Capcom have no brand identity anymore


This is something that’s just dawned on me, that there’s two very different intentions behind the decisions that Marvel make and the decisions that Capcom make. Even going back to MvC3, Marvel’s plan was to introduce characters that they wanted people to become familiar with that they’d be using over the next decade in their projects. Capcom on the other hand dug up a bunch of old characters that people were already familiar with to try and resurrect abandoned IPs. With exception of the likes of RE5 Chris, Wesker and Jill who were relevant at the time, almost every character was from an older set of games that Marvel fans wouldn’t know about.

And it made me realise, Marvel go into these projects with a forward projecting plan that is future proof; but Capcom don’t. They don’t have any plan or any brand identity, all they have is what’s gathering dust in the Capcom vault. In TvC they introduced people to Rival Schools, in MvC3 they introduced people to Darkstalkers, they introduced people to DMC but nothing came from it. Even when the fans are crying “WE WANT A NEW DARKSTALKERS” they don’t follow through on the actions that they make. MvC3 had Felicia, Morrigan and Hsien-Ko which is actually quite a lot, MvCi now has Jedah, but do Capcom intend to do anything with these characters? Absolutely not. They literally have no plan and brand identity that they can use to motivate fans and bring in new players.

I honestly think by the next ten years Capcom will be bought out by a company like Disney, They’re 95% relying on the advertising from the Capcom Cup and eSports as a form of income, and the other 5% is from actual products. With Disney now taking interest in eSports, I can’t see Capcom living as an individual company for much longer, if projects like MvC are going to continue it would be better for Disney and Marvel to own the development studio so they can use their experience to bring new life to Capcom’s library, because as it is Capcom is just a business model now, the passion has been completely lost.


I thought this at first, but then I saw Jedah


Jedah does solve a lot of problems!