Capcom Fighting Jam thread

Alright I guess this could be the official Capcom Fighting Evolution/Jam thread. I just want to know people’s thoughts and reviews on it. I just got it today and haven’t played it too much.

At first the game seems limited, but it is just very different than other games. Some links that usually work in other games don’t work here, they just have a different combo/fighting engine. After playing for a while you will really get the feel for the game and get into much more than at first. Me and Gene started off just playing with random characters, we had the idea in our heads of who was supposedly good, but after playing for a while characters that we thought sucked were pretty good, and characters that we thought would be really good are just okay. We both agree that it seems pretty well balanced right now. (Jedah is good, but definately has his problems) I’m sure lots of people will play the game with characters in mind, and then switch when they play, just happens that way.

Peachy’s thoughts:

3S characters at first didn’t seem too great to me, but after playing with them a bit I think parry will be very good in this game (definately easier in some cases, you can parry the first hit of a super fireball and just jump out of it, it seems like parry gives some invulerbility and pauses your opponent for a bit) and the 3S characters are all good. (Urien I am not sure of, I bet he is but I just don’t know how to play him)

Dark Stalker characters are all definately good, just because of their chain combos, other than that nothing else I can think of that makes them stand out.

Warzard/Red Earth characters are very different, and pretty cool, they have their own unique things that sound broken but in game they are just okay. (I think they are the characters with the slowest meter, I dont mean the actual building of the meter, but they all have to use levels to level up to use certain supers, hard to explain.)

ST characters are powerful and just plain solid, nothing else I can say.

Alpha characters are iffy, customs do a good amount of damage and have invincible start-up and all that but I dont think they will dominate in this game like in others.

Ingrid I have no idea how I heard that she was good and people were playing her, she really seems to lack in her move department. She has counters (that launch, I thought this was a grab but it’s not), a flip kick move, a fireball that is like Athena’s but goes as far as Dans :xeye: and some other moves that don’t seem to great.

gunna play it tomorrow.

I really like this game alot so far, I hope people actually give it a chance competitively.

So far it seems like a good amount of the cast is usable, the only characters that I think are useless are Yun and Hauzer, MAYBE Hauzer even still has a shot. I can’t see Yun doing anything but dying though. I think Ingrid will be good, but she’s not quite the whore I was expecting, she seems more like she’ll just be a solid character.

At first I thought Urien got raped, and while they still nerfed a lot of things on him, I think he still has potential, as they made some of his stuff better. Aegis is not as good, but it still has uses. You definitely have to play him differently than in 3s, since in 3s alot if his game was to turn one mistake into anywhere between 50-100% damage, whereas here he doesnt have his unblockables or godly juggles.

Karin is awesome, she has possibly the easiest high damage custom ever created, plus she’s got some other things too.

Note that Gief is excellent, his Lariats have good invincibility, he has some good normals(s. HK, c. HK, c. MP, j. d+HP, c. HP, etc.) Grabs do hella damage, very good supers, jab spd has good range, yes, gief is a contender again.

Im not liking it too much so far. Id rather just play cvs2. I think the alpha ppl are really good though. Karin has really good priority and a retarded combo. The ninja guy would be tight if he had a good anti-air. Anakaris has buff ass anti-airs though.

Very good point N-ken, I was actually just testing out Urien and some Alpha characters. I think Urien has really lost a lot of things, but he still has some neat combos. I take back what I said about the Alpha characters, some of them have customs that do a VERY good amount of damage. They’re not iffy at all, but I still dont think they will dominate.

Me and my brother thought Yun was going to suck too, but he is pretty decent here. He can rush down really well, mainly because his dive kick has pretty good priority and so few characters have uppercuts in this game. His anti-air super is useful too, I dont think he is too bad.

Hauzer… You would think a character that big with very little moves would be pretty easy to beat. :mad: I think Hauzer can be pretty competitve. It’s annoying to play against because it does good amount of damage with its attacks, and it has massive range. It can basically sit back and poke you with it’s tail and uppercut you when you jump in. Not to mention it can jump and tail whip you out of the air or jump in and Fierce (it blows fire at the opponent) and you cant DP it. :xeye: Hauzer is a big slow target, but don’t be fooled.

What system is this for?

edit: nevermind I found out. Man that sucks, I wanted to play this shit on XBL. Are they going to release it for Xbox does anyone know?

yes they are going 2 release it 4 xbl, as far as a date im getting early march, late april at the latest

i was pretty excited about this game, but almost everything i have heard about it so far has been negative. some people are in the ‘lets just give it a chance’ phase, but most people that have spent some time with the game don’t seem to like it at all.

MrWizard is writing the guide for CFJ, and has had it for a couple months i think. He said the most top tier strategy for this game is to not play it.

someone else on irc commented today that they felt ripped off even though the game was only 30 bucks.

i also heard that the CFJ tournament that was supposed to happen at NCR2 was canceled because nobody wanted to sign up. bad news for a brand new capcom fighting game.

anyway, i hope i’ll like this game (still haven’t played it), but from the way things are sounding it might just be another one of those games that lasts about a month and then dies.

Hey so yeah I played this today. I’m not going into this and that about characters cause yeah I agree with most of what was said. I think that this game, like all games, will take time to get used to. That being said, this game is, most likely, the 2nd incarnation of CvS 1. Anyone remember CvS 1? Do you know how long it was out before CvS 2 came out? Around a year, maybe less. When we went to B5 we were tryin to stop by SVGL cause they had a CvS 2 cabinet and there hadn’t even been a national for CvS 1 yet. That being said, I enjoy playing this game. Is it the greatest thing Capcom has ever made? Nope. It’s good though. I like it. I think that if they do make CFJ2, with expanded rosters for each game and another game or two, Rival Schools and whatever else, people will be like =O all over it. Until they make a game that sucks your dick while playing there will always be people bitching about it, and even if that were to happen I’m sure people would complain about not enough settings on the dick sucking aspect of the game. Bingo bango

lol, i played CFE today and im feeling it alot, well that b/c i was winning. me and ray played 4 a grip. People STOP BITCHING ABOUT THE JEDAI WHEEL, i mean seriously its not very hard 2 get around, fuck the whole darkstalkers characters crew isn’t hard 2 beat. OMG i can use bison now, and its beastly, be prepared… chun li dosen’t own in a SF game people, be atleast happy about that. so far my combos are Bison/jedai, Guile/demetri, karin/chun, felica/sakura. FUCK THE RED EARTH CHARACTERS. they are useless. and i swear as soon as i get RBX’S zangieff down, im gonna have him on lock.

I as well as many others, got to play this today. And I think it’s a fun game. I think this game is easy to get into in a way. But I do use characters I’m familiar with so yea whatever. Warzard characters (excluding Hauzer) are pretty good I think. Especially Leo and Kenji (his name is MUKURO!). All the Alpha characters are good and have easy customs. All of the ST cast is pretty good as well. I think everyone in this game is playable to some extent. To get specific I guess I’ll make a list what I think the ranking is right now.

Really Good:
Jedah, Kenji, Karin, Guile, Anakaris, Leo, Rose, and Zangief (in no particular order)

The Good:
Ingrid, Sakura, Ryu, M Bison, Urien, Hydron, Demitri, and Felicia (in no particular order)

Characters that have potential but don’t seem that great right now:
Yun, Chun Li, Guy, and Alex (in no particular order)

I don’t see there being any hope for the dinosaur unless something new comes out or something. This game is all about meter management and how you set your team up in my opinion. Besides all that I just hope people give it a chance.

What a horrible game. This thread should be deleted.

Well i played it for a while last night and i wasn’t feeling it. i love the ninja character i think he has potential a cross up of Ibuli/ken/cable and axle. i was thinking baout taking it back…but i’ll give it one more try and maybe once i a listing of all th ninjas moves maybe i’ll like the game.

last nite (when i got it) i wasint very impressed…mainly due to the small roster and ugly sprites

but today playing it more im starting to really get into it…my real complaints would be i can picture some balence issues in the futures

and alpha characters custom combos im a little disipointed in as the bar takes FOREVER to fill and its very very much like A groove as opposed to Vism. so alpha3 players wont like that much i doubt.

ive been trying to learn guy with custom combos but once i leave training mode i hardly ever get a chance to use them unless i play a fast bar building character first like a sf2 character…then switch to guy after the bar is built

im definatly happy that zangeif seems really good :slight_smile: now i dont havta be all low tier style but still play ppl i like :slight_smile:

so…while its prolly not gonna take over cvs2…or any of the other big games…id like to see ppl start to play it seriously…hope it happens…

I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, but I talked to MrWizard briefly about it. While he does say he doesn’t like it, sometimes when you’re playing a one game for weeks as a job, you get rather sick of it. I’m not saying that’s the scenario here, but it makes me wonder if part of Wizard’s dislike for it is just from being required to play it so much, rather than chosing to.

A lot of people are comparing this to CVS1, saying if Capcom were to release a second one, it could be much better. I seem to remember reading something about Capcom saying after CFJ they were done with 2D fighters. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but I do believe that Capcom sorta need a kick in the ass and release another game that really raises the bar.


Hauser is dope

Wiz also likes A2.

Most people that are saying that are whining about the gfx…

W/o a console release or more than like 7 cabs in the US, I doubt alot of people wanted to spend there money on that, though iono.

I dunno, most of the complaints are about aesthetics, no one wants to give it a chance at all, doesnt help that SRK staff doesnt like it(I dont think SRK staff likes ANY games) I’m hardcore defending it right now, though that’s more because the arguments against it are blatently retarded. So far I like it alot, we’ll see what happens though.

i bought the game last night. for 39.99 at a game crazy. thought it was a deal. then i went to target and saw it for 29.99… i had laready opened my game >.<. good thing my friend bought it at target, cuz i returned his copy at game crazy, got my 40 bucks back and bought it again at target for 30. i think the game will get better once people start figuring crazy shit out. like i didnt even know jedah had the morigan dash (i never really played the DS series.) someone make a combo video^^

Got to play it a good deal. To me, it’s just “meh”. Don’t like how the 3S characters play. Alex seems good, but the others just feel too dumbed-down compared to how they play in 3S. DS characters are pretty tight, though.

I guess the gameplay is good, but I just can’t bring myself to care for it. As a #Reload player, though, I’m kinda spoiled, especially since the #R scene is hot right now. I haven’t had to wait 3+ years for a new game to play.

Still, it just bugs me that this is the best they could do, which is probably the game’s main problem: on its own, it’s good, but 2d fighters needed something better to kick-start the genre IMO. If this is the last Street Fighter game, it’d be a pretty depressing end to such an amazing dynasty.

I dunno, that’s just how I feel, and it’s not really my actual opinion as a player. I’m generally overly critical due to my experience at PAX, 'cause I hunger for a game with mass-market appeal.

I totally agree with you N-Ken. Lot of people are going into the game either over excited, or going in disliking it already. People need to understand 2 things. First of all you can’t automatically compare every new game to all the previous games and expect it to be better in every way. Second of all, and most importantly, the point of this game WAS supposed to be a step backwards. There were lots of people complaining about how CvS2 got too out of hand and there was just too much stuff that it made it not great of a game, they wanted more stuff like Alpha and 3S. Now that this game has come out people are expecting too much, they meant to go backwards and make it more simple and more like the past SF games. It’s more of a tactical game now, can’t really go crazy or abuse anything.

The actual purpose of this game was to expose (mainly america) to the different game and systems that we may have missed. (old school ST, customs from Alpha, technical blocking from 3S, chain combos from DS, the Warzard system, and of course the new school Ingrid system) Most likely the DS and Warzard games, since they weren’t a big hit here in America like they were in Japan.