Capcom, have you lost your minds?

This thread sucks.

I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t fans that aren’t going to complain either way, as people were complaining about his exclusion from the original release as well. I’ll admit, I was definitely surprised when he wasn’t, and would’ve preferred him in rather than not, but I was never angry, and I’m not sure I would’ve said I was upset. Just surprised, really.

Now yes, I like Mega Man games. As a child of the 80’s, he was one of the “Big 3”, being Mario, Zelda, and Mega Man. He’s had some crappy games, I won’t deny that, and I’ve always been pretty open that it’s a big nostalgia factor that I’m a fan. But thinking that because I’m a fan of Mega Man, that my understanding and value as a Fighting-game fan would be any less, is not only doing yourself a disservice, but also of the entire Fighting-game community. I can certainly understand that non-fans are sick of the whining for Mega Man, and I’ll grant you that it is largely just that; whining. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, even those you feel are unfounded. Just as Strider has his fans, Mega Man has his. The fact that Mega Man was a crappy character in MvC is kind of irrelevant, given that he’s essentially the Gumby of the gaming universe, and could have a moveset molded to any gameplay purpose Capcom felt MvC3 was lacking.

EDIT: For the record, my issue with UMvC3 honestly has nothing to do with Mega Man not being included. Yeah, I’m disappointed in the sense that I’m a Mega Man fan, but I realize it’s a personal disappointed, and by no means a deal-breaker. It’s the fact that a re-release is already planning on locking content that’s already been developed.

Yah I know, 40 dollars is a steal for 12 characters plus rebalance, plus more features, plus new moves for characters. I’m more hyped for this than ssf4. Also I don’t get why people are so angry, weren’t they angry before about the roster not being close to MvC2 numbers? Now it is, game has a huge roster. 12 is an awesome number to add. Screw the haters get a job…

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