Capcom Fightring Evo Contest from capcom For those who want the heads up

GGPO droppers

Damn, I might even pick up a Box just to join.

I guess this is a step in the right direction, but…

"Any Player behaving inappropriately, or not competing in compliance with these rules, or the or Xbox Live Terms of Use, may be immediately disqualified from the Tournament. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following violations:

     Swearing or threats

     Spamming or screaming


     Cheating of any sort through various means

     Continuous pauses during the gameplay 

     *Delaying or slowing gameplay using various tactics*

     Intentionally disconnecting the network cable

     Intentionally interrupting network connectivity 

     Any other known or unknown way of tampering with gameplay or any other type of conduct deemed inappropriate."

Does that mean you can’t turtle?

You have to be able to turtle. That is a gameplay technique. I wonder if that means taking FOREVER to choose the character or stage.

I’m guessing it means you can’t intentionally lag the game by downloading torrents at the same time or something

I already signed up two days ago! Still don’t have an X-Box Live account though, hopefully I will soon. Most likely will use the name SRKSANO since Sano or sano is usually already taken.

Can you use Shin Gouki and/or Pyron?

Capcom Entertainment, Inc. 475 Oakmead Parkway, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

WHOA :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow: WTF These mother fuckers live in the south bay area. Hmm…


NAW J/P SRK I’m not that low, good luck to tha winners though KHEA KHEA KHEA. :tup:

I’m sure you could. Considering that the CFET is about a week after the release of the game. I entered. Can’t wait to play Jedah! :badboy:

Those of you with those tricky little devices that let you record from the tv to the computer (I have no idea what it’s called, but I heard it spoken of before), should take videos of tourney matches.

Have fun with that, althought I do warn you those stick are very very crappy. I suggest the other free crap.

Man…they need get some online play for the PS2’s Street Fighter games…I don’t have an X-Box so I’m kinda screwed… :sad:, well, I would be screwed anyways, since I can’t play where shit on the X-Box controller…unless I was able to get my hands on a j-stick.

Heh, heh, my MAS Stick is X-Box ready. I’m still prolly gonna loose, oh… ah well, it’ll be good fun.

I just got my X-Box online account up and running. As I thought, sano was taken so my Gamertag is SRKSANO, my Gamefaqs name.

So, I did what everybody does when they get an online account, just got my butt whooped in Halo 2, but it still felt good to kill three people. :rofl: I’m gonna play some online Guilty Gear Relead and SVC Chaos, I dont have SF AE for the X-Box yet, just for PS2, I’ll wait until after I get beat down in the CFE tourney to pick it up, CFE’s gonna be my main focus now… lots of luck to all of the players and it will be great facing some of you guys since I’m a noob to the whole online gaming experience. :clap:

Bout time Capcom sponsored on online tourney. Now I have an excuse to pick up CFE.

lol i forgot i even had cfe for ps2.

Make sure Capcom acknowledges SRK. And be all cheap and stuff.

From my noob online experience - I see that Kliff and Justice are available online, even though I haven’t unlocked them in GG XX Reload. Hopefully it will be same deal for CFE and Shin Akuma and Pyron will be available without having to be unlocked.

Got some online wins in SVC Chaos, did okay, But I got DESTROYED in Guilty Gear XX Reload. Ah, and I did pretty good with the game at the NY Digital Life Show too beating up the competition in that game… I’ll be back… :tup:

Way overdue. Way, way, way overdue. You know how timing is everything? Well, Capcom missed this idea by a few beats. It’s a great idea, but executed way too late.