Capcom home system?

Didn’t capcom have their own videogame cps2 system that ran arcade boards back in the day? How would you go about getting one?

Never heard of that before, but would have sounded interesting way back in 1998. If Capcom made their own video cards for fighting games, I’d be the first one in line to get one.

CPS2 was just the name of the arcade board.

I think you’re thinking of the CPS Changer… which was actually a home CPS1, not CPS2. A few CPS2 titles were retrofitted for it though, such as SFA1.

The CPS Changer is actually a jamma supergun, meaning it can be used to play any jamma boards, so it’s not really the “equivalent of the Neo Geo home arcade system” as the above link says since the Neo Geo home system is basically an MVS motherboard designed to play home carts.