Capcom has PS1 version of SFA2 on PSN for $2.99... what's up with that?

So, I was on Facebook. Looking up “Capcom” and I was trying to see if my friends mentioned anything about Capcom on there: MvC3, etc. So I found the posts from the Capcom Facebook page, and saw this one that said: “Street Fighter Alpha 2 is on sale for $2.99 today on the PSN! For kicks we’re also live streaming the game for a bit this morning. Tune in!”. The Capcom FB page gathered it from this link right here:

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So, luckily enough, I only had 4 bucks or something like that left on my PSN card. The last two games I got off of the PlayStation Store on Media Go were the original SFA, and “Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars”, and at that time, I didn’t have enough money to buy SFA2, since it was $5.99 I think.

So, I purchased and downloaded this game on Media Go, and put it on my PSP. I think this version is actually pretty good. Some sound effects are muffled, though, but unlike the original SFA, this has 8 speeds in it. So I think this port looks like it was definitely worth the money.

Any particular reason why they’re selling just this game for $2.99?

it’s on sale

Its really an incindiary device that will detonate any time you put a Namco or Arcsys fighting game in your PS3. Capcom is a jealous dev.


Well, I don’t understand what you mean there, but I guess it’s because Capcom thinks the game wasn’t worth the money at the original price. And it’s weird how they put just THIS game on sale for $2.99. Maybe it’s somehow special to them.

Capcom often put specials on their digital releases, think nothing of it…

:confused: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 were on sale for $2.99 also. Does that mean these two classics weren’t worth the money at the original price?

ugh dammit wish i picked those up when they were on sale

They still are on sale for $2.99, at least SFA2 is.

While that’s a nice price, I don’t recommend the PS1 version of SFA2 as it has some problems.

This. So much animation is missing, frames are changed, so on and so forth.

yeah a better question is why they’re charging that much when a better, more accurate solution with excellent netplay is available for free…

Google has SFA2 FOR FREE!! Take THAT PSN!!

The versions of the SF Alpha games on the PS2 Anthology disc are basically arcade-perfect. Bad news? You STILL need those PS2 systems that a good chunk of the gaming community gave away practically for free!

Why anyone wants to mess with the less-than-perfect and even horrible at times CPS2 ports to the PS1 is beyond me…!
… OTHER than that the PS2 games will not function on well over half the PS3’s ever made.

Capcom just doesn’t port its older games to systems anymore. They let other third-party developers do their dirty work. They got into that very bad habit during the PS2 era. The third-party ports of many games like SF2Turbo and so on in the Capcom Generations discs were awful! The big part of the reason the SF Alpha and Darkstalkers PS2 anthology discs were so good is because Capcom put its own programmers to work porting the old CPS2 games to the PS2. When Capcom has puts its own programmers to work porting arcade games to systems (Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2) that could HANDLE Capcom arcade games, the results have more than often been excellent.

Huggles his near arcade perfect games on Saturn and Dreamcast.

Not all of third-party collections were bad. The Mega Man collections were handled by third parties and they were excellent ports and often used the best version of those games.

Yeah, for one thing, the load times suck. Sound effects are muffled, some of them.

Pretty sure the Saturn version is much better, though. PS1 wasn’t really the best 2D gaming machine.

Luckily I have a nice little collection of near-perfect DC titles as well as the ps2 alpha anthology… and all the free shit on ggpo I care to download.