Capcom get your shit together

I dont know if any of you have felt the same way i have, but recently i feel like capcom has been putting out nothing but garbage. It has been pretty much 5 years since they released a new street fighter, and i think its about time they stop beating around the bush and put out Street Fighter 4. Instead thought they release garbage games like Capcom Fighting Evolution which is in my opinion one of the worst most sloppily put together fighting games ive ever played in my life. And other than that they constantly just re-release games.How do you feel on this?

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…its not like its anything new. they’ve been doing the same shit for years and we’ve been putting up with it.

yes, its bullshit but if i continue to go out and buy the latest capcom rehash, then i’m contributing to the bullshit. lets face it. if capcom released(on xbox 360 or ps3)a disc with a compilation of all the vs. games arcade perfect, who’s gonna buy it? 99% of us. doesn’t matter that they’ve already sold them on ps1, ps2, dc, xbox, or game cube.

until we actually rise up and “boycott” none of us can say anything. also i’m not even sure if there are enough of us capcom FIGHTING fans to make a difference. they care more about their other titles than sf at this point. its becoming obvious.

at the same time, you have ppl that will buy a game just because it has the capcom logo. if a game is ass, don’t buy it or support it. capcom will get the hint eventually, hopefully. then they’ll release another game and if its good ppl will support if not then they won’t. until it gets like that capcom won’t give two shits about releasing rehashes because we eat them up anyway.

if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and its not broke in their eyes.

Amen Brotha’ Fighting Jam is unbearable, I played it for 7 min and took it back. Capcom in my opinion is the best game company in existence all those old side scrollers (AvP, D&D tower of doom, Final fight, etc) unmatched in fun factor, why not make more of those? Why not keep the existing engine for MvC2 and add a slew of other characters? Believe me I want answers too dammit!! :sad: :sad: :sad:

Your right about that, Capcom is where it is today because of Street Fighter alone. They have obviously abbandoned they’re roots. For example, They are just about to rehash Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PSP, not that its a bad game whatsoever, but it seems like they really arent getting the picture. It seems like Street Fighter is at the bottom of their list. Its really a shame.

Well, at least when they make a new game (not a versus), it is a NEW GAME. Not like SNK with King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown. They may say they are a sequel, but they are really the same game, same engine, and most of the time, the same sprites.

At least Alpha Series, Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter 2, Darkstalkers, X-Men, and Marvel Superheroes were new takes with new sprites.

Granted, they have milked each and every one of them, but at least they aren’t up to “STREET FIGHTER 7” using the same sprites and characters like SNK.

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I agree i think capaom/evolution is crap. But as long as we continue to buy and play what they put out (as hard and loyal as we do) they will work on their own time table. but how else could they improve on Street fighter? Third Strike is great…

Capcom used to been my favorite video game company, but now their second considering I like Konami better than Capcom. Capcom was amazing in the 90’s with Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter Alpha, X-Men, Versus series, MegaMan, etc. but now capcom is nothing i tell ya, nothing. Devil Mary Cry is the only hit series right now that they got.

The PSP and DS games, I dont mind cause those are handhelds anyways. but lately capcom hasnt come up with anything ground breaking. the only game im actually looking forward to from capcom is Devil May Cry 4. Just like Squaresoft, capcom has gone down the drain.

Capcom hates you.

You see the thing is, Capcom has already released the best fighing games in the existance of history and they cant top themselves. Lets face it, Alpha 3, Third Stike, Marvel, CVS, these are the best games and theres absolutely nothing they can do to top these games.

For some odd reason, I’m glad you didn’t bold the word “nothing”.


Even 3S can be improved. Higher res, more characters, better balance, better backgrounds, better music… Everything can be improved. Even the animation.

And Marvel, CVS, Alpha 3? I can only assume youve hit your head when you listed those as games that cant be improved…

CVS = Alpha, DS, CVS sprites.
CFJ = Alpha, DS, CVS, RE, SF3 sprites.
Versus games = Alpha, Versus sprites.

Alpha sprites rehashed in many different games. Exactly the same as the KOF sprites being re-used in SVC and NGBC.

And… SNK has more different, unique sprites sets in fighting games than Capcom, dude:

RBFFS (RBFF had some FF3 sprites, but they were changed in S)
Savage Reign

Some even have touch-ups between episodes. And thats without listing 3D games and co-productions between SNK and other companies.

Try to use your brain first, then do some fact checking, then post.

I’m sure this will be an unpopular suggestion around here, but I think at this point, the only way for Capcom to make a fighting game that could be somewhat successful again would be to go completely 3D. I’d rather have polygon models over recycled sprites dating back to 1994 in some cases.

I wish newbies would stop showing up and posting the same fucking threads we’ve seen a thousand times before.

I guess I’m alone in thinking that Capcom has put out some really cool shit, lately. I thoroughly enjoyed Viewtiful Joe, Mega Man X8 is the best X game since Inafune stopped producing for the series (X4), and let’s face it; X5-X7 really sucked. Capcom Fighting Evolution, aside from being a fucking graphical castastrophe and sort of a rehash, was a good fighting game; they managed to take 5 different systems, combine them together, make every character competitive, and remove lame broken ass shit from the game (Genei Jin anyone?). The Mega Man Zero series is fucking intense; I bought a Game Boy Player just to play those games. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is easily the best in the series, and in my opinion, currently the best RPG on PS2. Devil May Cry 3 was hella fun compared to the first two, which I really didn’t like, and Chaos Legion is just plain fun, simple as that.

You can try to call me a Capcom Fanboy if you like; bullcrap. I’m probably a Mega Man fanboy if anything :stuck_out_tongue: But I think that lately, Capcom has really gotten their act together. I would have agreed with y’all a few years ago, but I think they are beginning to get back on track, now.

That’s what they were going to attempt with CFAS…'cept all the fans were like “OMFG 3D SUXORZ TEH BETA IS FUCKED AND THEY CANT GET IT RIGHT STFU CAPCOM YOU SUX!!!1!”, at which point Capcom decided (perhaps rightfully so) that it isn’t worth the effort to try and make something new, and released CFE instead. And here we are. Food for thought.

Capcom doesnt make money on fighters anymore and hasnt for awhile. It doesnt make sense finanically for them to continue to try to. Its really that simple.

I hear you brotha!

2 actually add to the topic it dosnt matter what capcom or snk do new because so called fans always compare them to older games ie capcom 3s and snk kof98 simple.
Too bad most pepz are stuck in some time warps and cant escape the year 98.
So the new stuff gets thrown in the bin or burned like m121akuma says.
So yes if i was Mr.Capcom or Mr.Snk I would rehash your asses to hell :badboy: