Capcom, have you lost your minds?

I’m not even going to touch on Mega Man, save for when actually relevant. Looking at “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3”, we were told that MvC3 was meant to have DLC (and yes, we were actually told this), but “the earthquake” caused that from happening. Yeah, earthquake, what a jerk.

Now, moving past that, the updated version looks to have meaningful content behind it. While I still think it’s wrong to not have some kind of Upgrade-program for the MvC3 faithful (ie. the fans that made it possible), it still winds up a little under $4 per character, sports some extra stages, and admittedly gorgeous Character-select screen. And we can’t deny the earthquakes overwhelming impact, being one of the worst series of disasters in human history, so even though it felt like a bit of stretched logic,

But OH WAIT!!! The costumes are going to be “DLC”, and each pack is gifted from pre-ordering with select retailers.

And it HAS to be mentioned, Mega Man and Mega Man X were consistently some of the top characters requested, even being treated as TWO SEPARATE CHARACTERS. Mega Man X absolutely dominated polls anyways, being the #1 request characters in Japan, and even the top request on Unity’s own (unofficial) poll. How can you exclude Mega Man in some form or another, but add Nemesis? Really? FOUR Resident Evil characters?

Capcom, have you lost your ****ing minds? Not only are you asking us to shell out another $40, and not fulfilling the #1 requested character, but you actually have the gall to REMOVE Costumes from the core game, only so you can charge extra money for those? In one week, you’ve actually managed to ruin every one of your brands in my eyes.

If you felt less entitled and instead enjoyed games and accepted their worth (a lot to me) then maybe you would be happy instead.

Capcom has to the right to do what they want and price their products however they see fit. And because I see the game as valuable I am fine with paying 40 bucks (I would pay more.) Sure, I want X. Sure, I would rather have it as DLC. But Capcom does what they have to. It’s not like they hate fans or anything.

If you want it, buy it and enjoy it. Be happy.

I have two requests for Capcom

  1. Roll and Servbot for DLC

  2. Never put Megaman in any game again ever

Think about it. We all said they would be silly not to add strider, everyone would buy it if they did. They know how many people will get any mega man. I expect him to be the last or second to last dlc. If not, zero is pretty awesome in this game.

Dont like it dont buy it.

As someone who was planning to buy all the character DLC (and everything else later down the road), I welcome this new disc. It’s an overall cheaper investment than having to buy everything in smaller amounts. Thank you Capcom for actually saving me some cash in the long run.

A lot of these posters must be jobless or too young to have a real source of income. You have the option to not buy the game, but for the people who liked MvC3 and want an update that addresses some flaws with the current game, here you go. 12 more characters, glitch patching and online spectator mode >>> Megaman tears

MvC3 gave me my 60 dollars worth. UMvC3 coming 8 months after release, yeah…if you havent saved up 40 more bucks by then you should take that out on yourself.

My issue with the DLC is that if the earthquake prevented them from adding DLC for MvC3, then why the hell can they give it to UMvC3 and not MvC3 now? Obviously, they’re trying to trick their fans (with some pretty flimsy excuses, I might add), which I find a bit insulting.

I’ll admit, even though I am a Mega Man fan, I can’t say I felt that he needed to be included normally. But given Capcom’s canceling the only two MM games in development back-to-back, surely they’ve had enough time they could’ve included something. Even still, that wouldn’t be so bad, save that they now have four Resident Evil characters. It’s not so much an issue that Mega Man would’ve added anything special to the gameplay (though his catalogue of abilities is robust enough, he probably could incorporate any style Capcom was looking to add), but that it was bad news being compounded by even more bad news on the Mega Man front. If they simply didn’t want to include Mega Man, they should just be honest about it like they were about Viewtiful Joe, rather than pretend he wasn’t the most request character in Japan and most of the US.

Also, I’m fully aware that Capcom is within their legal rights to do all of this. All I’m saying is, does that automatically make it acceptable? I’m a huge MvC3, and really would’ve liked to have looked forward to this, but they’ve really tainted their name in my opinion. Also, for the record, MvC3 wasn’t a $60 game; it’s a $70 game, you simply don’t have to pay for two on-disc characters if you don’t want to. I wonder, since these new costumes sound are already on-disc and being shown off, how much is this “$40” game actually going to cost fans looking for the complete experience?

The earthquake made them stop working for weeks. They have a schedule to follow, not following it means they lose money. So instead of making crappy DLC for 5 bucks each, they decide to earn the money back and patronize the fans at the same time by doing a bulky update while addressing issues we complained about.

Seriously, think for a second. If all of the Ultimate content was a DLC release, do you honestly think it would cost 40 bucks? 5 bucks per character, they would probably charge for the new character colors and most importantly:** They would not change a damn thing about the online play.** We’d be stuck with the same netcode everyone hates. That’s of course, if they actually did such a bulky DLC update and not just give us 4 new characters, some balance changes and call it a day. We’re actually getting 12 characters, 8 new stages, a complete system overhaul, new character colors, completely new balancing, new moves for most of the cast, a brand new netcode, new modes, all for 40 bucks.

If you still can’t see the superior value this has over DLC then I have nothing else to tell you.

Pick Zero with the blue alternate.

Capcom love DICK yo!

But answer me this; if they aren’t doing DLC for MvC3, then why are they doing it for UMvC3? I’m not arguing that UMvC3 isn’t worth the $40 price of admission, but that they’re locking content on the disc to charge even more for it. Aside from the exclusion of the Blue Bomber, which I’ll admit I only wanted for the sake of having “Mega Man” rather than a specific style of gameplay, the roster looks like a lot of fun, and the new features really give it a true Triple-A vibe, versus the original release was pretty bare-bones.

But there has to be a breaking point, and Capcom is pretty dead-set on pushing this double-standard. None of the DLC for MvC3 was actual DLC, except for the Content Update, which are free anyways. I was disappointed by the lack of Costumes, but I wouldn’t have cared – had they actually added any. Instead, the only Costumes they released were the ones already on-disc, which is where I take issue.

Now, maybe they did plan on release more DLC; in fact, let’s assume they did. Well, with the release of UMvC3, this is supposed to be kind of their “DLC pack on steroids”, and to that effect, it’s pretty awesome. New costumes were also announced? Hell yeah! But wait – they’re just going to lock those, too? Looking at MvC3’s DLC pricetag, are we going to have to pay an additional $20-25 for those, too? For on-disc content?

All I’m saying is this; at one point do you say “This just isn’t fair to the loyal fans”? $40 obviously isn’t that much money, even with as small a budget as I have to work with, but in my eyes, it’s not worth the insult to us core fans. Am I going to go picketing that everyone needs to boycott Capcom? Obviously not. But do I feel like they’re trying to exploit me for as much money as I have? Yes, and while any good business tries to make money, I feel Capcom’s doing it in a way that seems perhaps morally wrong, if nothing else. If I’m alone on the matter, tough luck for me, but I stand by my opnion, even if nobody else does.

  1. Don’t spread a BS rumor that the DLC is locked on-disc until you have proof.

  2. You’re considering costumes as part of the “complete experience”? They are costumes. They’re *just for show. *You do not have to buy them. Besides, the only DLC I don’t agree with the characters. Otherwise, the point of DLC is that it’s optional, and supposed to be experience enhancers, not part of complete game that got chopped off.

You’re not alone. Certain cows just enjoy being constantly milked.

The characters are already being shown with their Alt Costumes, 4 months prior to the game’s release. It’s already on the disc, and if they’re only giving the packs free to pre-orders from exclusive outlets, then I assure you, they are NOT going to be free when they hit the public domain. To think otherwise would be naive.

And yes, Costumes are an industry-standard when it comes to Fighters. Capcom obviously thinks enough of them to keep making them. I don’t begrudge them to making new costumes and charging for them, as I’m perfectly happy to purchase all-new costumes, and if Capcom puts in the work for new content, then they deserve compensation. The issue is, when it’s on-disc content, they’ve already developed said content, and are simply charging you extra to use it. It’s not illegal, but it’s still pretty f’ed up. Again, new Costumes are great and I totally support them, but this is yet another way they’re exploiting fans.

I don’t see why people are so butt hurt over Megaman. I was pretty happy when they put Zero instead of that silly blue robot they have been rehashing for the last 20 years.

If you buy the costumes than you are exploiting yourself.They don’t affect the game in anyway so there is no reason to feel the absolute need to collect them all. I am not saying that there aren’t some things that will be in UMvC3 that should have been in the first one,but those are two separate issues.
Edit: Of course the person who made this thread is Megaman fan. That figures.

But if Megaman was DLC his whole argument would float out the window.

Pick Zero with the blue alternate and shut the hell up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they intentionally held Mega Man out to later release him as DLC. Look at how often he is requested. DLC sales would be through the roof.


Neither would I. If that actually happenened though, expect all the megatards to go “Oh you canceled MML3 so you could just milk us with DLC Megaman!!!WRAAGGHH!!”