Capcom fixes PSP's shitty D-pad

This is good news. This will make fighters on psp playable. No word on USA release yet. Cross your fingers!:wonder:

Oh, but its still a pad, though it is better than the current d-pad.

Wow, an attempt to fix one of the PSP’s glaring design flaws. I’m completely, totally unimpressed. How about Capcom stops dicking around Sony’s Game Gear 2.0 and works on getting Alpha 3 out with Live support?

I say, they stop dicking around with the PSP and work on a CvS3. But your idea is quite good as well. In fact, SFA3 with Live would single-handedly make me go out there and buy an XBOX. Hell, with the 360 out, they could probably do both of these said ideas, and put them both on one disc a la Anniversary Collection with XBOX Live support. I would never be seen off of my computer again.

Fuck live. SFA3 Max will have online, which is good enough. Hopefully it will work with Xlink Kai so we can play this baby online! But I wanna see how the 6 button layout will play out on the PSP. Now I want that d-pad add on! :[~~


Considering that it’s limited edition in japan, i wouldn’t bet on it coming here, i’m not even sure the importers will have supply, like the hrap limited editions which they didn’t get at all. We’ll have to see

Shut the fuck up supa and Hand.

This is reason enough for me to import the damn game, and to pick up DS Chronicles again.

Capcom is so fucking stupid.

Just do the same Sammy did with GGXX on PSP, you dumb-asses!

What was that?

Just had to give an LOL for that one.

If this pad works, I’d pay $20 for it alone. I can use a better DPAD for all my PSP emus(super NES SF2T will be a dream) and of course any future software that utilizes the dpad. Sign me up.

The PSP is a great little piece of hardware with a shitty DPAD. Don’t knock them for recognizing a problem and doing what they can about it shy of a full hardware mod.


In #reload there was an option to use the analog nub to control your character. With the added easy mode option to special moves it actually made the game playable to where I was able to do most special and super moves with ease.

I still would prefer to use the d-pad instead of the nub so I’m glad Capcom is taking this route for SFZ3. I just hope they also include the use of the analog nub and an easy mode for speical moves like Guilty Gear.

why wouldn’t this come to the us? it’s a tiny piece of plastic that would cost next to nothing to produce.

well it is limited…

:rofl: @ Dan Hibiki on the box. Too good. :tup:

Dan uses The D-Nub, so you should too!

one thing has been bugging me: even if you do get it, how do they expect you to put it in?

I think it snaps over the original dpad.