Capcom Fighting Jam



Capcom have just announced a new fighter for PS2

This game will draw a number of fighters, each with their own particular style, from five separate classic 2D Capcom fighting games.



edit: nm, i went to google and came up with something from gamespot. it says it’s 1-4 players =\


And after Darkstalkers 3 to PSP…

Who will be the first to talk about the sprites not being “high-res”?

And wholl be the first person that complained about SNKP using sprites from previous games thatll praise this one?


For fuck’s sake, WHERE IS ROSE?!

N - CVS2 sprites are garbage. There, I said it.


Umm, I think this game is a little different since it’s taking different characters from different games and putting them in a new environment with their own style still kept intact (notice the superbars). Like how it’s 3S Chunners vs Hauzer of Warzard, or CvS Ryu fighting Vampire Savior Felicia.

Regardless of the reused stuff, it’s still better than the recent SNKP stuff (well SS0 and SS0S are awesome though XD). And these are still in production pics after all.

P.S. This game marks the return of WARZARD/RED EARTH!!! XD

EDIT: From Gamespot’s little info thing:

*This game will draw a number of fighters, each with their own particular style, from five separate classic 2D Capcom fighting games.
Category: Action > Fighting > 2D
Tech Information: 1-4 Players. *

They originally meant to do it in the first place anyway and this 4 player mode sounds interesting. :smiley:


OH SNAP. Now that shit got my dick hard.


it doesn’t matter, capcom can reuse sprites 45,000 times and capcom fanboys will always try and defend them. Same goes with SNK fanboys. Fanboys will be fanboys. what do you expect?


Where’s Magneto? :slight_smile:


Actually, given Ryu’s meter and red headband, he looks like he’s based on his ST version. Guile’s clearly his SFA3 incarnation, but he has the same meter. Hmm…
Good point with the different meters, though. Chun’s clearly got the SF3 one. So if there are SF3 and ST and DS and Warzard, what’s the fifth game?


Aww what the fuck!?

We want a new original fighter god dammit!



I expect people to be consistent. If its bad for one company to do it, its bad for other too. If you defend SNKP, you have to defend Capcom in this one too. If you bash SNKP, you have to bash Capcom in this one too. The guys that reply to SNK threads with wonderful comments as “same old shit”… What are they going to say about this one?

I guess they will find a way of magically making this somehow “better”.

Personally, i dont care about how old sprites are. They can have the old Morrigan for all i care (can anyone recognize the Felicia sprite? Old or new?).

EDIT: How long has it been since CVS2?


2D, Capcom, fighter, %$!$


Do you think Slammasters 2 counts as a fighting game? Maybe we’ll see Haggar or something. That’d be wayyy too good.


SNKP had 6 months to try to freshen up Neowave. Capcom had anywhere from 3-5 years to freshen up the sprites. Let’s hope Capcom goes for original gameplay in this, unlike Neowave/2K2+. :rolleyes:

Still though, they seriously need to ditch the Alpha/Marvel Vs. sprites. And if they don’t put in a new Morrigan sprite… :mad:





That’s the same old Felicia sprite.

Hopefully the old sprites are place holders and will be replaced with at least sprites that match up to the latest CvS2 re-designed sprites.


:frowning: looks like capcom jamed some bs together… It will still sell though.
was this made by capcom usa? or was it made by the real capcom?


Where’s Magneto…you mean where is Sentinel :). Well hopefully they will take their time with this game and actually make it some what balanced. Though these days that doesn’t seem like it will happen…well you can only hope. Either way once it’s out I will end up playing it anyways. Later.



If that were to be, then only Mike Haggar would be playable since he’s the only Capcom character in Slam Masters/Muscle Bomber. The Slam Masters/Muscle Bomber characters are owned by Tetsuo “Hokuto no Ken” Hara and are not the property of Capcom sadly. Hell you even see his name as a copyright on all the Slam Masters/Muscle Bomber games and that’s why SM/MB stuff is always only in Tetsuo Hara related junk and never in ANY Capcom goodies like in artbooks and etc…