Capcom Fix Mvc2 Online (Black Square Edition)


Capcom has so much work to do on mvc2 online/ps3/x360 versions. I mean im playing online getting 30-40 wins and then when the loading screen happens 1 of my opponent characters are a “BLACK SQUARE” so im like :wtf: is going on. So i go to kill storm and the game FREEZES. Ive been getting this lately and it has been pissing me off. Makes me want to play dc version “4 LIFE”. Here are the pictures of what im talking about!

Does anybody have this same problem?


hahaha what i thought this was djmax-related


Never had that problem before. Which version are you playing?

Also, this thread may be better off on the Marvel board.


It happened to me once before, haven’t had any other problems like that though.


I would play the Dreamcast version.


I dont understand how this always happen to me though. Like 2 times a day. Im might just have to make a phone call to capcom about this cause this is getting out of hand. I dont take online serious but I use it to practice my execution and to learn mind games. My connection is fine and I hardly have lag matches. Looks like Imma just have to start playing in dc training mode and wait to go to the arcade on fridays cause this is pitiful:annoy:


Dreamcast or arcade. Only versions of the game I’m willing to play. Mhm.


that glitch isn’t new as I’ve seen it happen very early on the release like 6 months ago.

also, your reaction is a bit over board. MVC2 online is a god send. Do you know how much money you would have to spend if you wanted to play some of these top players in their area? being able to access top players for a few $ a month is worth it considering the alternative.

Besides, there are much better things to complain about to capcom than this subtle glitch. I’d be bitching about the shitty job they did on the port and have them fix that.