO.

My guess was that they included it because it was new…not because it was good.

Anyhow, I find the game to be… boring. I pop the game into the system… and basically after maybe 5 matches, I get bored and want to play something else.

Balance is actually good as the gap between bottom and top tier isn’t as big as CvS2/3rd strike/MvC2. Jedah and Karin are the top tiers in this game.

Graphics are crap. Music is alright. They have an option for you to use the classic tunes to all the characters so that’s pretty cool.

But really, the crappy part of this game is it doesn’t have much replay factor. You get bored really fast.

Good points, FSGamer! In reference to the version of the characters, my friend and I (doing some play analysis) came to a conclusion. Maybe this is already accepted, but felt it worth mentioning. They are not the original versions, but rather the best of the original versions. In the case of SF2, the “best” of that version is Super Turbo. In the case of the Alpha series, Alpha 3 is the best version. For SF3, 3rd strike was the “best”. In the case of DS/VS, Vampire Savior was the “best”. By best, I mean final, as Capcom ends any respective series with what they feel is the most balanced they can hope for (ST and A3 being primary examples). Correct me if I’m wrong, but the SF2 characters are actually ST version (Ryu has his air strong double-hit, fierce dash, and other ST-only features; Gief has his flaming backhand, which only appeared in ST), and the Alpha characters are indeed A3 version. Granted, the character abilities are tweaked for CFJ gameply (a point well-made above), and I’m sure this applies across all 5 genres. I don’t have enough experience outside of SF2 and alpha, but can anyone confirm that the other genres are indeed more refelective of the last game of those series?

Chun was only in 3S … so …

Also, they gave Yun his incredibly gay “is-only-a-slow-version-of-his-LK” crouching medium kick. Which appeared in NG and 2I (not 100% on 2I).

The SF2 characters each have two supers. That doesn’t come from ANY SF2 series game. SF2 Ryu w/ ShinSho? WACKY.

A3 CC’s had shadows. CFJ’s Alpha CC’s are just A-Groove, complete with level 1 supers.

Leveling up in Red Earth wasn’t done through meter burning as far as I know.

Just some of the things off the top of my head that I remember not being part of the “grooves” each character is in.

It depends on which character you’re talking about.
Some characters are a mix of different versions (eg: Demitri). Some characters were toned because some people considered them overpowered in their original game (eg: Yun, Chun). Some characters received improvements from the original versino for no apparent reason (eg: in VS Jedah couldn’t airdash after an air Dio-Cegah but in CFE he can, and that leads to some really nasty mix-ups). Some characters are basically CvS2 versions with some tone-downs (eg: Ryu, Bison, Guile). I don’t know what parameters Capcom used to define which version to include in CFE, it seems kind of random at times.

Not, really. Ryu’s CvS2 BnB combos work in CFE, same goes for Bison & Guile.

Sort of. I don’t think Sakura has her ShoShoSho CC in SFA3, that’s something from CvS2.

For some of the games is pretty hard to decide which version to include. Take SFA for instance: A1 had chain combos & supers; A2 didn’t have chain combos but players had access to both CCs & supers; A3 had isms, V-ism had CCs but no supers, X-ism & A-ism had supers but no CCs. DS is kind of the same situation, there are notable differences between Night Warriors, Vampire Hunter & Vampire Savior.
Anyways, CFE isn’t exactly a mix of previous games, there are gameplay differences between CFE and the original games. If you can’t accept having to learn a new game, then chances are you’re not going like CFE. For those of you who are interested in learning more about CFE, go to and check out psychochronic’s guide, it’s probably one of the best CFE guides one can find.

CFJ was no were near as bad as people let on. Its a pretty decent game, most people just bandwagon jump which is pretty notorious on the internet.

I know Ryu’s cvs2 bnb combos work in CFE… but the timing is a lot more strict. Also for Bison, in CvS2 it’s easy to get cr lp, cr lp, cr mk, scissor kick. In CFE I can’t do this for some reason and have to use cr lk instead of cr mk.