Capcom Fighting Jam thread

I’m not particularly concerned with the adminstration’s opinion, Mr. Wizard’s opinion, or anyone else’s opinion who doesn’t happen to be me. If I like the game I’m going to play it. It’s disgusting to me there’s so many robots that hear from so and so that it’s not good so they are going into the experience with this pre packaged it’s not gonna be good idea. So they play, they can’t win because they don’t really know how to play yet and then say “Ah ha! This game sucks! I knew so and so was right.” It’s stupid. I played with a few people yesterday and I lost a lot more then I won but i had a good time because it was a new game and it was a learning experience. I don’t want to play a game that is 3rd Strike version B or new Super Turbo or CvS 2 1/2. I want to play a new game, with a new feel and this is that sort of game. I like the fact the 3rd strike characters play different because I enjoy learning new characters. My best character right now is Guile because I just play him like I played him in ST. If that was the case for all characters teh game would suck, but it’s not. That’s why it’s entertaining to play, at least to me. I think the parrying system is a happy medium between 3rd Strike and CvS 2. Not too easy, not too hard. I would say because of the invulnerability weirdness Peachy was talking about it’s almost too easy. It makes parrying multi hit stuff way way slow. Like parrying Demitri’s ex fireball is almost too hard cause it’s so god damn slow. It’s safer to just parry a hit and jump straight up. Even parrying stuff that hits pretty fast, like Psycho Crusher super, is fairly slow. It’s fun parrying in this game and you can actually get something out of it, more then just a fierce =p

All that being said like it don’t like it whatever. Your opinion belongs to you but don’t try to influence people into thinking what you think. Let them make up their own mind because I know there are a lot of people that could like this game, and I know there are a lot of people that won’t. Ok computer

Just to clear things up our friend Shadow Blanka told me that CFE got lots of play at NCR3, and still does get lots of play casually. There weren’t that many people who entered the tournament so they cancelled it (ST as well) but it did get lots of play. Most likely because it was too new, and Ricky would have won all the money anyway.

For anyone who is interested, the characters that he says that are getting lots of play are Rose, Sakura, Karin, Anakaris, and lots of Bison and Guile. He says Karin is really good, because she has solid play and her CC does a lot of damage. Ricky was doing a great job showing her off and what she can do. He hasn’t seen Ricky lose once. (not uncommon for Ricky though)

well let me say my piece after playing. its pretty fun. i don’t know why anyone wasn’t using the shoulder tackle super on the vids. i still can’t decide on a second character, so it’s ???/urien for now. All in all a good game and i can’t wait to play other ppl

To future or current Seattle CFE players

Discuss and let your voice be heard.


That’s hella bad news. :frowning: After playing this game more and more it gets better and better! I just got done watching some videos (that I randomly found clicking through someone’s signature :razzy:) and Japanese players make the game look even faster and better! Here is the link to the site:

I even made a little guide for it, since I was going to watch them all anyway, hopefully this helps. Bolded ones are ones I liked a lot.

f-1-1 Anakaris/Demitri-Hydron (Hydron player is very defensive, but levels up well, kind slow because of that though)
f-2-1 Anakaris/Demitri-Jedah (good rushdown from all 3 of these cahracters)
f-3-1 Hydron-Leo
f-4-1 Guy/Rose-Anakaris (Anakaris ownage , not much Guy/Rose stuff)
f-5-1 Ryu/Karin-Jedah
f-6-1 Zangief/Urien-Hydron
f-7-1 Kenji-Leo
f2-1-1 Kenji-Leo/Yun (Leo is scary with is grabs)
f2-2-1 Leo/Yun-Zangief/Urien (great Urien-Leo match)
f2-3-1 Karin/Kenji-Hydron/Rose (a rushing Hydron, very cool)
f2-4-1 Guy/Demitri-Leo
**f2-5-1 Karin/Jedah-Zangief ** (wow zangief’s range is so far, Zangief pwnage!)
f2-6-1 Karin/Kenji-Karin/Guy (Karin has mad priority)
f2-7-1 Guile/Leo-Rose/Hydron (some cool Rose stuff)

yea i got owned by karin /gief or maybe because in im in japan and it was meant to be that way…

Just playing around last night with Kyle and Chris, and I found that I like Urien a lot. At first I thought he was just okay, but playing him more and more I think Urien is tight! Still need to find a second character or maybe I will stick with Guy.

OH HERE WE GO WITH THE X COPY AGAIN PEACHY! =p i think ima play bison or gief with urien since sf2 characters get meter fast. but jedah demitri and anakaris are also a possibility.

now i really hate to say this, but now since it seems that kicks isn’t getting cfj, does that mean tournaments for this game are going to be on GULP console? As much as i would love to see it in a cabinet, i still want tournaments for this game.

Urien and Jedah owns in this game

Ryan and I talked a little about console tournies. Assuming turnout is high, you’d want two TV’s maybe, and I’d recommend checking out that custom double stick setup they have.

Anywho, I was worried about needing two TV’s for #R, but just using one seems to work if we get started on time, so sharing the console room is a good idea. I’d be willing to help run things too.

I finally got to play this game. I like it. What the hell has Urien been on? His overhead punch is hella fast. And Yun isn’t so bad…except for that missing crouching forward. Mukuro is bad ass too.

Haha, we always have same tastes in characters! :smile:

So im thinking of having a tourny for CFJ when ever there is another GGXX#R tourny. who many people would wanna play?

after playing for a little while on friday night i decided to give CFE a shot. i broke down and bought it this afternoon.

i think it would have been nice if capcom had decided to finish the game before they released it.

the amount of positive energy in this thread has me baffled.

N-Ken: why would you say that? so what if he likes A2. A2 was a good game smart guy.

the warzard characters seemed cool at first, but already are starting to feel boring. it seems like the hauzer doesn’t really have any combos at all, and doesn’t have a command grab (lame). the squid is clearly just fuckin ugly. kenji seemed like he was going to be really cool at first, but i can’t really find shit for him. are jab, jab, jab, d+strong and short, forward, super his only combos? the jury is still out on leo, but i couldn’t find jack shit with him either. hopefully im just terrible at figuring stuff out in this game, because if im not these characters are lame.

the sf2 characters seem like monsters. i can hella see myself practicing really hard with guy or someone and just get rocked by a day one shoeless john zangief. 3000 degree rotation on the spd and im done for.

i havent really tried to play the darkstalkers characters too much, but they all seem pretty buff. i get beat up by jedah and demitri for fun.

right now the alpha characters seem like they are going to be the most fun for me; even if its just because of customs. im interested in learning guy, karin, and rose.

ingrid seems dumb, pyron needs to stop teleporting, and its fucking random that shin akuma has low jump.

Yeah I tried finding shit for Leo and Kenji and I wasn’t able to find much. Leo is all poking, and Kenji is all runaway. I believe they’re only good for fighting Alpha and DS characters since ultimate guard is pretty cheap. Well Kenji’s ultimate guard into his kick counter out of it is. I think Ryu sucks now. He’s gross to me.

How the fuck do I beat Pyron?

I suppose it was a decent game…

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Zig: play stupid. Its the best way.

This can be said for CFE as well.

Dont suck?

Hauzer dowsnt have very many combos. You can combo his rush headbut into his up headbut, and you can also combo 2 up headbuts. I think his only super combo is j, dj, qcfx2+k. And YES the squid guy is nasty.