Capcom has "No Plans for fixing SFxT for PC once GFWL shuts down."


GG, final nail in the coffin of the PC port of SFxT I think. It already suffered from EXTREME delays on 2013 patch, DLC characters delayed, and the fact it’s online system is, for the first time in gaming history, WORSE on PC than on consoles.

I’m pretty sure Capcom STILL hasn’t even rolled out the final set of alt costume content on PC either but I might be wrong on that since I never intended to buy their DLC for SFxT in the first place.

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So, essentially, I bought a game I won’t be able to play online anymore? Thank God I paid so little for it.


As soon as you slaves start telling ONO he is a fuckin gay ass jerk for releasing this shit the sooner he will fix it. Otherwise the Diarrhea will keep flowing so bring your beer Stine.